New World director Xu Bing responded to the slow question: I’m sorry to tell you sorry


“New World” director Xu Bing responded to the “slow” question: I’m sorry to tell you sorry
On February 20th, “New World” was staged in Beijing and the finale of Oriental TV was staged.On February 21, the screenwriter and director Xu Bing posted an “open letter” on the social platform to thank the audience for their companionship, and said that because the replacement of the background made the troupe “a little slow”, everyone was not happy.”It’s my fault. Even if the needle is inserted, it’s really uncomfortable.”In” New World “, Jin Hai, played by Sun Honglei, is very popular among the audience because of his righteousness and charisma.In the finale, he always believed that the brotherhood of justice was once again betrayed by Tielin.Tielin, who has done all the bad things and consciously has a dead end, shoots Gimhae for extinction.Gimhae finally confessed to Dao Meilan, who had been in love for many years, when his life was in danger.The restrained love of the two middle-aged people also caused tears and ripples in the audience in front of the TV. Topics such as “Golden Sea Bureaucrat” and “Golden Sea Offline” rushed to the Weibo search list.Sun Hailei’s Jin Hai was liked by many audiences.The picture comes from the network. The screenwriter and director Xu Bing mentioned in the “Open Letter” that “New World” is not a spy warfare family, Xianxiajianghu, idol drama. The background environment of this play is the old world, which represents the communist of advanced ideas.A new world of doctrine is coming.Due to the capacity of the 70 episodes of the play, when the plot entered the second half, too many netizens felt that the rhythm was slow, and the content was a bit slow.Xu Bing said in the “open letter”, “Because of the background, this scene is for the old world. It may be a bit slow, and everyone is not very happy.Usually the pain is clear when you slow down, and you have time to show some reflections.But for some people, it’s just that screwed up, how can Yingzhao be?Whether the new world can come or not, individuals are powerless, and everyone just wants to try some more placebos in the original world.It’s my fault, even if you need to pierce the needle, it’s really uncomfortable to pierce it slowly.”Finally, Xu Bing said that the show was over and the grievances dissipated.” If you like it, you like other things. I’m sorry to tell you sorry.”Sauna, Yewang.Liu Wei editor Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian