Double-plate meditation practice


“Double-plate” meditation practice

Transfer from: Meridian health net one, double sitting is the best to sit in a sitting position, sit until a certain time, quiet and comfortable, distracting, no nasal breath, no sense of breath, smooth air, stable interior, ancestral flash, often can be achieved in the static.

Second, double-disc sitting can effectively relax the upper body, straighten the lumbar spine, increase the upper body, especially the chest and the internal organs and blood circulation, so that the respiratory system is unimpeded, which is very conducive to the onset and rest of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Third, when the double disc is used, the blood flow of both legs is reduced and blocked, and the intravascular pressure of the two legs is increased, especially the pressure of the penile pulsation, so each exercise must have a strong skill to gradually flush him.

The length of the sitting time can prove the level of effort.

Therefore, double-disc sitting is very beneficial to the complications of foot, implant, knee and leg diseases, which is beneficial to enhance the leg strength of middle-aged and elderly people and produce health and longevity.

Fourth, the double-seat can produce a peaceful, quiet and awakened state of mind, which is conducive to the impulse of control, so it is reasonable for the monk to have no home.

The following is a method of lacing in front of the cross-legs, which can help better cross-legs and is suitable for everyone’s daily practice.

In fact, it is true that the single or the double is the one that is pulling.

Graphical double-drilling fast practice method The practice of practicing the cross-legged leg is loose, and the person with tight joints in the lower part of the body is definitely not able to loosen it. Such a person asks you to do what you can do, how much is concave, and then it is supported by you.Within the limits of the limit, during this period, the heart tries to loosen the body, so don’t pull it hard, so that the gods will not be able to practice themselves.

Start with the active bones and sit on the mat to straighten the waist, straighten your feet, and start to move your feet.

Then come up with one foot and move the upper and lower sides to move the waist joint.

The target is the active joint joint, not the implant or the foot, the straight foot should be placed not to be scattered, and then the body presses the foot forward.

If you can’t press it, you can grab it with both hands and stick to it for a minute or two to stay relaxed.

Both feet have been done before, and then do the following to soften the lower body.

Remember to keep it easy when you do this, don’t force it hard.

Then come to the following figure one foot, the other side is placed horizontally, making a little soft movement.

Put your body down and try to stick to the ground. If you can’t do it, you should relax your body. Don’t push it forward, but put it for a minute or two.

Try again first, before you can not double-disc, it is normal to practice a single-disc for a few months. Each time you try a single-disc for more than half an hour, you can change your feet after half an hour. You can practice while reading a book.

Even if the height of a foot is high, it is normal, that is, to practice.

Please be careful not to use the following figure. In order to flatten the foot into a presser foot reset, the foot joint joint will be loosened.

The correct leg is put up, the whole leg is placed on the thigh of the other leg, as shown below.

Then there is a double disc posture as shown below.

It is only necessary to move the toes and feet to be active.

It is normal to practice both legs, and it is normal to be tight on one side of the leg.

The double disk is relaxed, not the hard disk. However, when you start practicing, anyone is biting your teeth slowly, but as long as you feel relaxed, don’t worry, you will experience a sense of accomplishment that suddenly disappears.Instead of frustrating the joints.

If you study Buddhism, you can also start from the following few places. You must always adhere to the “guardian”, some kind of “five precepts”, such as “Buddha Ring”.

A discipline that keeps the body, the “gas” in the body will automatically repair “one part” or “one part” (this is the real big secret!

Unfortunately, many people do not believe or deny it.

If a person realizes the “law body” through the practice of meditation, then his mid-range is certain, and it is also true, otherwise he will never understand!

Therefore, repairing the pulse is only a necessary condition for enlightenment, not a necessary and sufficient condition, because even if you meditation to the left, the right vein is unblocked, but that does not necessarily lead to the “middle vein” – that is, enlightenment; otherwise, the person who has passed the middle pulseIt must be enlightened. It is also understandable that since the ancient times, the true authentic Zen Taoism in China has not been noticed or talked about, including the painstaking efforts of the 鈥渟tudy of the realm of learning鈥? It is psychologically easier to obtain the result of 鈥渢he ring鈥? pure heart.

Usually, when a person’s double-disc breaks through 1 hour, your heart will be “safe for a moment”; when you double-double for 2 hours, you don’t want to send a “hate” in your heart, and you will naturally have a “compassion” in your heart.The warmth and mentality; some people say that when the double-disc to 3 hours, you will not lose your temper for 3 days!

(Of course, to overcome the “hate” heart still depends on the usual “thinking in the matter”) but similar experience, the bright sky moderator does have this kind of experience!

2, adhere to the “release”.

I have been practicing meditation for 20 years, and the progress is not great. I usually do not pay attention to the commandments and release.

Now I often go to the blog of “Lingshanjushi” to release, and the harvest is of course “unbelievable”!

3, the relationship between the “time limit” of the double disc and your “leg pain” (personal experience, not necessarily suitable for most people): If you can insist on extending the double disc for 30 minutes, then your double disc “first 5 minutes””It is usually the most comfortable (called the so-called “light” of the meditation.In the process of meditation, if the “light security” realm starts from the head, the light security realm will not last long; but if “light security” starts from the foot, then “light security” is true and will never be lost.The realm of Zen!

“” When you have the longest experience of two hours, even if there is only one experience, then the “first 10 minutes” of your doubles are usually “comfortable”; if you have a double-hour experience of 2 hoursThe first 20 minutes of your double-disc, usually “the most comfortable”!

Then, if you can double-double for 3 hours, how many more “comfortable” can you get?

According to the authentic Zen master experience of the Gaochun Temple Zen, when you can double-disc until 6-9 hours, the first 3 – 4 hours is the most “comfortable”.

In fact, personal conditions and foundations are different. When you double-break through 2 to 3 hours, it is like “a scholar is admitted to a university undergraduate course. In the future, you can freely start a business and live.”The realm of meditation and the path of the meditation can be grasped by yourself (remember: at that time, you must leave the Shurangama Sutra, and everything will be realized, using the Shurangama Sutra, The Diamond Sutra”To prove, guide, and judge the so-called “realm” that appears in your studies.

Note: The beginning of the study of Shurangama Sutra can begin with the annotations of Master Yuan Zhen and the “Shu Yan Jing Yi Guan” of Taiwan Chengguan Master. This is the shortcut way for contemporary people to study Shurangama Sutra!

Moreover, it is best to read any traditional Buddhist scriptures or annotations in the “traditional Chinese version”. Don’t look at or try to look down on the “simplified Chinese character version”. The mystery will be explained in another text.

Therefore, the “maximum limit value” of the double disc is absolutely to be extended (breaking through the “energy threshold” of the body – “quantity change” can lead to “quality change” as soon as possible)!

People, only after a long period of time, you can “sit”, you can better repair “stop”, repair “view”, repair “meditation”, otherwise, there is no “physical basis” physically or physiologically.”Easy to create obstacles.

(The above-mentioned double-disc time refers to the “free time to change legs”.) The “freedom of the road” of studying Buddhism is definitely a process of “hardship or bitterness.”

If you feel relaxed during the process of studying meditation or yoga, then you are not far from the mistake – unless you have the big root of the “six ancestor Hui Neng”, otherwise you must learn to “eat hard”!

Even after the “six ancestors” enlightened, they were also repaired in the mountains for fifteen years. Even the millennial masters of Tibet were made by the “bitterness” of their lives.

“After enlightenment, I started repairing.” At that time, the road to study Buddhism really began to take the road. Everything we are dealing with now is “turning around” and “repairing the air”.

After enlightenment (that is, after you realize the “law body”), then you have “lived and died”, but if you continue to repair (satisfying the body, compassionate innumerable incarnation), you have no double effort, it is possible toIt is necessary to pay for the “double class”!

4, the study of Buddhism must have “just knowing righteousness”, this is the most important.

Studying Buddhism is the most scientific thing in the world. Without any superstition and luck, you must read more and learn more. You must not easily object or reject a method. As long as this method is helpful for your study, you must learn.

This is like you are forty years old this year. Let you recall which meal or teacher has made you grow up to the present in the past 40 years?

You can’t answer it.

I can only feel which meal is best or which teacher is important to you at some stage.

As the saying goes, “There are no gods who have not studied since ancient times.” If you study any method, you must “completely understand the root cause and reason of the study.” Don’t say “believe that you can achieve it.” If it is not superstition, then youIt is the instrument of Shang Shanggen!

Otherwise, we must pay attention to the study of theory.

Don’t give your fate to anyone – including Buddha!

Because Sakyamuni is only our mentor, he is not letting us believe in his method to learn the Dharma. “The law is still to be given, not to mention the Dharma.”

My blog has a link to the Bodhi Pathology, which is the best book for beginners or learners in the world. There are many related CDs on the Internet (be sure to listen to the daily version of the Taiwanese Master!)

), this is the positive road, the positive road, the right road in the avenue!

At least the foundation, you will not “run” in the future.

5, in the process of self-study, when you are at what level, you will meet some kind of teacher or friend.

This is like a magnet that can only attract iron without attracting ceramic or plastic.

Any teacher or realm you encounter in your studies is inspired by your own “karma”, not the outside world!

Everything is caused by myself!

Therefore, the teacher Shijia Buddha said: “The evils are not done, the goodness is done; the self-cleansing is the Buddhism.”

This is a real big secret.

If you have the opportunity to come to Taiwan or the surrounding places in Shenzhen, you must buy a copy of the Complete Works of the Arch of Chen Jianmin, a Taiwanese master. Although some of them stand a little more extreme, the old people’s study of Buddhism is absolutely contemporary.”One of the top ones, the mainland published the “essence” have been deleted, do not buy the simplified version of the mainland, we must look at the Taiwanese version of the “traditional full version”!

After reading this book, the path of your study of Dharma in this life, sincerity, knowledge, the relationship between each Dharma method, the true secret of every movement in the study, how can he truly become a Buddha and he has spoken.

I have said a lot, I hope that you can have a righteous opinion, not to go the wrong way, to go the right way.

Canaan’s 鈥淵oga Law鈥?and Gao Yueming’s 鈥淪cientific Meditation鈥?method are very suitable for contemporary people to practice meditation. Don’t have 鈥渟eparate thoughts鈥? Any 鈥渕edicine鈥?can cure your own 鈥渄isease鈥?as a good medicine.!

The best treatment for insomnia Chinese medicine treatment is safe and effective

The best treatment for insomnia Chinese medicine treatment is safe and effective

I can’t sleep at night, sleep too much, sleep is always awake, sleep quality is poor – are insomnia because of the complex causes, more and more young people have joined the insomnia group, insomnia is no longer just a matter of age.
Basically people of every age group will suffer from insomnia.
Chinese medicine believes that the key to treating insomnia is on both feet.
After thousands of years of experience, it is concluded that stimulation and massage of the soles of the feet have a good effect on the treatment of various types of insomnia.
Press the toe tip: number of times: Repeated to get sleepy.
Method: Use your fingers to press from the tip of the big toe to the tip of the small toe, and then press back from the small toe.
Suggestion: If you have a partner, you can assist with the operation and make it easier to go to sleep more quickly.
Massage insomnia: number of times: about 100 times, no need to entangle the massage.
Method: Stimulate the center of the heel with acupuncture, moxibustion, tapping, and rubbing.
You can also use a fist to hammer.
Recommendation: Can be assisted by a companion.
Press 鎻変笁闃翠氦: Time: 10 minutes.
Method: Use your thumb to press the acupoints appropriately.
Hot moxibustion Yongquan point: Time: 10 days for a course of treatment, generally 1 course can be effective.
Method: Before going to bed, use moxibustion at the Yongquan point for 20 minutes, and the moxa stick is 3cm away from the foot. The sole of the foot has a warm feeling, and the skin appears rosy.
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