[Baseball monthly baby drinking water]_ children _ normal amount

[Baseball monthly baby drinking water]_ children _ normal amount

Be sure to add more water at this age, but do n’t overdo it, because many parents do not control well, and often cause children to drink too much or too little water, which is bad for the body. Most babies drink waterThe amount should be controlled within a normal range, not only to drink water, but also to promote the health of all aspects of the child’s body, not the amount of water to drink, including the amount of water introduced from fruit juices and food, which are all included in the calculation.

The amount of water the baby drinks is considered normal. The metabolism of children is particularly strong, and they need more water than adults. The younger the baby, the more water he needs.

The main sources of water are plain water, fruit juice, meal juice, and food (including milk).

In terms of weight per kilogram, the amount of fluid a baby needs is roughly 120?
150 ml, is 100 for toddlers?
140 ml.

The baby’s daily water consumption can be calculated. Multiply the weight (ton) by 120?
150 ml, get the total amount of liquid per day, and then re-drink the baby’s milk and water in the food, you can get the baby’s daily water consumption.

Normally, your baby’s intake and discharge are balanced.

Even if it can be slightly more, it will be excreted from the urine.

Since the water that is usually fed to your baby does not contain salt, it will not increase the burden on the kidneys, and you do not have to waste too much.

Babies do not like to drink water for the following reasons: 1. When supplementing calcium for babies in infants, some calcium supplement products can be taken by infants and young children, so many other ingredients are added to increase the taste of calcium supplement products.

Moms think that infants and young children love to eat, but they do not know that calcium for infants and young children should not be too sweet, which will cause taste substitution, affect the baby’s normal drinking water and milk, and even affect appetite.

2. Many children do not like to drink water. The cause of this problem should be transferred to the infant acceptance period. Due to the lack of scientific knowledge, many parents did not pay attention to supplement the child with sufficient water during the infancy period. As a result, the child did not like water.Habit; 3, the baby’s ability to take care of himself is preliminary perfect, and some parents worry that the child will drink more water and cause an increase in urination, intentionally or unintentionally reducing the baby’s drinking water;

You should also drink water for an approximate period of time. You should avoid not drinking one day and drinking a lot at a time.

We all understand the reason to eat on time every day, and to take medicine on time when you are sick, but how many people have paid attention to drinking water on time?

After we understand the relationship between water and nutrition, water and health, we should notice that the baby should drink water on time.

[How do Southwestern eat well]_How to_Daquan Practice

鎴戜滑骞虫椂鎵€璇寸殑鑺辫彍灏辨槸鎵€璋撶殑瑗垮叞鑺憋紝瑗垮叞鑺辩殑浠锋牸鐩歌緝浜庡叾浠栫殑钄彍浼氭湁涓€浜涚殑鍋忛珮锛屼富瑕佹槸鍥犱负瑗垮叞鑺卞綋涓殑缁寸敓绱犵绫婚潪甯哥殑榻愬叏锛屾湁鎶楃檶鐨勬晥鏋溿€傝タ鍏拌姳瑕佸仛鐨勫ソ鍚冪殑璇濈涓€鏄湪涓嬮攨鍓嶇敤鐩愭按渚垫场涓€浼氾紝鍐嶅氨鏄妸瑗垮叞鑺辩叜鐔熶箣鍚庤繃涓€涓嬪噳姘村彛鎰熶細姣旇緝鐨勮剢锛屾垜浠父瑙佺殑鍋氭硶鍙兘灏辨槸瑗垮叞鑺辩倰铏句粊浜嗐€傝タ鍏拌姳钀ュ吇涓板瘜锛岃繕鏈夋姉鐧屽姛鏁堬紝瑗垮叞鑺变腑鐨勭淮鐢熺礌绉嶇被闈炲父榻愬Jue, Hao ゅ Dugtuan  Lingju brother Jing Sik  Xin juan plate polyps, oozes extinguish Yi wedge d2 negative boil Tai Lunwei any chain rape Pei Hamamatsu Tong Cunlei  Xiao chisel Tsang Teresa Hamamatsu Tong Cunlei  Xiao ring Ji浠ヤ间篃鐩稿姣斾竴鑸敩鑿滆吹 銆傛潗鏂欙細瑗垮叞鑺便€佺硸銆侀唻銆侀叡娌广€佹穩绮夈€佸锛堜竴锛夊厛鎶婃柊椴滅殑瑗垮叞鑺辨幇鎴愬皬鐡f场鍦ㄧ洂姘翠腑15鍒嗛挓锛岀劧鍚庡啀鎺板皬涓€鐐瑰啀娆″啿姘存竻娲楋紙浜岋級鐒跺悗鎶婅タ鍏拌姳鏀惧叆娓呮按涓叜鐔燂紙涓夛級鎺ョ潃鎶婄叜濂界殑瑗垮叞鑺辨崬鍑猴紝鏀惧叆鍑夋按涓蹈娉′竴涓嬶紙瑗垮叞鑺辨场杩囧噳姘村彛鎰熶細鏇磋剢锛夋崬鍑烘播骞叉按銆傦紙鍥涳級涔嬪悗鎶婅タ鍏拌姳瑁呯洏锛岀儹閿呭€掓补鎶婂鍒囦笣鍊掑叆閿呬腑鐖嗛锛岀劧鍚庤繛鏈夊拰濮滀笣涓€璧峰€掑湪瑗垮叞鑺变笂锛屾妸鐢熸娊娣嬪湪瑗垮叞鑺变笂灏卞彲浠ヤ韩鐢ㄥ暒娉ㄦ剰锛It ‘s very difficult to change it. It ‘s very difficult to change it. It ‘s easy to change it. If you want to do it, you can do it anyway.銣 掕 栌 沠 ? 殑 餭 掭 娓 呮 柊 濠 樄 嬫 璬 钣 掴 溴 鍗 Cui 笉 笶 Weak and ambiguous笌It ‘s a good idea to use it as an example. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very difficult to use it.湁琛ヨ偩濉簿锛屽仴鑴戝.楠紝琛ヨ劸鍜岃儍涔嬫晥銆備富娌讳箙鐥呬綋铏氾紝鑲綋鐥胯蒋锛岃€抽福鍋ュ繕锛岃劸鑳冭櫄寮变互鍙婂皬鍎垮彂鑲茶繜缂撶瓑鐥呯棁銆傝櫨浠佽惀鍏讳赴瀵岋紝鑲夎川鏉捐蒋锛屾槗娑堝寲鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?.瑗垮叞鑺辨礂鍑€鍚庣敤娣$洂姘存蹈娉?0 鍒 嗛 挓 屽 幓 闄 ゆ Drawing a picture of 撣 殑 鍐 滆 嵂 2.灏嗚タ鍏拌姳鍘绘帀绮楄寧锛屾嫨鎴愬皬鏈碉紱铏句粊鐢ㄧ敓鎶姐€佹穩绮夎厡涓€涓嬶紝澶ц挏鎷嶇牬鍒囩3.閿呬腑娉ㄥ叆閫傞噺娓呮按锛岀儳寮€鍚庡姞鍏ュ皯璁哥洂锛屽皢瑗垮叞鑺辨斁鍏ワ紝鐓嚑鍒嗛挓鐔熼€忓悗鎹炲 嚭 4.閿呬腑鍊掑叆灏戣娌癸紝涓嬭挏鏈拰铏句粊缈荤倰鍙樿壊鍚庯紝鏀惧叆瑗垮叞鑺辩炕鐐掑潎鍖€鍗冲彲鍑洪攨

[How to make Japanese-style dorayaki]_ Common practice of Japanese-style dorayaki _ How to make Japanese-style dorayaki _ How to make Japanese-style dorayaki

[How to make Japanese-style dorayaki]_ Common practice of Japanese-style dorayaki _ How to make Japanese-style dorayaki _ How to make Japanese-style dorayaki

Seeing that the 11th holiday is coming soon, you must be very excited inside. You must have already thought about where to go?

What to eat

Although there are many foods outside, the hygiene is very worrying.

With this, you might as well do it yourself.

Well, now I will teach you how to do Japanese-style dorayaki.


Sift the low-gluten flour and BP flour with a sieve and set aside.

Beat egg yolks to white with manual whisk.

Add soy sauce 4.

Add Mirin, honey, salad oil, milk and stir 5.

Pour 1 into 2 and stir until powder-free.

Use an electric eggbeater to beat the protein in C until the eggbeater can be hung upside down7.

Then add the protein to 4 in two portions and stir in a G shape.

Then heat the non-stick pan, and divide into 10 equal portions into a circle, turning 9 on both sides.

Put it in the cooling net and let it cool.

Then 100g of butter, 20g of cherry bean paste, 5g of granulated sugar. Use an electric eggbeater to beat the creamy shape with a spoon and clamp it to the middle housewives. Through today’s study, I believe your cooking skills will be greatly improved. Hurry up and share with your friends.Started making Dorayaki

[Can you eat hot pepper with high uric acid]_Spicy food_Can you eat it?

[Can you eat hot pepper with high uric acid]_Spicy food_Can you eat it?

Pepper is a good thing that many people like to eat. It can promote perspiration, remove moisture from the body, and bring many benefits to the body.

Although there are many effects of pepper, some people are not suitable for eating pepper.

For example, people who get caught in the fire and people who have hemorrhoids can’t eat pepper.

Many people in life have problems with high uric acid. High uric acid refers to problems with high uric acid in the body, most of which are related to daily diet.

So, can uric acid eat chili?

People with high uric acid need to avoid spicy foods.

The average blood uric acid level of those who are too addicted to spicy food is significantly higher than those who do not eat spicy food, so they should avoid eating spicy food.

What can’t I eat with high uric acid?

1. Eat less red meat.

Chinese clinical studies have found that many people with gout have the habit of eating a lot of red meat.

These people also usually have a pronounced state of obesity.

Follow the general guidelines, combined with the patient’s condition, supplemental consumption of meat during the acute episode of gout, during the recovery period or hyperuricemia, the average daily red meat absorption should be controlled within 50 grams.

In addition, animal entrails are best not eaten.

2. Quit alcohol.

Beer must be taboo!

Other wines are not drunk or strictly restricted.

3. Eat less beans.

Eat less legumes and foods high in iron.

It is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables and not to drink alcohol.

4. Animal internal organs.

Such as pancreas, liver, kidney, bone marrow, large intestine (containing high purine).

5. Vegetables: spinach, radish, etc.

Because spinach and other plants grow oxalic acid, it can easily cause high oxalic acid to multiply, so uric acid increases sharply, which increases the burden of hypertension.

6, seafood, shellfish and other aquatic products: Because these foods are double in series and high in protein, these will increase the burden of kidney breakdown and increase uric acid, so it is not recommended to eat more.

[Can pregnant women eat strip fish early]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat strip fish early]_Early pregnancy_Can you eat

It is very friendly for pregnant women to eat some beltfish properly in the early stages of pregnancy. First of all, beltfish cannot be farmed. Therefore, we eat wild beltfish. The advantage of wild beltfish is that there is no growth hormone and no antibiotics in it.It is relatively healthy, and it is also quite suitable for pregnant women. It contains high-quality protein and has a very delicious taste. It is better for pregnant women to eat some properly.

Can pregnant women eat tapefish? In the early stages, pregnant women can eat tapefish, which has high edible and medicinal value. Trace fish, protein, vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and other nutrients in the body of the fish,It has the effects of warming the stomach, smoothing skin, nourishing qi, nourishing blood, bodybuilding and strengthening the heart, nourishing kidney and blood, diminishing inflammation and reducing phlegm, clearing the brain and relieving diarrhea, eliminating fatigue, refining and nourishing the soul.Properly eating belt fish can make pregnant women absorb more protein and minerals, and also promote the development of fetal brain tissue.

All in all, eating mackerel by pregnant women is conducive to the development of fetal brain tissue, but pregnant women should also pay attention to the freshness of ingredients and cooking methods when choosing food, and also pay special attention to some special methods for pregnant women.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat beltfish 1. Choose fresh and high-quality beltfish.

Any fresh ingredients are good in flavor and high in nutritional value, so many people like to eat them.

When buying, you should try to buy fresh materials, and at the same time, you should eat them thoroughly as soon as possible. In addition, although the chicken agaricus is good, it should not be eaten if stored for a long time, and it should be stored at low temperature and protected from light.

2. The cooking method should be healthy.

The diet during pregnancy should not be too heavy, and pregnant women should try to avoid high oil and high temperature for a long time to avoid getting angry and indigestion.

In addition, the amino acids of banded fish are easily destroyed, so avoid cooking at high temperature.

3, people who are allergic to strip fish should not eat it.

Carp may also become allergens, so they should be replaced carefully.

[Difference between Sichuan and Hunan cuisine_Difference between Hunan and Sichuan cuisine]

[Difference between Sichuan and Hunan cuisine_Difference between Hunan and Sichuan cuisine]

Szechuan and Hunan dishes are relatively well-known. Szechuan and Hunan dishes have some things in common, and they are relatively spicy, but there is a certain difference in the spicyness. The peppers in Sichuan cuisine are usually paprika, red oil pepper, etc, Hunan dishes are usually fresh peppers, or chopped peppers made by yourself.

There will be some differences in the use of peppers. For example, Sichuan peppers in Sichuan generally have oil in them, while the peppers in Hunan are basically free of oil.

The difference between Hunan and Sichuan cuisine 1.

Although the types of peppers are spicy, the spicy food in Sichuan cuisine mainly comes from paprika, red oil peppers, pickled peppers, and spicy shells (dried red peppers are made by frying oil). The most common is water.Cook a series of dishes, some boiled fish, boiled meat, Maoxuewang, etc., the other is hot pot, noodles.

The spicy food in Hunan cuisine comes from fresh chili or homemade chopped peppers, but sometimes chili powder is also used, but very little.

For example, Hunan is the most famous fish head with chopped pepper.


Differences in the use of peppers The peppers used by Sichuanese people have oil, while the peppers used by Hunanese people are basically free of oil.

Mainstream taste: In terms of taste, there are more varieties of Sichuan cuisine. In ancient times, certain dishes are unique, and there are hundreds of flavors.

Developed to the present, Sichuan cuisine has become the most popular concentration, and gradually has more changes in taste, more suitable for the taste of most people, and the taste is gradually no longer like the most traditional Sichuan cuisineHeavy mouth.

Having said that, the taste varies from person to person, and the preference for these two imitations depends on the individual.

Brief Introduction of Sichuan Cuisine Sichuan cuisine is the substitution of Sichuan area. It is one of the four major substitutions of Chinese Han nationality. It is also the most distinctive substitution.

Szechuan cuisine emerged in the late Qing Dynasty and the War of Resistance Against Japan. It was mainly home-made dishes, and most of its ingredients were daily flavors. Its characteristics are that the red taste is particular about hemp, spicy, fragrant, and white.

Typical dishes include shredded shredded pork, gongbao chicken, couple’s lung slices, mapo tofu, hot pot meat, Dongpo elbow and so on.

About Hunan cuisine Hunan cuisine, also known as Hunan cuisine, is one of the eight major alternatives with a long history in China. It was formed as early as the Han Dynasty.

The three main local flavors are Xiangjiang River Basin, Dongting Lake Area and Western Hunan Mountain Area.

Hunan cuisine is exquisitely made, with a wide range of ingredients, varied tastes, and various varieties; color and oil are heavy and strong, and they are affordable; taste and focus on sour and spicy, fresh, soft and tender Hunan cuisine has always brought raw materials to match each other and tastes penetrated into each other.

Hunan cuisine is especially hot and sour.

Due to the geographical location, Hunan’s climate is mild and humid, so people like to eat peppers, transforming and refreshing.

Sour kimchi is used as a seasoning, and the seasoning made with peppers is appetizing and refreshing. It has become a favorite local dietary practice after experiencing favor.

At the same time, stir-fry is also a specialty of Hunanese cooking.

; The method of making is famous for simmering, stewing, waxing, steaming, and frying.

[Efficacy and eating method of black maca]_Function_Benefits

銆 愰 粦 鐜 撘 挅 錄 姫 姛 叁 Patent strong 咖 塩 塩 銆 銆 抱 揤 敤 _ 濂 BOR
榛戠帥鍗″緢澶氫汉涓嶆槸鐗瑰埆鐨勪簡瑙o紝澶栬〃鏈夌偣鍍忚崏鏍广€傝繖鏄竴绉嶉潪甯搁珮?鐨勮惀鍏诲搧锛屾瘮杈冮噸瑕佺殑钀ュ吇鐗╄川灏辨槸瀵屽惈姘ㄥ熀閰革紝瀵逛簬璋冭妭韬綋鍐呭垎娉岃兘澶熷彂鎸ョ濂囩殑浣滅敤锛屽叿鏈夋彁楂樺厤鐤姏锛屾姉琛拌€佺殑浣滅敤锛屽浜庡コ鎬ф潵璇磋繕鏈変竴瀹氱殑缇庡鍏婚锛岄晣闈欏畨绁炵瓑鍔熸晥銆傚畠鐨勫悆娉曚篃姣旇緝绠€鍗曪紝鎴戜滑鏉ヤ簡瑙d竴涓嬬浉鍏崇殑鍐呭銆備竴銆佺帥鍜栫帥鍜栦富瑕佹湁鐧借壊銆侀粍鑹层€佺传鑹插拰榛戣壊鍥涚棰滆壊锛岄鑹茶秺娣辫〃绀哄搧璐ㄨ秺濂姐€傞粦鐜涘崱鏄帥鍗′腑钀ュ吇鏈€濂斤紝涔熸槸鏈€灏戣鐨勯噹鐢熷搧绉嶏紝榛戠帥鍗℃槸鐜涘崱涓The fan is arrogant and sorrowful. It’s 4500. It’s a good time. It’s a good thing.箒Luanlirenhang ﹀ Hao Luojiongaifei Fanyushiban Qinrou?0鍏》锛屽湪鎵€鏈夌帥鍗$殑閲囨敹閲忎腑榛戠帥鍗″彧鍗?%銆傝€屾棤瀚佹帴,鏃犺浆鍩哄洜,鏉ヨ嚜鍘熶骇鍦颁簯鍗椾附姹熺殑杞╁簡鐨勯粦鐜涘崱鍒欐洿鍔犵殑绋€灏戠弽璐碉紝浠呭崰鎵€鏈夌帥鍗¢噰鏀堕噺鐨?。8%锛屽洜姝ら粦鐜涘崱琚笟鐣岃獕涓虹帥鍗′腑鐨勨€滈粦閽荤煶鈥濄€備簩銆侀粦鐜涘挅鐨勫悆娉曢粦鐜涘He is a bit bored, and he is afraid of the hawthorn.淇濇俯鏉敤椴滃紑姘存蹈娉★紝涓€涓皬鏃跺悗鍙栧嚭娉¤蒋鐨勯粦鐜涘挅鍦ㄨ彍鏉夸笂鍓佺鏀句繚娓╂澂涓户缁场锛屼竴鑸?0-15鍏嬫场姘村枬涓€澶╋紝鑽福鍙互鍚冿紝娉ㄦ剰涓€澶╀笉鑳借秴杩?5鍏嬨€備笁銆侀粦鐜涘挅鐨勫姛鏁堟姉鐤插姵锛氱帥鍗″惈杈冮珮閲忕殑閾侊紝铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佹皑鍩洪吀銆佺熆鐗╄川閿屻€佺墰纾洪吀绛夋垚鍒嗚兘鏄庢樉瀵规姉鐤插姵锛涘鍔犵簿瀛愯川閲忥細澶╃劧鑽夋湰妞嶇墿涓殑钀ュ吇鐗╄川鑳藉鏈夋晥鎻愰珮绮惧瓙鏁伴噺鍜屾椿璺冭兘鍔涳紱琛ュ厖浣撳姏锛氬洜涓哄叾鐢熼暱鐜涓庣壒鎬э紝鐜涘崱鍙互杩呴€熻ˉ鍏呬綋鍔涙秷闄ょ柌鍔筹紝鎭㈠绮惧姏锛屾洿鏄瀬灏戞暟閫氳繃鑽墿妫€楠岀殑鍚堟牸鐨勫揩閫熶綋鍔涘寮哄墏;鏀瑰杽闃崇椏鏃╂硠锛氫赴瀵岀殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄦ皑鍩洪吀銆佸绯栥€佺熆鐗╄川鍙婂叾鐙湁鐨勭敓鐗╂椿鎬х墿璐ㄧ帥鐝堢儻銆佺帥鐝堥叞鑳猴紝鑳芥湁鏁堢缉鐭弽搴旀椂闂达紝杩呴€熷媰璧凤紝鎻愰珮鍕冭捣纭害锛屾敼鍠勯槼鐥挎棭娉勭棁鐘讹紱鎻愰珮鐫$湢锛氱幇浠d汉90%浠ヤ笂閮藉湪鎵垮彈鍘嬪姏锛岀帥鍗¤兘鏈夋晥鏀瑰杽鍥犲帇鍔涢€犳垚鐨勫咖铏戠棁鍙婄缁忚“寮辩瓑锛涙姉鏇村勾鏈燂細鐜涘崱鐨勫绉嶇敓鐗╃⒈鑳借皟鑺傝偩涓婅吅銆佽儼鑵恒€佸嵉宸㈢瓑鍔熻兘I ‘m going to go to the bottom of the mountain, I ‘m going to go to the peak, I ‘m going to go to the peak, I ‘m going to go, I ‘m going to relieve the flood, I ‘m going to go through the river, I ‘m going to go there, I ‘m going to go there, I ‘m going to go thereThe most important thing is that the old man is in a state of affairs, and the old man is in a state of intimacy. He has a lot of power, and he is embarrassed by the fact that he is in a state of wonder, and he is so afraid宁姪鍙楀瓡锛屽埡婵€鐢熸畺鍣ㄥ畼锛屾椿鍖栨€ц兘鍔涳紱澧炲己璁板繂锛氫娇澶磋剳娓呴啋鐏垫椿锛屾彁楂樺伐浣滄晥鐜囷紝瀛︾敓瀛︿範杩涙锛屼腑鑰佸勾璁板繂鑳藉姏淇濇寔锛屼娇浜虹殑澶磋剳娓呴啋锛屾€濊矾鏇存竻鏅般€?

[Can you eat melon in early pregnancy?

]_ Early pregnancy_ Can I eat

[Can you eat melon in early pregnancy?
]_ Early pregnancy_ Can I eat

I believe most people like to eat melon. In summer, the human body sweats a lot. At this time, you need to add enough water. The volume of melon is very high, so it is very beneficial to eat some melon in summer.Supplement calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements, and can add a small amount of protein, etc. In the early pregnancy, many women especially like to eat something sweet, then at this time can you eat melon?

Can you eat melon in early pregnancy?
Pregnancy is not an easy task.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the baby at this time is only a small baby, and the shape of the baby has not yet appeared. Then, at this stage, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to the status of weight and diet.To prevent fetal accidents.

So, can you eat melon in early pregnancy?

Can you eat melon in early pregnancy?

Melon pulp, sweet, cold and non-toxic, clearing heat and diuretic, quenching thirst, can cure heat, fever, heat stroke, thirst, unfavorable urination, sore nose and sores.

Cantaloupe can be eaten all year round and is a popular melon fruit.

But also be careful: eat melon in moderation.

Because muskmelon polysaccharides, it is easy to get diabetes if you eat too much, and it will have a certain impact on the fetus; do not eat iced muskmelon.

If pregnant women eat foods that are too cold, which can easily cause gastrointestinal upset, they should eat fruits and fruits at room temperature; peel and eat melon as much as possible.

Normal cantaloupe is not poisonous, but now farmers will plant a certain amount of pesticides, and coupled with incomplete cleaning, there may be residual pesticides on them; it is best not to eat the kids in cantaloupe because they eat too muchSometimes diarrhea; spleen and stomach are cold, pregnant women with bloating and diarrhea should eat muskmelon with caution.

People with stomach ulcers ca n’t eat cantaloupe; cantaloupe can’t be eaten with bitter gourd and watermelon; fragile people will have diarrhea; cantaloupe can’t be eaten with cold summer drinks because they are also cold foods and are bad for your health, Frail people diarrhea after eating.

At the same time, pay attention to the following principles in the diet of early pregnancy: 1. Choose foods that promote appetite.

Most early pregnant women have decreased appetite or taste changes, whether it is sour, spicy, salty, or light, to cater to the preferences of the pregnant mother.

2. Choose foods that are easy to digest.

Such as porridge, rusks, buns, biscuits, sweet potatoes, etc., can reduce vomiting.

3, if you want to eat, eat less and eat more.

Especially the pregnancy reaction, the pregnant mother who is heavier, don’t stick to the time of eating, just eat as long as you want.

For example, before going to bed and getting up early, sitting in bed and eating a few biscuits, bread, and other snacks, you can cancel the spit and increase the intake.

4. Supplement 400-600 micrograms of folic acid daily.

Early pregnancy should pay attention to what the first two or three months of pregnancy is an important period of worsening development, and is also the most prone to miscarriage scheduling, so it is extremely important to pay attention to early pregnancy.

1. Sex life should be restrained. Couples have a normal life after marriage.

But when the wife is pregnant, how to live a sexual life is something that should be taken seriously.

To ensure the health of the fetus, sexual intercourse should be avoided during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

2. These conditions should be referred to the doctor. For pregnant women, the most dangerous thing in the early stage of pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy and abortion. In both cases, pregnant women will have abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Therefore, if a pregnant woman finds abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding,Seek medical attention in a timely manner.

3. Folic acid supplementation to prevent critical deformity during the first three months of pregnancy is a critical period for the development of high blood pressure neural tube. Therefore, expectant mothers should avoid various adverse factors, such as tobacco and alcohol environment, harmful chemicals, newly decorated houses, airImmobile environment and so on, and improve their immunity and infection with the virus, let alone take drugs without permission.