Eating these things wrong can cause skin problems

Eating these things wrong can cause skin problems

When it comes to “sickness from the mouth”, everyone will think of the relationship with internal organ diseases. Few think about some skin diseases that come in from the mouth while enjoying the deliciousness of poultry. Many skin diseases are caused by diet.

  Worms caused by greasy supper Many people like to drink alcohol and eat spicy food at supper, which increases the secretion of oil, supplements metabolism and breeds, makes seborrheic dermatitis, and even seborrheic hair loss; it also causes facial capillaries to congest for a long time, Expansion, easy to appear erythema on the face, rosacea, acne.

  Dry fruits make people angry. If some people eat dry fruits such as lychee, longan, etc., it may easily cause sore throat, red lips and swelling, and facial blistering. The folks are angry, and the medicine is called herpes labialis.

Many young and middle-aged people like to supplement some so-called health supplements, which can easily cause such problems.

Sometimes oral or vulvar ulcers, folliculitis, and scabies occur.

  People with allergies are more likely to be “injured”. People with allergies know which diets they ca n’t eat, but many people may not pay attention to this.

Many people eat in their own state, which is easy to cause food allergies, headaches, itching, wind all over the body, medically called asthma, severe cases can cause anaphylactic shock, causing serious consequences.

  Photosensitive vegetables are susceptible to sunburn. Some allergies occur under certain conditions, such as sunlight. After eating seaweed, green vegetables, radish leaves, and field snails that contain photosensitive substances, when you go out to receive sunlight, it will appear in exposed parts of the lightSevere dermatitis, this is mud snail solar dermatitis or vegetable solar dermatitis.