Seven ways to solve an affair

Seven ways to solve an affair

Calm down: When the spouse has an affair, it will inevitably turn around, the heart is broken, and the suffering is unbearable.

In this situation, it is easiest to make the original team lose their senses, as if headless flies are scrambling.

In fact, the most important thing at this time is to calm down first and analyze how it happened?

How serious is the relationship between the two of them?

What is the thrust and attraction between each other?

  One cry, two troubles, and three hangings may not be useful, but it will make your spouse more and more alienated from you.

If crying can make your spouse feel guilty, of course, crying is the way to win.

The problem is that crying too much has no practical effect at all, and it may have adverse effects.

Noisy and often spouses are upset.

I can’t stand it, and I don’t want to go home, so the effect is not good.

Even if you hang, even if you unfortunately let go, the happiest is your love rival, so don’t use this strategy.

  Never lightly give up marriage, or have plans to be beautiful.

Do n’t forget that if you give up your marriage, the unfortunate thing in the future is not your spouse, but you.

In light of divorce, the innocent children will suffer the most, and you will have countless booing and loneliness in the future.

Distinguished people will never give up marriage, not only give themselves more room to work, but also let third parties know that their future is less promising.

Because they cannot marry in the future, it can also be a factor in their quarrel.

  Don’t cry everywhere.

Generally the most common is that the so-called spouse is not.

He even complained to his neighbors, expressed affection to his parents, and even complained to his spouse’s boss.

Quite ambitious determination.

The problem is that in this state of torn face, only by making the spouse less face-to-face and no step down, the chance of turning back is relatively reduced.

  Taking a back seat, learning tolerance and forgiveness may make it easier for a spouse to turn back.

In the quarrel stage of husband and wife, Yuanpei is unreasonable. When the spouse is not, the spouse increases the “criminal feeling”. When this sense of crime cannot be ruled out, the affair is prone to “do not do it, do not stop,Anyway, everyone is in trouble, and I have nothing to keep.

On the contrary, tolerance, forgiveness, and patience can make your spouse feel “guilty”. I feel sorry for you and do not dare to hurt you. These methods are suction.

Although it is difficult for Yuanpei to reach these ideals in an unbearable state, in order to take the overall situation into consideration, it is best to work in this direction.

  Don’t retaliate.

In order to “punish” a spouse for having an affair, he went to find an affair and thought of revenge. This is the most stupid act in dealing with an affair.

The fundamental problem cannot be solved, the relationship between the two people is more serious, it is intensified and inevitably exists, and unmatched rights and interests (such as alimony, child living expenses, and even the “possibility” in front of morals) have completely disappeared, and they have been laughed at.Never try it.

  Don’t quarrel in front of children.

Children are the most innocent victims.

During the quarrel, the most common phenomenon between husband and wife is to use material benefits to buy the child, hoping that the child will stand by him. Another common phenomenon is to expose the shortcomings of the spouse so that the child can understand the truth of the matter.

In this way, the child not only learns to sacrifice adults for material benefits, but also psychologically feels engulfed on both sides. The most serious consequences lead to the child’s confusion, inferiority and discomfort, and the child’s psychological imbalance.Disputes, especially affair issues, should be avoided.

Face = internal organs

Face = internal organs

Some science shows that the beautiful face is closely related to the five internal organs and the large internal organs. A bad face is often a symptom of internal organ problems.

Analyze the problems of various free radicals, find out the problem in time, and have a healthy body.

  Wrinkles If wrinkles on the forehead increase, it means that the liver is overburdened.

Therefore, you must quit smoking, quit drinking, eat less animal aunt, and drink at least 3 liters of water a day.

  If you have a bad complexion recently and your cheeks are gray, it means that your body is deprived of oxygen and your lungs are not functioning well.

It is best to go for a walk in the park, jog, and add some green vegetables to increase the intake of protein, minerals and crude fiber.

  When my nose woke up, I suddenly noticed that my nose was red, so check to see if you have eaten too much sugar recently.

Too much chocolate and sweets will form red blood vessels on the tip of the nose, so it does not prevent the use of nuts, fruits and yogurt instead of chocolate for retail.

But if the entire nose is red, it means that the heart is overloaded. You should immediately relax, rest, and quit smoking.

  Lips sometimes inexplicably swell, which is often caused by the impact of stomach ulcers.

Potatoes are very good for the stomach and have a warming effect, which indirectly benefits the beauty of the lips.

  Dark circles If the circles are dark and the eyes are dull, then your kidney burden is too heavy.

Remember to eat less salt, sugar, coffee, more small carrots, white radishes, or some dandelions.

Intimate suggestions from three beauty experts


Intimate suggestions from three beauty experts

In summer, when I look at the hot sun outside, I dare not go out because I am afraid that my skin will be damaged by the hot sun.

How does sun protection work?

How to choose the right sunscreen?

We are often touched by confusion.

What do experts say about sun protection?

Let’s take a look at the intimate suggestions these three beauty experts have given us.

  Wu Xian beauty editor rubbing mud sunscreen is bad?

  Many times we will encounter the embarrassment of rubbing mud, if you hit it into the cold palace, it is likely to blame it!

In fact, this cannot be blamed on sunscreen alone.

In order to make the application feel smooth, many sunscreen products will add polymer glue, but it has a little stickiness.

In fact, if you only use sunscreen, you will definitely not encounter the problem of rubbing mud.

The point is that many essences and creams now add silicates that absorb oil and water.

After applying them, and then applying sunscreen, they will grow more like snowballs and become “mud”.

So how to avoid crumbs?

Either you switch to chemical sunscreen, because the sunscreen particles in physical sunscreen are the easiest to rub mud (of course, some chemical sunscreen polymer gels will also rub mud), otherwise you must change the essence or cream.

  Special reminder: If you have a hard time giving up and don’t want to change anything, then you should be careful not to apply sunscreen in a circular motion with your hands.

Use your fingers to “slap” little by little to reduce the friction twice, which can reduce the appearance of “mud”!

If you have rubbed the mud, and you still need to apply makeup, then you can save the liquid foundation and use a makeup brush filled with powder directly to remove the “mud”, which will quickly relieve the embarrassment.

  ①WHOO clear sunscreen cream SPF30 + PA +++ 560 yuan Recently, under the sun’s blurry light, it has pioneered the use of traditional Chinese medicine to protect the sun, and the sun is also anti-oxidant.

Thanks to the use of negative and heavier rye seed extracts, it feels cool immediately after application.

Although the paste is a bit thick, the coating method ensures that it will not rub the mud at all.

  ② Biotherm Sun Care Multi Sunscreen Cream SPF50 + UVA +++ 300 yuan. It is the baby that I must bring during the day this summer. What fascinates me is that 50 times of sunscreen can be non-greasy.

I like its pure natural hot spring water and citrus fresh fragrance for pure and pleasant feeling, sometimes I forget to use sunscreen.

  Fujita Maya Japanese beauty expert, author of “Have Face!”

Easy and Simple Beauty Book!

Sun protection makes me acne!

  The bad impression of sunscreen is that it is oily, thick, and easy to develop acne after use.

Today’s sunscreen products are thin and oil-free. As for acne, there are two reasons.

The first is that makeup is not completely removed after sun protection; the other is that it must be acknowledged that some sunscreen formulations can breed acne, and anti-sweat and waterproof sunscreens are also prone to acne.

Therefore, sunscreen for people who are prone to acne will be more limited, anti-sweat and waterproof sunscreen should be avoided, or direct selection of sunscreen products for sensitive muscle and acne muscle.

  Special Note: People with a history of susceptibility to acne, should identify two identities when choosing sunscreen: Hypoallergenic (low sensitivity), which means that sunscreen products do not contain common and sensitive chemical sunscreens, which is suitable for sensitivityFor skin or infants; Noncomedogenic (non-comedogenic), which means that the main ingredients or bases contained in this sunscreen will not cause acne, so it is very safe to use.

  ①LANCOME Gold Pure Sunscreen SPF?


PA +++ 880 yuan / 30ml can bring the dual effects of preventing dull skin tone and repairing mature skin.

Nourishes and firmes the skin, revealing the radiance of mature skin.

  ②Falman DNA High Anti-Sun Repair Cream SPF30 1370 yuan Formula specially designed for the face and sensitive parts. High-efficiency vitamin D pushes the compound into contact with the sun, and turns it into an essential vitamin for the skin. The sun suddenly turns intoThe energy of “photosynthesis” is very tempting.

  Does the first skincare expert at Nicole Network advocate water resistance?

I have a trick to detect!
  Even if you can judge whether this sunscreen is waterproof and sweat-proof from the waterproof and sweat-resistant packaging, it cannot be denied that each sunscreen product has a different ability to waterproof.How to detect it?
One of my usual tricks is to put some water in a small transparent medicine bottle, then squeeze a little sunscreen and mix with water, then cover it and shake well.
If the shaken liquid becomes uniform milky white, the waterproof ability will be compromised!
If the liquid is filled with small droplets of suspended water, the water resistance is not bad.
  Special reminder: Special attention should be paid to that if you use up sunscreen (especially waterproof sunscreen), you should pay attention to select a special makeup remover for pre-cleaning before using cleansing products, so that you can completely clean your skin.
Because most of the current sunscreen is similar to base makeup, facial cleansing products are not clean, so you must remove your makeup!
  Natio sun protection lotion SPF?
30+ (waterproof formula) 120 yuan A sunscreen with skin care effects, including vitamin E and aloe vera, and it is quite refreshing and can block UVA comprehensively?
UVB, provides 2 to 4 hours of waterproof function.

Lin Xinru and Liu Tao enjoy the skincare classics of the two leading female protagonists in The Princess

Lin Xinru and Liu Tao enjoy the skincare experience

Core reminder: Lin Xinru and Liu Tao got together for the filming of “Dali Princess” together. Due to the tacit cooperation between the two, they formed a deep friendship.

Therefore, Liu Tao also used his actual actions to support his friends and joined the “Princess of the World” to play the role without compensation.

As for skincare and beauty, the two beauties have their own experiences.

  Lin Xinru’s skin care experience has arrived in autumn. How does Lin Xinru do maintenance for her skin in dry weather?

Moisturizing is a must for skin care.

To make skin oily and balanced, you can bring a supplemental water spray with you, and spray it when your skin is dry or oily. It is important to balance your skin’s oily water.

  Lin Xinru is very concerned about the cleansing of the skin, because if the cleaning is not done well, it is easy to have small blackheads one by one on the forehead and nose.

Moreover, the dirt on these pores of these capillaries can easily cause acne problems.

  Lin Xinru’s skin is dry, so the skin rarely oils, and it becomes easy to become dry and tight in autumn.

Therefore, in order to keep the skin hydrated, Lin Xinru chooses products with dual effects of maintenance and makeup as much as possible when choosing skin care products, so that he can take care of the skin when he has to make up.

Maybe, for lipstick, she likes to use a lip gloss lipstick with moisturizing effect.

  Lin Xinru also said that the use of skin care products should be as simple as possible. Do not apply too much skin care products on one part, as long as the skin can be absorbed well. If the skin care products are applied too much, it will block the pores and cause wasteMakes the skin difficult to breathe.

  In the play, Liu Tao ‘s beauty of beauty Wen Jingruo is the confidante of Shu Kingdom ‘s prince Meng Qiyou (Yan Kuan) and has always loved him silently, but suffering from Meng Qiyou ‘s long-cherished princess Ma Yanya(Decoration), in order to replace Ma Yanya’s place in Meng Qiyou’s heart, Wen Jingruo was willing to imitate Mi ‘s smile and transform her into a shadow to accompany Meng Qiyou.

Liu Tao’s classical appearance is very dazzling.

  Recently, Liu Tao’s husband Wang Ke is also full of news.

This article in Wang Ke’s response: “As a wife, I always let her accompany me through difficult times to face rumors, I am very sorry.

In a word, it is clear that Liu Tao has a pity for her husband.

  Born in the south, Liu Tao is very beautiful, and she likes water very much. She feels that her body and skin need water, even psychologically.

Drink plenty of water every day to boost your metabolism.

She is accustomed to the Cantonese lifestyle. She often uses papaya, corn, and carrots to cook some moisturizing soup, and sometimes boiled white fungus rock sugar water.

Autumn in the north is particularly suitable for drinking these nourishing soups.

  Liu Tao said: “I often drink lemonade when I stay up all night, it can refresh and rehydrate.

“After staying up all night, I didn’t forget to put one on my face, and then take a hot bath, and finally I fell asleep.

  There is also a body whitening recipe, which is bathing.

She can cover her body with honey and milk and soak it in the bathtub for dozens of minutes.

At this time, you can relax in the bladder, body, skin, and psychology.

What’s most pleasant is that you can take a bath with hot water before going to bed and sweat while taking a bath while still consuming calories.

  One of the things Liu Tao often says about beauty and skin care is, “My friend told her a little trick: use yoghurt mask, because lactic acid bacteria can help metabolism and moisturize.

“But there is still my own experience, that is a little magic weapon for edema:” If I wake up in the morning and find edema, I will drink a glass of black on an empty stomach.

Black will speed up metabolism and still.

After a hard day, taking a hot bath before going to bed at night can relieve stress.

If you have the chance, let yourself sweat more, whether through exercise or sauna, sweating can detox.

Reasonable sun exposure for good health

Reasonable sun exposure for good health

The better our living conditions, the less we have intimate contact with the sun.

However, the growth of all things depends on the sun. The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine said that “every tired of the sun” is telling us that sun exposure has great benefits.

Since the sky is beautiful in recent days and the sun is warm, why don’t we become a chance to bask in the sun and nourish our bodies.

  First, the multiple benefits of sun exposure: 1.

Sun exposure helps the body obtain vitamin D. This is also the main source of vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D is also called “sunshine vitamin”. The source of vitamin D3 contained in human skin is made by obtaining ultraviolet rays in the sun and converted into vitamin D. It can help the body absorb and absorb calcium and phosphorus, and make children’s bones strong.solid.

It has preventive effect on infant brass disease and rickets.

For adults, it has the effects of preventing osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  Vitamin D is considered both a vitamin vitamin and a hormone because it is one of the very few exceptions to vitamins.

The body’s vitamins cannot be synthesized by the human body, and must be replaced by food or pharmaceutical supplements, while vitamin D can be synthesized by the skin exposed to ultraviolet rays (direct sunlight is sufficient).

Vitamin D is mainly used to make up and maintain strong bones, especially to enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium ions.


Exposure to the sun can prevent skin diseases. Proper skin exposure to ultraviolet rays can effectively kill bacteria on the skin and increase skin resistance.


Exposure to solar energy enhances the body’s immune function and increases the vitality of phagocytosing cells. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight have a strong sterilizing ability. Generally, bacteria and certain viruses are killed when exposed to sunlight for half an hour or several hours.

Looking at the green plants during the sun is also good for the eyes!

Especially friends who have been tired with eyes!


Sunlight can regulate the life rhythm of the human body and psychological exposure to the sun, which can promote human blood circulation, enhance human metabolism, and regulate the central nervous system, so that the human body feels stretched and comfortable.

Do you also experience changes in the weather and your mood? The most direct benefit of getting the sun is to make you happy.


Preventing anemia UV rays in the sun can also stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells, improve hematopoiesis, and thus prevent anemia.


Sun exposure can also increase the chances of conception. A survey of 657 pregnant women found that the majority of them were conceived during the months of reduced sunlight.

In spring and summer, just take a 15-minute stroll in unobstructed sunlight to get enough vitamin D; in the slightly dim autumn and winter, you need to replenish 400 a day?
Vitamin D supplements of 600 international units.


Old people can suffer from osteoporosis and mental depression when exposed to the sun. Studies have shown that sun exposure in the elderly can prevent osteoporosis and reduce the frequent depression of the elderly.

  A geriatric expert at the Baltimore United Memorial Hospital in the United States has conducted a group comparison study of 244 elderly people over 65 years of age, and found that those who stay indoors for a long time and rarely go outdoors to receive sun exposure generally have symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.Mainly manifested as physical weakness, unresponsiveness and decreased bone mass.

The study also found that those who did not go out and often basked in the sun through glass windows also had symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

The researchers explain that this is because the window glass filters out some of the ultraviolet light, which is essential for the body’s synthesis of vitamin D.

Therefore, in the winter, encouraging the elderly to go outdoors and bask in the sun and exercise their bodies will help prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.

  The investigation has not found that in the middle of the winter season, the elderly are prone to mental depression, showing symptoms such as depression, fatigue, sluggish brain response and drowsiness.

Experts believe that in addition to the reduction in winter activity compared with other seasons, the important reason is that it is related to the short days and long nights in winter and insufficient light.

Because sunlight is an electromagnetic wave, it is like a natural “stimulant”.

Sunlight radiates to the human body and causes local physiological changes, such as the effect of infrared “heat”, which expands capillaries and accelerates blood circulation.

The effect of ultraviolet light can oxidize melanin, increase vitamin D and histamine in the skin, and increase gastric acid secretion.

It is also enough to increase blood hemoglobin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and so on.

  In addition, sunlight in contact with nerve fibers through the eyes can promote the increase of adrenaline, thyroxine and gonadotropin.Adrenaline and thyroxine are hormones that evoke the work of human cells. When the content is relatively reduced, the cells will be in a state of inhibition, and the entire body function will be in a state of inhibition.

In winter, the intensity and time of light are relatively reduced. The elderly do not receive much sunlight, and often experience depression, depression, and mental fatigue, which are precisely related to the reduction of the above-mentioned hormone secretion levels.


Pregnant mothers are good for both mother and child. Too much winter sun for pregnant mothers has the following three benefits: A.

Reduce the risk of osteoporosis in pregnant women and reduce the incidence of rickets.

  Due to the long winter in the north and insufficient sunshine, the incidence of congenital rickets in children is very high.

Nowadays, the disease also has a rising tendency in the south, which is mainly caused by pregnant women receiving too little sunlight and poor calcium awareness.

Therefore, Dongyang is the cheapest “tonic”. Pregnant mothers should bask in the sun in winter.

  Sunlight helps pregnant women absorb calcium during pregnancy In order to ensure the normal development of bones and tooth germs during pregnancy, pregnant women must increase their calcium intake, and the absorption of calcium must absorb vitamin D in the human blood.

Only after ultraviolet radiation can the 7-dehydrogen free radicals in human skin become vitamin D3 and be absorbed into the blood by the body.

If not exposed to sunlight, the vitamin D in pregnant women will be deficient, and the absorption of calcium and phosphorus will be reduced, which will cause congenital rickets in babies born in the future.


Strengthen the resistance of pregnant women and prevent various infections.

  Ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Changyang Dongyang can also strengthen the resistance of pregnant women and prevent various infections.

Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Because ultraviolet rays can increase the reception of calcium, in addition to strengthening the strength of bones and muscles and improving cardiopulmonary efficacy, it can also strengthen the ciliary activities of the trachea and bronchi, and promote the clearing of respiratory secretions such as sputum, which is beneficial to respiratory breathingdispel.
In terms of enhancing the body’s immunity, calcium is a stimulator of serum regulators, which can accelerate the synthesis of human antibodies, induce and strengthen the phagocytosis of macrophages on pathogenic bacteria, and have a killing effect on pathogenic microorganisms that invade the body.


Prevent pregnant women’s mood swings and put an end to winter depression.

  Changyang Dongyang is beneficial to avoid pregnant women’s emotional shake and eliminate winter depression.

During pregnancy, pregnant women are most likely to show emotional shake or emotional obstruction because of the effects of pregnancy and concerns about the well-being of the baby.

Winter is also a season of sexual affective disorder — the high incidence of depression in winter. This is due to the endocrine disorders caused by the large temperature difference between day and night in winter, so it is easy to present the disorder of emotions and vitality.

Sun exposure in winter with less sunshine is the best way for pregnant women with winter depression.

  Second, the time of the sun is particular: but the sun is also particular about it.

In the winter, due to the weak contraction of the ozone layer and the strengthening of ultraviolet rays in sunlight, it is easy to cause different injuries to the human body.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to scientific selection and scheduling in the winter.

According to scientific research, in the winter, three periods are more suitable for basking in the sun: The first stage is 6-9 am. During this period, the sun takes up the peak with warm and soft infrared rays, and the ultraviolet rays are relatively weak.

Infrared temperature is high, which mainly plays a warming role on the human body, accompanied by fever, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and enhances human vitality.

  · The second and third stages are 9-10 am and 4-5 pm respectively. The two periods of exposure are characterized by A-ray fragments in ultraviolet rays. At this time, the “sunlight vitamins”-vitamin D are stored in the body.Great time; at the same time, it can also promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body, enhance physical fitness, and help promote normal bone calcification.

  Third, the baby’s attention to the sun: sunlight is the best vitamin D “activator”, after a cold and long winter, many mothers can’t wait to take the child to the sun to help the baby’s bones grow healthy.

In fact, basking in the sun is a science, you must choose the appropriate time and method.

  Sun exposure is good for children’s bone growth.

  It is appropriate from 6-10 am and 4-5 pm.


After choosing the right time, the child can often take out the sun after the full moon.

The time is preferably from 6 to 10 in the morning. At this time, the infrared rays in the sunlight are strong, and the ultraviolet rays are weak, which can promote metabolism. The ultraviolet rays in the ultraviolet rays are broken at 4-5 pm, which can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and enhancePhysical fitness, promote normal calcification of bones.

What needs to be the best is that in any season, between 10 am and 4 pm, especially between noon and 4 pm, it is best to avoid continuous sunlight, because the ultraviolet rays in the incident sunlight are the strongest and cause skin damage.
  The length of each sun exposure depends on the age of the baby, and it should be gradually increased, sometimes it is appropriate to gradually increase to 1-2 hours in a few minutes.

Or 15-30 minutes each time, several times a day. If you find that your baby’s skin turns red, sweats too much, and her pulse speeds up, you should go home immediately and give a cool drink or saline, or wipe your baby with warm water.
You can also bask for a while and rest in the shade.

Do n’t wear your baby too much. When some mothers take the baby in the sun, they are afraid of the cold. Wear hats, gloves and masks on the baby. It is not known that this type of sun is difficult to achieve, because the ultraviolet rays in the spring sun are weaker than in the summerMuch more, it is difficult for ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin and reach the skin.

The baby should be exposed to the skin according to the high temperature conditions at the time.

In addition, clothing that is too thick and easy to sweat in the sun, sweating after the wind is easy to catch a cold.


Pay attention to avoid direct sunlight on the head, and do not expose the sun through the glass.

Some mothers are afraid of the baby’s hair dryer. They often let the baby bask in the sun through the glass. Didn’t they know that ultraviolet rays have a weak ability to penetrate the glass, and most of the ultraviolet rays are blocked out, thus reducing the effectiveness of the sun.


Do not take a bath before sunbathing. It is not advisable to fast your stomach when you are in the sun. It is best not to bathe your baby.

Because in the bath, the material “7-dehydrocholesterol”, which synthesizes active vitamin D in human skin, can be washed away, which reduces the role of promoting calcium absorption in the human body.


Don’t bask in the sun through the glass Some parents don’t understand the great effect of the sun on their children’s physical health, or they are afraid that they will feel cold while exposing them.Sun drying “Dongyang” on glass is actually extremely harmful.

  First of all, children’s tolerance to the cold needs a process of exercise to improve their cold tolerance.

Sunny days are the first choice for children to take a cold air bath, because the temperature is relatively high at this time.

  In fact, modern medicine has proven that the sun is the best supplement for your child’s physical health.

Changyang Dongyang can increase the content of vitamin D in children’s blood and prevent the decline of body resistance caused by calcium deficiency.

  Children with low calcium are prone to various infections, especially pediatric pneumonia.

This is because calcium affects children’s resistance to some extent.

Studies have shown that calcium can effectively increase the phagocytic activity of phagocytes in human blood, accelerate the transformation of lymphocytes, activate the body’s complement system, and participate in the “fight” to kill pathogenic microorganisms.

In itself, calcium, as a basic ion, can regulate the acid-base balance of the body.

In the diet structure of modern people, the human body is often in an acidic environment, and the immune function of the human body is suppressed in such an environment.

  Since the intensity of ultraviolet rays in the sun is not strong, and it can also be blocked by glass, clothes, dust, smoke, etc., the sun should try to make the skin directly contact the sun, and do not sun through the glass.

  Fourth, the warmth of the sun tips: 1.

It is best to wear red clothing when you are in the sun, because the long-wave radiation of red clothing can quickly “eat” the short-wave UV rays that are very lethal. It is best not to wear black clothing.


When you are in the sun, you should take off your hat and gloves, and try to expose the skin as much as possible, so that the sun is in close contact with the skin.


If the sun is exposed through glass windows, it will not be effective.

It is best to be outdoors or on a spacious balcony.

Protein shapes vitamin muscle

Protein shapes vitamin muscle

Many people know that long muscles in the body depend on protein, and protein is the main source of fuel for exercise, but muscle is not formed by eating more beef and chicken breasts.

The development of muscle tissue is a complete process that includes countless steps and hundreds of different chemical reactions. If one of these steps takes off the rail, muscle growth progress will be blocked.

And vitamins play an important role in this process.

  Vitamins and minerals are catalysts for the growth of the human body. It has the effects of protecting, repairing and promoting growth of the body tissues.

Although vitamins don’t play the role of bricks and stones like protein in constructing the body building, they are also irreplaceable substances.

  Without vitamins and minerals, muscle growth is slowed or blocked.

For those who regularly exercise in the gym, there are 13 basic vitamins and 25 minerals that must be absorbed every day. Of these, 7 are important ingredients for building muscle.

  Vitamin 1.

Vitamin B6 has three functions: to help protein metabolism and the composition of hemoglobin, and more importantly to promote the production of red blood cells.

Muscles need oxygen during exercise and metabolism. Red blood cells are a means of transport for oxygen. The more red blood cells in the blood, the stronger the oxygen-carrying capacity, and the more sources of oxygen for muscles, thereby reducing the burden on the heart.

On the contrary, the heart is stressed.

  Daily requirements: 1.

Sources of 3 to 2 mm (1/4 g): tuna, salmon, beans, potatoes, bananas, chicken, turkey.

  2, vitamin B12 is one of the members of the vitamin B family.

B12 can promote the production of red blood cells. It is a promoter of DNA in the process of body growth and repair. DNA is an important substance in the synthesis of proteins, and it instructs the production of proteins.Essential vitamins for the human body.

  Daily requirements: 2.

4 micrograms (1/4 mg).

  Source of intake: fish, milk, eggs, meat and poultry.


Vitamin C This is a miraculous vitamin with a wide range of functions, from anti-cold to anti-cancer, to resist the invasion of diseases, and is a guardian of body tissues.

Vitamin C is not only the main component of the lubricating fluid that connects tissues, it is also an antioxidant that protects cells from damage and prevents aging.

  Daily requirement: The minimum amount is 90 mg. People with a large amount of exercise can exceed 2000 mg, and it is absorbed 2 or 3 times.

  Sources of intake: citrus fruits and juices, green peppers, red peppers, kale, peaches and kiwis, meat and poultry.


Vitamin E is just like Vitamin C. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that fights free radicals (free radicals can damage normal healthy cells in the body).

Practice and research have found that taking vitamin E after exercise improves muscle soreness, and its pharmacology is that vitamin E reduces the number of free radicals.

  Vitamin E is a soluble substance for adults. Dosage should be appropriate and not excessive.

Substitutable traces of vitamins are stored in trace cells, which means that it is not easy to exclude them. Therefore, if they are replaced in excess, they will be replaced due to agglomeration, which will eventually lead to poisoning.

  Daily requirements: 400 to 800 international units.

  Sources: Nuts, seeds, dark green vegetables, rapeseed oil, whole grains.

  Minerals 5.

Calcium Calcium is not essential for muscle growth, but it helps muscle growth.

Bodybuilders need calcium because of muscle contraction.

Heart beats consume calcium.

Calcium is easily lost from the body with urination. People who exercise strength need to absorb enough calcium because the high-protein diet urinates too much.

If the urine contains more calcium than it can absorb, the body extracts calcium from the bones, which increases the loss of calcium.

The purpose of strength exercises is to increase the strength and density of bones. If you exercise in the gym for many years and neglect the necessary calcium supplements, you will cause chronic calcium deficiency over time.

  Daily requirement: 400 mg for 20-30 years old, 420 mg for 30-50 years old.  Source of intake: spinach, almond, tofu, wheat bran, avocado, black rice, halibut.


Iron Iron can help the composition of hemoglobin, which is an important tool for transporting oxygen.

Vitamin C should be taken with iron supplementation to help absorption.

Breakfast is best in addition to cereals with vitamins and minerals, plus a glass of orange juice or one or two slices of kiwi.

  Daily requirement: 8 mg. Source of intake: lean beef, chicken, pork, fish, beans, spinach, kale.

  Food sources of vitamins and basic trace elements can be obtained from fruits and dark green vegetable leaves, such as cabbage (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.), spinach, mustard, and some vegetables have the highest vitamin content.

In addition, calcium and magnesium, citrate vitamin C, B12 and calcium are added to low-fat or non-fat foods.

Legumes, such as lentils, peas and various legumes, such as vitamin B, folic acid and iron, lean meat and fish are not only rich in protein, but also contain certain iron, B6, B12 and magnesium.

  The fast-paced life makes many people often eat fast food without taking into account the nutritional balance. Over time, it is easy to cause imbalance of vitamins and trace elements.

Therefore, everyone must supplement the necessary vitamins and trace elements according to their own circumstances.

First, then, and after, the muscles have to be in order.


First, then, and after, the muscles have to be in order.

In the gym, some bodybuilders perform short-limb exercises after simply warming up, reducing the squats or lunges of the leg strength, resulting in physical discomfort and even injury. This is mostly because the order of their exercises is wrong.The order of scientific exercise should be the upper body and the lower body.

銆€銆€In the gym where the author works, I have encountered several “first down, then up” injured: a 50-year-old male member who has a certain muscle foundation and exercise experience. After consulting the instructor, he will perform bow and arrow exercises.This practice member only needs to do 3 groups, but when doing the second group, the member will have leg muscle injury; another member will do squat exercises after warming up, and after practicing several groups, he will feel dizzy and nausea.Pre-reaction of acute shock.

銆€銆€These conditions are too common in the gym, which is mostly caused by improper scheduling of exercise.

During exercise, muscles and ligaments are directly involved, while muscles are divided into large muscle groups and small muscle groups. The muscles in the legs are large muscle groups. During exercise, the legs are relatively stressed and the legs are stressed.Time budget.

銆€銆€So this requires better cardiopulmonary function and muscle support.

First, the upper body muscles and ligaments are fully preheated to prepare the legs for movement.

At the same time, during the upper body exercise, the cardiopulmonary function has also been improved accordingly, and the synergistic parts between the large muscle groups have also been properly participated, thus avoiding the damage.

銆€銆€Therefore, if there is a movement about the leg in the exercise schedule for one day, the leg movement can be arranged at the end of the exercise; if the lower body exercise is arranged during the one-week exercise, the leg movement can be arranged in the exercise content for one week.In the final stage, this is because the leg exercises are too expensive for body energy, and the recovery time of the leg muscles is relatively replaced. It takes at least 2-3 days. If the lower limbs are trained first, it may affect future practice.

銆€銆€In addition, in the leg exercise just carried out, the intensity should not be too large, in 2-3 groups / day, through the improvement of cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength can slowly increase the weight and number of exercises.

It is the woman’s blood-filling king, the man’s rejuvenation treasure!

It is best to eat in winter!

It is the woman’s blood-filling king, the man’s rejuvenation treasure!

It is best to eat in winter!

Since ancient times, health care has paid attention to women’s blood supply. Men have qi, only too much blood, energy is strong, their faces look good, and they can delay aging.

And for a long time since the qi, blood, it is also a few Chinese herbal medicines, angelica, ginseng, scutellaria, sputum and so on.

Today we will talk about Angelica with the name of the King of Blood, which is also known as the “Gynecology Holy Medicine.”

For the benefits of female Angelica 1, menstruation irregular menstruation, delayed menstruation, dysmenorrhea, menstrual blood color, menstrual blood clots, etc., you can choose to take Angelica, the Chinese medicine industry called “gynecology nourishing blood first party” Siwu TangIn it, it contains angelica.

In addition, modern medicine found that Angelica can also exert effects on uterine smooth muscle against uterine contractions.

2, nourishing blood, or blood, Yang Yan Angelica or women’s beauty medicinal materials, recorded in the “Qian Jin Yi Fang”, the anti-staining effect of Angelica, the role of beauty and skin care, and even known as “women’s face medicine.”

In the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, it is recorded that Angelica can nourish blood and promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain, and eat with mutton, can make blood and blood, warm and cold, complications, frostbite and cold.

3, the role of blood in the elderly women often cause insufficient blood deficiency, and there are many small problems.

When returning to zero, it can improve the lack of blood and blood, the sallowness caused by blood deficiency, and the whiteness of the lips.

Modern medicine also found that Angelica can promote the body’s hematopoietic function, increase the content of red blood cells, hemoglobin and white blood cells, and also improve the anemia problem.

4, excessive laxative women suffer from constipation, and prone to pigmentation, dry skin, bad breath and other issues.

Angelica also has a laxative effect.

Although Angelica is a sacred medicine for gynecology, it is also suitable for men.

For the benefits of men’s angelica, men also need qi and blood. Men’s lack of blood and performance are not obvious, generally manifested as sleepy sleep, easy to wake up, nocturia, heavy breathing, dry eyes, dark skin, yellowing,It is blue and easy to grow.

Therefore, men are also suitable for qi and blood by taking angelica.

2, help people to restore physical strength, improve resistance Modern men are prone to stress, fatigue, lethargy, energy, and work efficiency.

Angelica has the effect of regulating and restoring immunity, protecting the cardiovascular system, improving arrhythmia and protecting liver and gallbladder.

Angelica’s edible method 1, Angelica tea, generally using Angelica Jianshui, on behalf of tea.

2, Angelica boiled eggs, using Angelica 15g with longan, peanuts, eggs, etc. to cook, suitable for postpartum women.

3, Angelica mutton soup, using Angelica 21g and mutton a pound, the right amount of ginger, has the role of cold and warm, suitable for winter consumption.

However, Angelica can not be eaten too much, otherwise it is prone to fatigue, lethargy, allergic reactions, chronic diarrhea and so on.

It is best to control it at 6-12g per serving and it is not suitable for long-term use.