Let your baby fall in love with meals

Let your baby fall in love with meals

[Materials]650 grams of grass carp, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 3 long red pickles, an amount of dried starch, an amount of peanut oil, 2 tablespoons of water starch, 1 piece of ginger, 2 pieces of garlic, 2 chives, and an appropriate amount of salt2 teaspoons of cooking wine[Practice]① Remove the head of the fish, laparotomy, remove the black film and internal organs in the belly, and cut it into sections after washing.

  ② Cut ginger into ginger foam, chopped shallot white and green onion respectively, garlic into cubes, and chopped red pickled pepper.

  ③Put the fish into the container, add cooking wine, a small portion of ginger foam, light green, and salt for 10 minutes.

  ④ Make each piece of fish evenly covered with dry starch.

  ⑤ Heat the pan, pour in more oil than usual fried eggs, fry the fish pieces over medium and low heat, and slowly fry them into golden brown on both sides and remove.

  ⑥ Lift the wok and add 1 tablespoon of peanut oil. After the oil is hot, add medium to low heat, add pickles, ginger, and garlic fry.

  Add tomatoes and stir-fry with ketchup to color.

  加 Add about 40ml of water, water starch, and soy sauce to the bowl and pour into the pot.

  ⑨ Continue to simmer over medium-low heat until the juice is bright and transparent.

  Add the fried fish pieces and turn gently, or push the pan until the fish pieces are evenly juiced, add the green onions and turn it twice to serve.

Experts on fire in spring to solve hot physique

Experts on fire in spring to solve hot physique

Right now it’s spring, and it’s windy and dry.

When I usually have a bad rest or work pressure, I always feel that my mouth is dry, my nose is easy to bleed, my throat is dumb, my mouth is sore, and I still have a few small acne.It is a manifestation of getting angry.

  When the fire and gas appears, it means that the physiological function of the body loses balance. The fire and gas quickly consume water in the body, leading to dry mouth and dry mouth, and poor neuroregulation ability. People will also be emotionally unstable, feel nervous and easily tired.

  Experts remind: the human body is hot in spring, if you do not pay attention to light diet and regular life, it is easy to “ignite the fire”.

  The following symptoms of getting angry experts teach you how to cope with it: ☆ Sore throat, sore throat, dryness, and pain relief. This is one of the most common “getting angry” symptoms in spring.

Treatment can try the following methods: Spring Qingyan Decoction: chrysanthemum, honeysuckle 10 grams each, raw licorice, fat sea 6 grams each.

Place the medicine in a thermos bottle, brew with boiling water, and drink frequently instead of tea, 1 dose per day.

It has the effect of evacuating wind-heat and pharyngeal voiceless sound.

It is mainly used in the treatment of common acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis caused by spring, sore throat and dry cough.

  ☆ Constipation In spring, especially in the elderly, dry stools often occur.

  To treat constipation caused by Chunzao, it is easy to “run” but not “diarrhea”, you can try the following Runchang diet therapy prescription.

  Sesame and Walnut Soup: Black sesame and walnut kernels (ground) are mixed in an appropriate amount, mixed with honey after cooking, warmed with water, and taken daily.

  Honey Cassia Drink: Stir-fried cassia seeds 15 grams, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it in a casserole and boil it over low heat for 30 minutes. Filter the liquid medicine and add a small amount of honey. Replace it with an empty stomach tea daily.

  Nosebleeds Capillary blood is rich and brittle in the nasal cavity. The dry climate in spring will first endanger the nasopharynx, dry the nasal mucosa, rupture the capillaries, and cause nosebleeds.

In terms of treatment, cold forehead and nasal bridge can be used to temporarily stop bleeding when bleeding. After recovery, 30 grams of white grass root or 15 grams of sacral water can be taken and replaced with tea.

It has the effects of clearing heat, cooling blood, and stopping bleeding.

  ☆ Aphthous ulcers often appear in the mouth inexplicably in the spring. The symptoms reach climax after 3-4 days. In addition to the obvious pain, they are accompanied by systemic symptoms such as low fever and local lymphadenopathy.

After 4-5 days, the redness gradually subsided and the pain was reduced; after 8-14 days, the ulcers could heal by themselves without leaving any traces.

  Seven wonderful recipes for treating oral ulcers: 1.

Apply a small amount of sugar to the ulcer surface 2-3 times a day.


Use a cotton swab to dip a small amount of ice boron powder and apply it to the affected area. Although it feels a bit bitter, but after persisting for 2-3 days, the wound can be cured.


The garlic epidermis was torn off, and a transparent film wrapped with garlic cloves was applied to the mouth ulcer.


Take Huasu tablets, 1-2 tablets each time, 3-4 times a day.


After cleaning the mouth, apply honey to the surface of the ulcer with a sterile cotton swab, and do not eat or drink for the time being.

After about 15 minutes, you can swallow the honey and continue to apply it. You can apply it several times a day.


External application of Yunnan Baiyao for oral ulcer wounds, twice a day, usually healed in 2-3 days.


Eat more tomatoes.

  In fact, it is more important to adjust from the diet and work schedule.

Especially when changing seasons, eat more tomatoes, because it contains a large amount of B, C vitamins, carotene, and calcium, iron, zinc, iodine and other trace elements, eat 2-3 daily, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of oral ulcers.

In addition, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy food, and work properly.

According to severe symptoms, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time and use the combination of Chinese and Western medicine to reduce the frequency of ulcer recurrence.

  ☆ Rotten mouth corner Spring is the season of frequent chapped lips and “rotten mouth corner” (angular inflammation).
In the early stages of this symptom, first of all, the mouth corners appeared flushing, scaling, and rot, and then the corners of the mouth cracked, bleeding, pain, affected the opening of the mouth, and even caused trouble in talking and eating.
  Once dry lips or rotten mouth corners occur, riboflavin treatment should be taken.

Eat more riboflavin foods, some sports foods.

Riboflavin is the most abundant in animal livers, followed by eggs, beef, spinach, amaranth, canola, fennel, peanuts, soybeans, fungus and other foods that also contain considerable amounts of riboflavin.

  Also, eat less hot pot.

Because the chemical properties of riboflavin and other metabolized vitamins are very unstable, they are easily damaged by various factors, such as heating, ultraviolet rays, and alkali.

Hot pot is a long-term cooking food, and most of the riboflavin is destroyed.

  To prevent rotten mouth corners, pay attention to the following points: Pay attention to adjusting your diet, eat as much fresh green leafy vegetables, radishes, carrots and various fruits as possible, and eat soy products, milk, eggs, lean meat, animal liver and other rich B vitamins.Foods to avoid vitamin B deficiency.

Lips can be moisturized by applying lipstick when the corners of the lips are dry to prevent peeling.

  When chapped hemorrhage has appeared in the corner of the mouth, it should be washed with warm water first, the tips should be dried, and some antibiotic ointments such as gold toxins should be applied.

When the wound begins to scab, do not tear it off forcibly, let it fall off naturally.

If infected, go to the hospital for treatment in time.

  Simple and effective “fire extinguishing” small tricks: The first trick is to replenish water at any time. Drinking warm water can solve many problems, including cooling the dry heat in the body, washing bacteria in the mouth, inhibiting bacterial growth, and even staying in air-conditioned rooms.Drink about 1300cc a day.

Drink more water when sweating. It is suitable to drink lemonade when you are on fire. Eat more sour fruits such as citrus. If you do not like the tastelessness, you can also drink soothing tea, such as mint, bitter tea, and chrysanthemum., Honeysuckle and other herbal teas.

  The second measure is to improve the quality of sleep. People who sleep poorly will easily get angry, and upside down day and night is even more taboo.

For people who work mentally in surgery, the blood circulation will be concentrated on the head, resulting in tiredness but instable sleep. At this time, you can use the foot bath to bring the fire down.

The method is as follows: first soak in warm water (female water should accumulate to two thirds of the calf near Sanyinjiao, and men can replace the feet), then slowly heat the water, soak the feet until the feet are hot, and sweat slightly to rest.

A foot bath is very helpful to improve the skin surface loop. After soaking for a week, you will find that it is more and more prone to sweating, and the skin will not dry even in the air-conditioned room.

  The third measure is to eat light and high-metabolized foods to provide anger. When you are on fire, you should not eat more low-moisture foods, such as fried nuts, biscuits, peanuts and other nuts. Switch to low-calorie diets such as vegetables and clear soup.

  Spring “getting angry” in the spring, life must be regular, pay attention to work and rest, rest on time.

Eat more vegetables and fruits quickly and less spicy foods.

Drink plenty of water or drink hot beverages. It is also important to stay positive and optimistic.

Fabry disease shows pain in the limbs

Fabry disease shows pain in the limbs

Most patients with typical Fabry disease develop from childhood to puberty, with skin or nervous system symptoms at the beginning: fingers, scalp and other limbs with recurring burning or knife-like pain, and extremity paresthesia are the first nervous systemsSymptoms, exercise, fatigue, infection, fever, etc. are often causative factors. Once a few hours to several calendar days have passed, it may be accompanied by swelling of the hands and feet, fever, and rapid increase in erythrocyte sedimentation. A small number of children are accompanied by abdominal pain, diarrhea.All returned to normal; typical skin lesions were most often found between the umbilicus and knee.

  Fabry disease is a deficiency of alpha-galactosidase A caused by X-linked recessive inheritance. Deficiency of this enzyme causes trihexosylceramide to fail to metabolize and accumulate in the body.

Involved hemizygous men show clinical signs with an incidence of about 1/40000; a small number of atypical hemizygous men may be asymptomatic or show only mild heart or kidney involvement; women with heterozygotes are clinicallyIt is normal, or there are only mild symptoms.

Alpha-galactosidase A encodes a locus xq22.

1. Molecular biology research shows that there are many types of gene mutations that cause this disease, including point mutations, partial deletions, insertions, and mRNA splice junction defects.

Defects in α-galactosidase A cause glycosphingolipids such as trihexosylceramide and digalactosylceramide to accumulate in the blood circulation, vascular wall epithelial cells and smooth muscle cells in the cytoplasm and lysosomes., Causing extensive distortion, involving the skin, muscles, brain, kidneys and other system organs.

Because one of the sources of this glycosphingolipid is type B erythrocytes, male patients with type B or AB are particularly ill.

  Most of the typical patients are from childhood to adolescence, with skin or nervous system symptoms as the beginning: recurring burning or knife-like pain in the extremities such as toe bones and paresthesia are the first neurological symptoms.Exercise, fatigue, infection, fever, etc. are often the predisposing factors. Occasionally, a few days to several weeks can be accompanied by swelling of the hands and feet, fever and rapid increase in erythrocyte sedimentation. A small number of children are accompanied by abdominal pain, diarrhea.Normal; typical skin lesions are most common between the umbilicus and the knee, and can also be seen in the oral mucosa, legs, buttocks, etc., which are symmetrically distributed, dark red or blue-black spots or microconvex papules from the needle tip to a few mm in diameterIt does not fade, it is called angiokeratoma. The size and intensity of the rash increase with age, and most of them are accompanied by hypohidrosis.

  Most of the children have ocular symptoms. The corneal opacity can be found early with slit lamp inspection. At first, diffuse cloud-like changes appear in the deep layers of their epithelial cells. Then, straight or flexed thin lines spread from around the cornea to the center. This is the disease.Characteristic performance; the combined membrane and omental vessels can be zigzag.

Skin and eye symptoms may appear at the same time as neurological symptoms, or they may precede neurological symptoms.

Renal vascular disease can occur in childhood proteinuria, red blood cells and casts in urine, etc .; metastasis progresses, patients in 20?
At the age of 40, he showed signs of renal decline such as isotonic urine and azotemia.

Cardio-cerebral vascular disease: hypertension, left heart hypertrophy, myocardial infarction and infarction, cardiovascular failure and other manifestations of heart failure and cerebral infarction gradually occur in middle age.

In the advanced stage of the disease, patients often have pulmonary insufficiency, aphasia, epilepsy, and hemiplegia; most of them are in the 40?
He died of uremia, heart failure or sudden brain death at the age of 45.

  A few mild patients are clinically asymptomatic, or only see proteinuria, cardiovascular symptoms, or paresthesia only. Such patients still have some residual enzyme activity.

  The diagnosis of this disease requires: ① determination of α-galactosidase A activity in plasma, leukocytes, tears or cultured fibroblasts, which is often undetectable in typical patients; ② trihexosyl in plasma or urine (sediment)The ceramide content can be measured, and the lipid particles in urine can be detected by plasma light microscopy.

  For women suspected of being heterozygous, RFLP can also be used for analysis and detection; enzymatic or molecular biological detection of villi or amniotic fluid cells can be used for prenatal diagnosis.

  Patients should avoid exposure to the sun and high temperatures, and ensure adequate drinking water to reduce pain; phenytoin or carbamazepine can relieve pain and relieve acromegaly; thiefidine and aspirin can inhibit platelet aggregation and can be used to prevent vascular embolism.

Electrostatic pollution hazards of home appliances


Electrostatic pollution hazards of home appliances

Static electricity is a common phenomenon in life. Electrostatic pollution generated by household appliances causes vacuuming, which affects the use effect, and sometimes may even harm human health.

銆€銆€During the dry season, the semiconductor radio will make a loud noise, because the built-in double-filled variable capacitors and plastic film accumulate static electricity in the rotating friction.

The cutting-edge method is to use a cotton ball to rub the ethanol, drop it into the four fixing screw holes of the variable capacitor, and then rotate the tuning knob once and again.

銆€銆€If the recorder is playing, every second will produce a click, which is caused by the plastic pointing wheel and belt friction of the recorder. The rescue method is to apply a little oil on the side of the inertia wheel, or in inertia.Apply a little varnish to the metal parts near the wheel to avoid placing the electronic watch.

銆€銆€The plastic fan blades of the electric fan and the air friction generally generate static electricity with positive static electricity.

This kind of static wind will neutralize the negative ions in the air, causing obstacles in people’s physiological activities, such as nausea, arrogance, fatigue and other symptoms. The solution is to spray anti-static paint on the fan blades, or buy an electric fan with metal blades.

銆€銆€Color TV, especially large-screen color TV, because the electron beam emitted by the tube electron gun acts on the screen, converting the screen and the nearby air to a higher voltage static electricity.

The dust in the air initially becomes charged particles.

This charged particle is adsorbed in the pores of a person’s face and forms a black spot.

銆€銆€The prevention method is: First, wash the face with facial cleanser after watching TV; Second, replace the TV with protective glass.

銆€銆€The outer casing of electric hair dryers, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. can also carry static electricity, and the static spark generated may even cause the leaking gas to explode.

In order to ensure safety, the refrigerator and the washing machine casing must be properly grounded, so that the accidents of electric leakage of the electrical casing can be prevented.


锘?methods of healthy fattening

20 methods of healthy fattening

Among the people with thin bodies, a large part of them have gastrointestinal problems, which have a lot to do with personal diet.

As people pay more attention to their own health, healthy fattening has become a “career” for the thin and healthy sub-health people to “operate”.


Inedible over-condiments: natural flavors such as pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and cumin have some mutagenicity and toxicity.


Eat at your own pace: Eat not to pass the speed of people’s speed, so that the digestive function can fully play its role.


Don’t worry about advanced food: eating in advance can inhibit normal functioning in the body.


Do not eat hot food: often eat hot food, the esophagus and stomach are vulnerable.


Try to avoid noise: Strong noise interferes with human nerves and degenerates.


Try to eat harder foods: Exercise your gums and muscles effectively.


People with physical weakness can eat more meat: more meat and protein, can enhance physical fitness.


Eat something before drinking: Eat something or drink some water before drinking to prevent drunkenness.


Fiber food must be eaten once a day: fiber can surround and excrete harmful spoilage.


Calcium is best absorbed with vinegar: vinegar can ionize calcium and is easily absorbed by the body.


Eating together is better than eating alone: many people have a lot of food, and it is easy to achieve a nutritional balance.


Avoid anger, nervousness, grief, anxiety when eating: This will weaken the function of digestion and absorption, and also affect the taste.


It is not advisable to eat while watching (watching or watching TV).


Change your diet regularly: Eat the same way, and the nutrition will be out of balance over time.


Elegant music when dining: Elegant music enhances parasympathetic effects and promotes digestion and absorption.


Don’t be afraid to eat vegetable residue: Cellulose can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, eliminate harmful substances, and prevent intestinal cancer.


Do not eat vegetable oil for a long time: the correct oil should be a vegetable oil with 0. 7 animal oil.

銆€銆€18 years old

Children’s recipes are the same as adults: children’s recipes should be nutritionally comprehensive, and special attention should be paid to supplementing nutrients that are good for the body.

Eat more dark-colored vegetables: deep-colored vegetables contain carotene, vitamin B2, magnesium, iron and other nutrients are more abundant.

More innovative flavors: this can increase appetite.