The three stories are said to be worn by many people, and they are mad!

The three stories are said to be worn by many people, and they are mad!

First, A does not like to eat eggs, every time I send an egg to B.

I was very grateful at the beginning, and I got used to it over time.

Get used to it, of course.

So, until one day, A gave the eggs to C, and B was not good.

She forgot that this egg was originally A, and A wants to give it to anyone.

Therefore, they had a big fight and never gave up.

Second, one year, very hot summer, a team went out to drift.

When the girl’s slippers are playing with water, the slippers are dropped and they sink to the bottom.

When they came to the shore, they were all hot pebbles, and they had to go a long way.

So the girl asked for help from others, but everyone only had a pair of slippers.

The girl is very upset because she is used to asking for help, and she will be satisfied with the reply if she is spoiled.

But this time it didn’t.

She suddenly felt that these people were not good and could not be saved.

Later, a boy gave her slippers to her, and then walked barefoot on the hot pebbles for a long time.

Also self-deprecating is teppanyaki.

The girl expressed gratitude, the boy said, you have to remember that no one has to help you.

Helping you is out of friendship, not helping you is it.

The girl remembered the boy’s words and since then has learned to remember the person who helped him and give a numerical return.

Many times, we always want to get good from others.

At first, very grateful.

But for a long time, it is a habit.

Getting used to a person’s good for you is taken for granted.

One day you are not good to you, you feel resentful.

In fact, not others are not good, but our demands have become more and more.

When I got used to it, I forgot my gratitude.

Third, in the evening, a sheep alone played on the hillside.

Suddenly a wolf came out of the trees, to eat the sheep, the sheep jumped up, desperately resisted with the horns, and shouted to the friends for help.

The cow looked at this place in the bush and found it was a wolf, and ran away; the horse looked down and found that it was a wolf, and ran away; he stopped and found a wolf, sneaked down the hillside; the pig passed by here.It was discovered that it was a wolf and rushed down the hillside; when the rabbit heard it, it was an arrow.

The dog at the foot of the mountain heard the shout of the sheep, hurried up the slope, flashed out of the grass, biting the wolf’s neck, and the wolf screamed, and when the dog ventilated, he fled.

When I got home, my friends came. The cow said: Why don’t you tell me?

My horn can pull out the wolf’s intestines.

Ma said: Why don’t you tell me?

My hoof can kick the wolf’s head.

He said: Why don’t you tell me?

I screamed and scared the wolf’s courage.

The pig said: Why don’t you tell me?

I used an arch to let it fall off the mountain.

The rabbit said: Why don’t you tell me?I ran fast, I can pass a letter.

In this noisy group, there is no dog.

A true friendship is not a rhetoric, or the one that pulls you at a critical time.

Those friends who are around you all day and make you a little happy are not necessarily true friends.

And those who seem to be far away, actually paying attention to you, do not flatter you when you are happy; when you need it, you pay for you silently, who cares for you, that is the real friend!