Autumn medicinal diet to change your bad looks

Autumn medicinal diet to change your bad looks

After cooking, it will change from cool to warm. It has the effect of nourishing the stomach and nourishing yin, strengthening the spleen, nourishing qi and nourishing blood. It is a very good food supplement, especially suitable for people with dry skin and lack of facial expression due to weak spleen and stomach and insufficient blood.

The sacral section between segments is a good medicine. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing and stopping bleeding, and it can also improve the complexion.

  The salamander is divided into three kinds: the red salamander, the white salamander and the twist.

The safflower is long and thin, brownish-yellow in outer skin, rough, starchy, less moisture, glutinous but not crispy, suitable for soup. The white scallion is hypertrophy, the appearance is delicate and smooth, silvery white, the meat is crispy and juicy, sweet and rich, raw.Best; Twisted tincture is pink, rough appearance, starchy, cooked food is appropriate.

  It is recommended to use two kinds of medicinal diet fresh juice with tincture as the main raw material and improving the color effect: appropriate amount of fresh tincture, wash and peel, squeeze the juice, take 2 spoons each time, 3 times a day.

It can be mixed with rock sugar according to personal taste, suitable for people with skin acne.

  Ganmai jujube soup: 250 grams of lotus root, 75 grams of wheat, 12 grams of licorice, 5 red dates, 1 tsp of salt.

Wash the wheat, soak it in water for 1 hour, then put the wheat, licorice, and red dates into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, add lotus root and cook on a low heat, then season with salt.

This soup has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, soothing the nerves, and is especially suitable for people with insomnia, upset, and poor color.

Learn etiquette, start with Taekwondo

Learn etiquette, start with Taekwondo

When “absolute courtesy, honesty, patience, self-denial, unyieldingness” are expressed in bowing, saluting, and attacking, literacy becomes more specific.

It is said that Taekwondo not only teaches boxing, but also develops etiquette and will.

But I just heard that there is always some dubiousness: is it really that good?

Some parents are still worried that if they let their children kick all day long, will they become aggressive and rude?

Then go to the pavilion and feel it, maybe you can find the answer there.

  Etiquette, rubbing in every detail. Scene 1. Outside the museum, a group of six or seven-year-old boys ran upstairs with all the fun, and suddenly found that the teacher stood in front of his eyes, stopped immediately, put his feet together, left handAt the lower abdomen, a standard Juju ceremony was performed, and he greeted out loud, “Good teacher!

“Scene two: Before the training, the children lined up to salute the national flag, the flag, and salute the coach.

At the end of the training, after finishing the Tao uniform, he solemnly bowed to the national flag and Tao flag again, the coach and the document saluted each other, the instrument said goodbye to the coach loudly, bowed and quit.

  Scenario 3: Shortly after the training begins, a late academic rushes in and rushes to the level to start training.

The coach came to him: “Why didn’t you just enter the queue without saying hello to the coach?”

Go to the side and do 20 squats!

“The coach commented that Beijing Bo Ai International Taekwondo Club coach Meng Li: The distinctive feature of Taekwondo is” beginning with etiquette and ending with etiquette. ”

As a person, loving home, loving society, and loving the motherland are all duties.

Speaking of abstraction, it is actually very simple. Certainly, jujube to the national flag is the expression of loving the motherland.

Accustomed to such rituals, this spirit gradually turns into a person’s emotional foundation, cultivates the gift-giving emotion, and realizes the truth of being a person.

  Therefore, many of the children ‘s previously bad habits are corrected by the coach during the class, for example, foot targets are not allowed to be thrown, and they should be placed gently on it, let them bow to the teacher, and salute their friends . At first they felt fun.However, slowly these habits will be brought into life, penetrate into the blood, and form a person’s etiquette.

  Shouting to make the children confident. Scene 1: In the face of the coach’s demonstration, a little girl was embarrassed and her movements became hesitant.

The coach corrected his movements, “Ha!

The ground shouted, every time the little girl kicked, the coach shouted, and again and again, the little girl’s uniform became more and more calm and confident, and her legs became stronger and stronger!

  Scene two: “Hi”, “Ha”, after a powerful action, the children shouted such a voice at the same time.

Neat and powerful movements combined with neat and powerful sounds make people feel a sense of being deterred.

  The coach commented on the golden coach of the Taekwondo Museum in Wangjing District, Beijing: Taekwondo is just an early practice or a high-level practice, and they are all very focused and confident.

Whenever difficulties are encountered during the practice, the coach will encourage the child to be confident and believe that he can overcome the difficulties and do better one time at a time.

This will motivate the child to become a strong person, and cultivate the child’s spirit of going forward.

  In addition, the reason why we let the children shout out loud during training is to allow him to overcome self-confidence.

Shouting can completely stimulate him to enter a state of excitement quickly, but also can make him bold and confident.

  Offense, patience, and polishing of will Scene one: “The action must be powerful, you must learn to take the initiative to attack, you must not blindly avoid or concede.

“This is what the coach repeatedly plays to the children during training.

The children are also reminded by the coach again and again that the offense is more active and the kick is more powerful.

  Scene two: The biting cold wind is outside. The children in the house are barefoot and wearing uniforms. A parent asked the coach worriedly: “Isn’t the child frozen?

Can you add a cotton sweater?

“The coach refused mildly and resolutely.

  Coach commented on Coach Gold: Taekwondo exercises connected to the root cause of “ethical integrity, shame, endurance and perseverance”.

Therefore, whenever the children are not serious, we will not scold too much, but let them do a certain amount of exercises like push-ups or squats, and then learn next.

If the discipline is not good, we will punish the child within a certain time frame, and then continue to take care of him and teach him equally.

This can cultivate children’s hard-working spirit and perseverance, positive will quality.

Wearing a kimono is also a kind of tempering, so that children can have a certain ability to endure the cold.   Mom commented on Taekwondo: I have been looking for such an environment, not only the detailed rules and etiquette, but also the smart intentions of the executive teacher, and the technical learning under the guidance of love.

Finally, I saw several possibilities in Taekwondo training hall.

  The child learns and makes great progress.

Gradually, it became more regular. Greetings to the coach were no longer murmured or perfunctory, but sincerely thank each other for bowing.

  Zeyi’s mother: My child was timid.

It turned out that he had practiced ice skating, and would never practice it again after an injury.

Tae Kwon Do started out as a basic exercise for individuals. There was no confrontational exercise.

By the time of the confrontational content, he was no longer afraid.

  Mother Hailong: There is a little girl who turns out to be bullied by boys in class.

Only three classes had been taken, when the boys came to bully her again.

She made several gestures with great momentum.

Guess what?

Scared those boys away!

  Tips What is Taekwondo “Tae” is the way of kicking, “Boxing” is the way of boxing, “Tao” is the method, art, and a spiritual and cultural experience.

Because it is dominated by feet (70%), it is called “the art of feet.”

  Taekwondo stands for “Beginning of Ceremony and End of Ceremony”, and requires practitioners to continuously improve themselves in moral cultivation while practicing techniques.

  Taekwondo training is divided into ten levels and nine stages. Each level is distinguished by a belt of different colors.

After completing the first stage, scholars receive more stringent training. After passing the exam, they can be promoted to the second stage, the black belt (one stage).

The black belt is divided into nine segments, and the number of segments stabs at both ends of the black belt.

  Age and physical conditions Generally speaking, children can start taekwondo at the age of five.

As long as there are no congenital diseases such as hypertension, hypertension and bone diseases, you can learn.

Acne without trace oil skin girl beauty summer_1

Acne without trace oil skin girl beautiful summer

The acne is coming, the oil is too much, the pores are big, and the blackheads are coming to make fun. The MMs can’t help panic.

The summer is hot, the sun is hot, the air is dry, and the skin is facing a lot of abuse, especially oily girls can’t hurt it!

How to synthesize cobalt without acne?

Let ‘s walk into the “beauty summer camp” with Xiaobian.

  Fighting “acne” in the end reproduces the healthy skin of the bright summer sun, and the lush green always makes people feel a little bit more brilliant.

However, in the summer, the secretion of oil is strong, and the acne rises up. A serious red spot is like a small volcano that may erupt at any time. Every inch of white skin that is relentlessly occupied makes us suffer from “deteriorating appearance”!

Summer acne is imminent.

  Say goodbye to “cereals” and restore a refreshing look. Skin oils are always endless and will oxidize when exposed to air.

When the skin is oily, the sebaceous glands secrete more oil.

When irradiated with ultraviolet rays, the oil will accelerate oxidation.

After oxidation, the fat becomes sticky and turbid. If you stick to old keratin, dirt, etc., blackheads will form on the pores.

As the pores breathe and shrink over and over again, blackheads and oxidized grease will stick to the depth of the pore wall, accumulating and deepening, replacing the pores, which will cause pore expansion, collapse, dark particles, acne and other problems.

  Eradication of “Strawberry Nose” Reproduces the exquisite and small nose. Strawberry nose is usually the excessive secretion of oil from the oil glands of the nose. If not cleaned quickly, it will reduce the oil adenosine. Over time, it will cause the oil to harden.Black dots, these dots are listed as blackhead grease doubles.

So we became “strawberry” nose, the name is very nice, but it affects the beauty, so we must completely defeat the black nose.

  Shrink pores have rough skin tenderness and muscle pores. There are basically the following reasons. Dirt pores, strong sebum secretion, improper squeeze acne, improper use of cosmetics or drugs, skin relaxation and aging.

The large pores at both ends are a major failure of the beauty.

So shrinking pores becomes very important.

  Recommendation: Old Chinese medicine “acne king” herbal tea link: http: // www.


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Let your baby fall in love with meals

Let your baby fall in love with meals

[Materials]650 grams of grass carp, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 3 long red pickles, an amount of dried starch, an amount of peanut oil, 2 tablespoons of water starch, 1 piece of ginger, 2 pieces of garlic, 2 chives, and an appropriate amount of salt2 teaspoons of cooking wine[Practice]① Remove the head of the fish, laparotomy, remove the black film and internal organs in the belly, and cut it into sections after washing.

  ② Cut ginger into ginger foam, chopped shallot white and green onion respectively, garlic into cubes, and chopped red pickled pepper.

  ③Put the fish into the container, add cooking wine, a small portion of ginger foam, light green, and salt for 10 minutes.

  ④ Make each piece of fish evenly covered with dry starch.

  ⑤ Heat the pan, pour in more oil than usual fried eggs, fry the fish pieces over medium and low heat, and slowly fry them into golden brown on both sides and remove.

  ⑥ Lift the wok and add 1 tablespoon of peanut oil. After the oil is hot, add medium to low heat, add pickles, ginger, and garlic fry.

  Add tomatoes and stir-fry with ketchup to color.

  加 Add about 40ml of water, water starch, and soy sauce to the bowl and pour into the pot.

  ⑨ Continue to simmer over medium-low heat until the juice is bright and transparent.

  Add the fried fish pieces and turn gently, or push the pan until the fish pieces are evenly juiced, add the green onions and turn it twice to serve.

7 types of women most likely to divorce

7 types of women most likely to divorce

Divorce, a behavior that was so disrespectful in China in the past, is not surprising at present, but the breakdown of marriage is also called a failure. In order to avoid this failure, men should pay attention to the following seven types of women most likely to divorce!

  First, the reason for the desire for power and overdomination is simple: the foundation of marriage is mutual equality and mutual respect. One party always overrides the other, which will inevitably lead to the dissolution of the marriage relationship.

Think about it: who will live under the fence of affection all his life?

He (she) is also a living “person” who has flesh and blood, feelings and self-esteem.

  Second, the extremely unharmonious human sexual life is an important aspect of husband and wife life. Whether it is harmonious or not directly affects the quality of the relationship between husband and wife.

  Today, people’s gender concepts have slowly changed. In addition to pursuing a high standard of material life, the quality of sexual life for husbands and wives is becoming higher and higher, and some are even completely complete or value more.Once the other party is unable to meet their sexual needs, he or she will have the idea of “please be smart”.

  Third, people who get married early are often rash, because of insufficient preparation for full inheritance of marriage responsibilities, lack of a certain ability to live, experience in life and a mature outlook on life, value, increasing age and life, and experienceFace, the pursuit of face widening, and the impact of complex social relationships, it is very easy to break up with your spouse.

  Fourth, even if the person having an affair is “moral” again, in general, he (she) will not be able to extricate himself. A sense of freshness that has never existed will go deeper into its most essential natureDeep down, and always indulge in saying goodbye to “old feelings”.

  Fifth, the “lightning” married person is equivalent to a businessman earning money, without careful consideration, did not understand the market, completely relying on his impulse and subjective feelings of the market to recklessly do a business, but failed.
  Sixth, people who are too consistent in personality are antithetical to traditional ideas, but they have the same effect as “exclusion of the same sex, attraction of the opposite sex” on the magnetic field.

One person loves to quarrel, the other person always avoids it; the other person loves to quarrel, the other person is always noisier, the love building of the two couples is stable and unstable?

  Seventh, people whose parents are divorced are often indifferent, lonely, lack the skills of emotional communication and the ability to love and be loved.

At the same time, parents “set an example” for divorce and made a “heredity” for them, so their marriages tend to break.

Lingpi yam bone soup for invigorating spleen, dampness, spleen and kidney

Lingpi yam bone soup for invigorating spleen, dampness, spleen and kidney

Guide: Lingpi yam bone soup for spleen and dampness, spleen and kidney, healthy eating habits can escort us to have a healthy body, and the correct diet concept also adds health elements to us.

Developing a healthy diet in your daily routine is the key to a healthy body.

  Today, I will introduce a kind of soup-lingling yam bone soup.

This soup is relatively peaceful, which is biased towards diet, and can be used by families of all ages.

Poria is good for spleen and stomach, barley is also for spleen and dampness, yam is good for spleen and kidney.

Cooking soup with bones is especially suitable for autumn and winter seasons or this wet weather.

  Ingredients: 1000 grams of pork big bones; 20 grams of Poria; 20 grams of Indica rice; seasoning of yam: salt, spring onion, ginger, cooking wine.

Wash both with water.

  2. After the bones are hot, wash away the foam.

Wrap it in small gauze, put all the ingredients except yam into the casserole, add enough water and onion ginger cooking wine.

  3. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer for about 2 hours until the meat is rotten, then add yam to continue cooking until the yam is rotten, and season with salt.

  Nutrition Tips: 1. The indica rice is due to the recent weather. In dry climates, it is not necessary to put indica rice.

However, if you feel your body is too humid (feeling loose, tongue thick, fat, heavy, etc.), you can put in rice.

In short, it varies from place to place and from person to person.

  2. In addition to using pork bones, you can also use chicken, beef, etc., or you can cook porridge. The usage is very flexible.

  3. If there are still symptoms of qi deficiency, this soup can also put some codonopsis and the like, and the health amount is about 10-20g.

Flexible change according to one’s constitution.

Adding color to nutrients in coarse grains

“Adding color” to nutrients in coarse grains

Many coarse grains on the table of many elderly people are mostly corn noodles, sorghum rice, buckwheat noodles, etc. Dr. Liu Yinghua of the Nutrition Department of the General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army suggested that if you can change the coarse grains and add some yeast fermentation, it will add nutrition to the coarse grains.color”.
  Coarse grains contain a large amount of insoluble dietary fiber. Although it can increase the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and alleviate the problem of “poor discharge” in the elderly, it will also hinder the intestinal absorption of certain mineral elements to a certain extent, such as calcium and iron., Zinc, etc. These mineral elements are indispensable for bones, heart and other health. If you eat a form of coarse grains for a long time, you will undoubtedly lose sight of each other in nutritional supplementation.
Fermenting the coarse grains just relieves this nutritional contradiction, because yeast can promote the activity of certain enzyme systems, such as phytase, and make the absorption of these mineral elements in the intestine significantly improved.
Coarse grains that have not been fermented are more “hard” in taste, and after fermentation, they will “soften” and taste better.
  At the same time, in addition to the original protein and carbohydrates of fermented coarse grains, the content of vitamin B is preserved as completely as possible under the action of yeast, which can allow the elderly to take as much as possible, thereby improving the sensitivity of the nervous system.Especially good for eyes.
  Dr. Liu suggested that the fermentation of coarse grains must use relatively pure yeast, which can be purchased at regular stores, otherwise it will affect the effect of fermentation, sometimes “cannot open”, and loss of taste and nutrition.
  Because coarse grains are “not sweet” in the taste, it is better for the elderly who have weak gastrointestinal function and poor meals to “finely make coarse grains.” Fermented coarse grains can be added with milk when making steamed buns to enhance calcium.Content, or add dates that can nourish qi and blood, walnuts that can refresh the brain and so on.
  Of course, if there is a small oven or microwave at home, the elderly can also use the coarse grains to make sweet and delicious cakes. In this way, you can put more “content” in the cake, such as raisins, dried apricots, peanuts, etc., which are good for the body., After the cake is baked, you can also pour some chocolate sauce and match it with various fruits, it looks like an appetite.

Lin Xinru and Liu Tao enjoy the skincare classics of the two leading female protagonists in The Princess

Lin Xinru and Liu Tao enjoy the skincare experience

Core reminder: Lin Xinru and Liu Tao got together for the filming of “Dali Princess” together. Due to the tacit cooperation between the two, they formed a deep friendship.

Therefore, Liu Tao also used his actual actions to support his friends and joined the “Princess of the World” to play the role without compensation.

As for skincare and beauty, the two beauties have their own experiences.

  Lin Xinru’s skin care experience has arrived in autumn. How does Lin Xinru do maintenance for her skin in dry weather?

Moisturizing is a must for skin care.

To make skin oily and balanced, you can bring a supplemental water spray with you, and spray it when your skin is dry or oily. It is important to balance your skin’s oily water.

  Lin Xinru is very concerned about the cleansing of the skin, because if the cleaning is not done well, it is easy to have small blackheads one by one on the forehead and nose.

Moreover, the dirt on these pores of these capillaries can easily cause acne problems.

  Lin Xinru’s skin is dry, so the skin rarely oils, and it becomes easy to become dry and tight in autumn.

Therefore, in order to keep the skin hydrated, Lin Xinru chooses products with dual effects of maintenance and makeup as much as possible when choosing skin care products, so that he can take care of the skin when he has to make up.

Maybe, for lipstick, she likes to use a lip gloss lipstick with moisturizing effect.

  Lin Xinru also said that the use of skin care products should be as simple as possible. Do not apply too much skin care products on one part, as long as the skin can be absorbed well. If the skin care products are applied too much, it will block the pores and cause wasteMakes the skin difficult to breathe.

  In the play, Liu Tao ‘s beauty of beauty Wen Jingruo is the confidante of Shu Kingdom ‘s prince Meng Qiyou (Yan Kuan) and has always loved him silently, but suffering from Meng Qiyou ‘s long-cherished princess Ma Yanya(Decoration), in order to replace Ma Yanya’s place in Meng Qiyou’s heart, Wen Jingruo was willing to imitate Mi ‘s smile and transform her into a shadow to accompany Meng Qiyou.

Liu Tao’s classical appearance is very dazzling.

  Recently, Liu Tao’s husband Wang Ke is also full of news.

This article in Wang Ke’s response: “As a wife, I always let her accompany me through difficult times to face rumors, I am very sorry.

In a word, it is clear that Liu Tao has a pity for her husband.

  Born in the south, Liu Tao is very beautiful, and she likes water very much. She feels that her body and skin need water, even psychologically.

Drink plenty of water every day to boost your metabolism.

She is accustomed to the Cantonese lifestyle. She often uses papaya, corn, and carrots to cook some moisturizing soup, and sometimes boiled white fungus rock sugar water.

Autumn in the north is particularly suitable for drinking these nourishing soups.

  Liu Tao said: “I often drink lemonade when I stay up all night, it can refresh and rehydrate.

“After staying up all night, I didn’t forget to put one on my face, and then take a hot bath, and finally I fell asleep.

  There is also a body whitening recipe, which is bathing.

She can cover her body with honey and milk and soak it in the bathtub for dozens of minutes.

At this time, you can relax in the bladder, body, skin, and psychology.

What’s most pleasant is that you can take a bath with hot water before going to bed and sweat while taking a bath while still consuming calories.

  One of the things Liu Tao often says about beauty and skin care is, “My friend told her a little trick: use yoghurt mask, because lactic acid bacteria can help metabolism and moisturize.

“But there is still my own experience, that is a little magic weapon for edema:” If I wake up in the morning and find edema, I will drink a glass of black on an empty stomach.

Black will speed up metabolism and still.

After a hard day, taking a hot bath before going to bed at night can relieve stress.

If you have the chance, let yourself sweat more, whether through exercise or sauna, sweating can detox.

Big Belly MM Three Super Simple Cellulite Soups

Big Belly MM Three Super Simple Cellulite Soups

You have to lose weight, not because you are fat, or because you need local sculpture, dieting, and the lower abdomen is gone, but as soon as you move your mouth, the lower abdomen protrudes again and again, and teach you three soups, so that the lower abdomen can’t be returned.

  Ingredients for delicious fat-removing soup: Codonopsis 5 money, Psyllium 3 money (wrapped in cloth), Zexie 3 money, Huaishan 4 money, Hawthorn 2 money, lean meat 8 (lean without fat)1. Bring all the ingredients to 3 large bowls of water and cook for 2?
After 3 hours, turn to low heat and continue to simmer.

  2. After cooking, you can eat rice and meat, so that you will be full. Note: Morning and night can still maintain a normal diet, but do not eat too greasy, and do not eat too much starchy things, such as: rice, noodles, steamed bread, Bread, this effect will be more obvious!

  Ingredients for Shunqi Slimming Soup: 1 pair of chicken breastbone, 10 clams, 1 kg of bamboo shoots, 25 grams of ginseng. Bamboo method: 1. After the chicken bones are scalded, remove the blood and oil slick.Put the bamboo shoots and chicken bones in the pot together and simmer until the water is boiling.

  3. Finally, add the clams. Clams should immediately pay attention: drinking these Shunqi slimming soup can do a good job of fat excretion, help the blood and blood circulation in the body to become better, and fats and adults will be smoothly eliminated through metabolism.

  Thin belly belly fish soup materials: 1, water celery 4, two, anchovies, 5 yuan for making incense, 5 yuan for fragrant amomum, 3 yuan for Huaishan, and 3 yuan for Chinese chess pieces (available from a Chinese medicine company).

  Method: 1. Fry the anchovies with oil; 2. Add water to the pot with other ingredients and add until the ingredients are full. Stew for 2 hours.

  Usage: This soup can be eaten for dinner.

  Function: It can effectively digest beer belly of boys and excess meat of girls’ abdomen.

Meditation: Keep your mind calm with movement

Meditation: Keep your mind calm with movement

Yoga originating in India is as old as Chinese traditional qigong, and it seems to be full of mystery.

The word “yoga” is a transliteration of Sanskrit, meaning “combined” and “consistent”, that is, the combination of self and inner spiritual factors.

In recent decades, yoga has quietly spread throughout the world.

Today’s yoga has transcended the realm of painstaking practice and has become a unique means of fitness. While cultivating the natural beauty of the body and obtaining a high level of health, it has awakened the great motivation in the human body and used it to develop itself.Unique potential to gain self-actualization.

  It is best for the exerciser to keep quiet and keep the mind at a temperature of 38-40 seconds (it can also be performed at a constant temperature). In fact, the practice in the sauna room can fully move the switch section, but can also reduceSmall muscles and ligaments.

She told reporters that practicing yoga must first be physiologically peaceful and then cooperate with breathing exercises.

If you use your energy wisely, you will be able to give full play to your potential and complete your posture.

The thoughts of “resting with tranquility” and “restoring the mind with tranquility” are in perfect harmony with yoga.

  Yoga needs to be practiced in a quiet state of mind. Looking at people practicing yoga around you, all are relaxed and tranquil, like being cleared of any distractions, meditation and self-cultivation, focusing all the attention on the feelings produced by each action,At the same time, the permanent mind is too concerned about any part.

  Everyone can practice yoga. Yoga is a well-established form of exercise and one of the safest and most creative exercises.

Yoga makes the body slowly and gradually shrink, easy to learn, no equipment, no deviation.

It doesn’t have aerobics, gymnastics-like vertical movements, and it doesn’t stretch your ligaments hard. There is almost no possibility of injury.

  You can practice even if you have never participated in any other exercise and think you are stiff, as long as you can reach the position you can reach.

Although everyone has a different degree of fracture, as long as it is enough to reach your most comfortable position, you can stay where you can for a while, and the effect of exercise is achieved. Do not force yourself to feel uncomfortable.

  Having said that, yoga practice is very beneficial to a person’s muscle system, mental system, endocrine system, and digestive system.

Yoga exercises can relax your muscles after you finish the machine and help to stretch your muscles.

It can help people’s body shape to be more evenly weighed and have beautiful lines; at the same time, it has the effect of quiet nerves, and a lot of people will reduce fatigue after training.

Focusing on practicing yoga can also balance various glands in your body, soothing from physiology to psychology; a large number of forward bending, reclining, twisting, oblique abdomen, squeezing and other movements in yoga movements can massage peopleInternal organs are very useful for digestion.

Some yoga poses can also treat diseases such as gallstones and lumbar muscle strain.

  Although there are no strong ligaments, yoga has the potential to help soften the body.

People of different ages and genders, as long as they routinely do yoga amplitudes and regard it as a way of life, it will not be difficult to find physical changes after a few weeks.

In addition to self-cultivation, yoga also pays attention to spiritual cultivation, which is very helpful for peace of mind and enhancing endurance in life.

  Time: 1.

Yoga can be practiced at all times except meals; preferably three or four hours after a meal.


Early morning or evening is a good choice.


In the evening, the movement is generally more flexible than in the morning, so the yoga posture will be done in place.


Exercises in the evening can help to relieve the fatigue of the day and restore energy.

  Location: The location of the practice is especially important for yoga.

In troubled cities, people find it difficult to find pastoral or forest to practice, so you should choose a quiet, clean, comfortable and airy room as soon as possible.

  The floor should be a mat made of natural materials, which is thin and suitable. It is not too soft or too hard. The mat must support its spine.

  Dressing Because yoga has a large amount of twisted and twisted torso and limb movements, it is best to wear loose clothing, bare feet, and remove watches, belts or other accessories before starting the exercise. These things may move.

  Diet yoga should be fasting.

Try to do the exercises three or four hours after a meal.

Try to avoid eating things that are too greasy, spicy and prone to hyperacidity; eat only 1 hour after the exercise.

  Caution 1.Don’t force yourself.

When doing yoga poses and other exercises, remember not to force them.

Beginners may find their muscles or ligaments are stiff. After a few weeks of regular practice, their muscles and ligaments will be more flexible and flexible.


People with tinnitus or retinal problems should try to avoid upside-down body movements.

  Rule 1.

Breathing through the nose: Nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, and also stabilize the nerves, making the body healthier.


Do not eat for an hour before or after practicing yoga: keep fasting.


Grasping the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement is more important than completing posture.


The number of breaths you can take to complete the posture is limited to your physical fitness.

Beginners can keep the number of breaths three to five times, and then increase the number slowly.


As long as you practice yoga