8 foods have kidney effect

8 foods have kidney effect

8 Chinese foods have a wonderful effect on kidney, Chinese medicine believes that the main physiological functions of the kidney are Tibetan essence, main growth and development and reproduction, main water and main qi, and related to bone, medulla, ear.

Kidney nourishment is closely related to women’s health and beauty. Good kidney nourishment methods are also being pursued by many women.


Animal liver Chinese medicine has the name of “visiting the internal organs”. Animal livers are rich in protein, traces and multivitamins, and have the effect of nourishing kidney and refining.


Prawns Prawns are extremely rich in protein, lipids, minerals and other nutrients, and the extraction and accumulation of shrimp meat has substances that enhance immunity, so eating more shrimp has the effects of kidney and detoxification.


Pork waist flower Pork waist flower has a high plasma content and is not eaten by people with high blood lipids, but it has the effect of nourishing kidney qi, and it is often used as a food for kidney.


Eating more walnuts can enhance the vitality of the brain and supplement the body’s lack of inositol. In addition, walnuts have the function of nourishing kidney and solidifying essence. It is also often used as one of the foods for tonifying kidney.


Eggs The protein, traces, vitamins and various trace elements in eggs are recognized as extremely nutritious foods. Eating more eggs can promote human growth and improve immunity, and it is also a type of food that prolongs life.


Chestnuts Chestnuts not only have the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach, and are enough to nourish the kidney and strengthen the waist. Eating more chestnuts can alleviate the symptoms of low back pain caused by kidney deficiency.


People with wolfberry and kidney deficiency have a good effect of eating wolfberry, and wolfberry has the effect of nourishing kidney and liver, eating more wolfberry or prolonging life, and alleviating long-term low back pain.


The hippocampus and hippocampus are foods that have the same kidney-reinforcing effect as ginseng. Its value is comparable to that of ginseng. The method of eating hippocampus is to grind it into powder, take it with rice wine, and take it daily.