Cycling can strengthen the heart and beautify the body


Cycling can strengthen the heart and beautify the body

Bicycles are one of the best tools to overcome heart function problems.

More than half of the world’s people die of heart disease. Cycling can not only use the movement of the legs to compress blood flow, but also withdraw the notes from the end of the blood vessels to the heart. In fact, it also strengthens the microvascular tissue.cycle”.

Strengthening blood vessels can keep you from age and youth.

銆€銆€In addition, habitual cycling can expand your heart.

Otherwise, the blood vessels will get finer and finer, and the heart will get better and better. In your later years, you will experience the troubles it brings. Then you will find out how perfect the bicycle is.

銆€銆€Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen. Once there was an elderly person who completed a 460-kilometer bicycle trip in 6 days.

He said: “The elderly must have at least 3 exercises per week to strengthen the heart and restore normal function.

You have to make the heart beat hard, but not too long.

It is expected to be able to adapt to emergencies, such as driving or resisting difficulties.

“Bicycle exercise also prevents high blood pressure and is sometimes more effective than drugs.

It also prevents weight gain, hardening of the arteries, and implantation of bones.

Bicycles eliminate the need for medication to maintain your health and without harm.

銆€銆€Bicycles are a tool for weight loss. According to statistics, a person weighing 75 kilograms can reduce the weight by half a kilogram when riding 73 miles per hour at 9 miles and a half, but it must be sustained every day.

銆€銆€Cycling can not only lose weight, but also make your body more symmetrical.

People who exercise to lose weight, or exercise while eating, are better and more attractive than those who rely on dieting to lose weight.

I don’t know how to describe “more fascinating”, but in fact, the strong muscles brought by exercise, and the small feet that are practiced by cycling, are much better than the embarrassing, blue-ribbed diet.!

銆€銆€Proper exercise can secrete a hormone that makes your heart open and happy.

From experience, it can be known that cycling can produce this hormone.

銆€銆€In fact, because the bicycle compresses the blood vessels, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the brain injects more oxygen, so you suck in more fresh air.

After riding for a while, you will feel your brain clearer.

銆€銆€Riding on this two-wheeled bicycle that relies on your physical strength, you will feel very free and enjoyable.

It is not only a weight loss exercise, but also a happy exile.