The best treatment for insomnia Chinese medicine treatment is safe and effective

The best treatment for insomnia Chinese medicine treatment is safe and effective

I can’t sleep at night, sleep too much, sleep is always awake, sleep quality is poor – are insomnia because of the complex causes, more and more young people have joined the insomnia group, insomnia is no longer just a matter of age.
Basically people of every age group will suffer from insomnia.
Chinese medicine believes that the key to treating insomnia is on both feet.
After thousands of years of experience, it is concluded that stimulation and massage of the soles of the feet have a good effect on the treatment of various types of insomnia.
Press the toe tip: number of times: Repeated to get sleepy.
Method: Use your fingers to press from the tip of the big toe to the tip of the small toe, and then press back from the small toe.
Suggestion: If you have a partner, you can assist with the operation and make it easier to go to sleep more quickly.
Massage insomnia: number of times: about 100 times, no need to entangle the massage.
Method: Stimulate the center of the heel with acupuncture, moxibustion, tapping, and rubbing.
You can also use a fist to hammer.
Recommendation: Can be assisted by a companion.
Press 鎻変笁闃翠氦: Time: 10 minutes.
Method: Use your thumb to press the acupoints appropriately.
Hot moxibustion Yongquan point: Time: 10 days for a course of treatment, generally 1 course can be effective.
Method: Before going to bed, use moxibustion at the Yongquan point for 20 minutes, and the moxa stick is 3cm away from the foot. The sole of the foot has a warm feeling, and the skin appears rosy.
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