Research finds that finger length is directly related to human behavioral health

Research finds that finger length is directly related to human behavioral health

The study found that finger length is directly related to human behavior and health. According to foreign news reports on March 9, scientists from the University of Alberta in Canada studied the finger length and behavior of more than 300 boys in the school.In comparison, students with shorter index fingers are more likely to be irritable and unpretentious.

  Scientists have previously found through research that the length of the finger is directly related to the male sex hormone-insulin pill hormone content.

And the effect of this hormone on people has begun from the womb.

  The scientists also said that their findings are currently only applicable to men.

Based on this, they also proposed hypothetical weighing. Boys with shorter ring fingers may be more likely to develop heart disease when they grow up.

This possibility can also be explained by its anesthetic hormone content in the body.

  Scientists also said that for women, the index finger and ring finger are virtually the same length, while men’s ring fingers are usually much longer than the index finger.

Experts on fire in spring to solve hot physique

Experts on fire in spring to solve hot physique

Right now it’s spring, and it’s windy and dry.

When I usually have a bad rest or work pressure, I always feel that my mouth is dry, my nose is easy to bleed, my throat is dumb, my mouth is sore, and I still have a few small acne.It is a manifestation of getting angry.

  When the fire and gas appears, it means that the physiological function of the body loses balance. The fire and gas quickly consume water in the body, leading to dry mouth and dry mouth, and poor neuroregulation ability. People will also be emotionally unstable, feel nervous and easily tired.

  Experts remind: the human body is hot in spring, if you do not pay attention to light diet and regular life, it is easy to “ignite the fire”.

  The following symptoms of getting angry experts teach you how to cope with it: ☆ Sore throat, sore throat, dryness, and pain relief. This is one of the most common “getting angry” symptoms in spring.

Treatment can try the following methods: Spring Qingyan Decoction: chrysanthemum, honeysuckle 10 grams each, raw licorice, fat sea 6 grams each.

Place the medicine in a thermos bottle, brew with boiling water, and drink frequently instead of tea, 1 dose per day.

It has the effect of evacuating wind-heat and pharyngeal voiceless sound.

It is mainly used in the treatment of common acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis caused by spring, sore throat and dry cough.

  ☆ Constipation In spring, especially in the elderly, dry stools often occur.

  To treat constipation caused by Chunzao, it is easy to “run” but not “diarrhea”, you can try the following Runchang diet therapy prescription.

  Sesame and Walnut Soup: Black sesame and walnut kernels (ground) are mixed in an appropriate amount, mixed with honey after cooking, warmed with water, and taken daily.

  Honey Cassia Drink: Stir-fried cassia seeds 15 grams, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it in a casserole and boil it over low heat for 30 minutes. Filter the liquid medicine and add a small amount of honey. Replace it with an empty stomach tea daily.

  Nosebleeds Capillary blood is rich and brittle in the nasal cavity. The dry climate in spring will first endanger the nasopharynx, dry the nasal mucosa, rupture the capillaries, and cause nosebleeds.

In terms of treatment, cold forehead and nasal bridge can be used to temporarily stop bleeding when bleeding. After recovery, 30 grams of white grass root or 15 grams of sacral water can be taken and replaced with tea.

It has the effects of clearing heat, cooling blood, and stopping bleeding.

  ☆ Aphthous ulcers often appear in the mouth inexplicably in the spring. The symptoms reach climax after 3-4 days. In addition to the obvious pain, they are accompanied by systemic symptoms such as low fever and local lymphadenopathy.

After 4-5 days, the redness gradually subsided and the pain was reduced; after 8-14 days, the ulcers could heal by themselves without leaving any traces.

  Seven wonderful recipes for treating oral ulcers: 1.

Apply a small amount of sugar to the ulcer surface 2-3 times a day.


Use a cotton swab to dip a small amount of ice boron powder and apply it to the affected area. Although it feels a bit bitter, but after persisting for 2-3 days, the wound can be cured.


The garlic epidermis was torn off, and a transparent film wrapped with garlic cloves was applied to the mouth ulcer.


Take Huasu tablets, 1-2 tablets each time, 3-4 times a day.


After cleaning the mouth, apply honey to the surface of the ulcer with a sterile cotton swab, and do not eat or drink for the time being.

After about 15 minutes, you can swallow the honey and continue to apply it. You can apply it several times a day.


External application of Yunnan Baiyao for oral ulcer wounds, twice a day, usually healed in 2-3 days.


Eat more tomatoes.

  In fact, it is more important to adjust from the diet and work schedule.

Especially when changing seasons, eat more tomatoes, because it contains a large amount of B, C vitamins, carotene, and calcium, iron, zinc, iodine and other trace elements, eat 2-3 daily, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of oral ulcers.

In addition, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy food, and work properly.

According to severe symptoms, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time and use the combination of Chinese and Western medicine to reduce the frequency of ulcer recurrence.

  ☆ Rotten mouth corner Spring is the season of frequent chapped lips and “rotten mouth corner” (angular inflammation).
In the early stages of this symptom, first of all, the mouth corners appeared flushing, scaling, and rot, and then the corners of the mouth cracked, bleeding, pain, affected the opening of the mouth, and even caused trouble in talking and eating.
  Once dry lips or rotten mouth corners occur, riboflavin treatment should be taken.

Eat more riboflavin foods, some sports foods.

Riboflavin is the most abundant in animal livers, followed by eggs, beef, spinach, amaranth, canola, fennel, peanuts, soybeans, fungus and other foods that also contain considerable amounts of riboflavin.

  Also, eat less hot pot.

Because the chemical properties of riboflavin and other metabolized vitamins are very unstable, they are easily damaged by various factors, such as heating, ultraviolet rays, and alkali.

Hot pot is a long-term cooking food, and most of the riboflavin is destroyed.

  To prevent rotten mouth corners, pay attention to the following points: Pay attention to adjusting your diet, eat as much fresh green leafy vegetables, radishes, carrots and various fruits as possible, and eat soy products, milk, eggs, lean meat, animal liver and other rich B vitamins.Foods to avoid vitamin B deficiency.

Lips can be moisturized by applying lipstick when the corners of the lips are dry to prevent peeling.

  When chapped hemorrhage has appeared in the corner of the mouth, it should be washed with warm water first, the tips should be dried, and some antibiotic ointments such as gold toxins should be applied.

When the wound begins to scab, do not tear it off forcibly, let it fall off naturally.

If infected, go to the hospital for treatment in time.

  Simple and effective “fire extinguishing” small tricks: The first trick is to replenish water at any time. Drinking warm water can solve many problems, including cooling the dry heat in the body, washing bacteria in the mouth, inhibiting bacterial growth, and even staying in air-conditioned rooms.Drink about 1300cc a day.

Drink more water when sweating. It is suitable to drink lemonade when you are on fire. Eat more sour fruits such as citrus. If you do not like the tastelessness, you can also drink soothing tea, such as mint, bitter tea, and chrysanthemum., Honeysuckle and other herbal teas.

  The second measure is to improve the quality of sleep. People who sleep poorly will easily get angry, and upside down day and night is even more taboo.

For people who work mentally in surgery, the blood circulation will be concentrated on the head, resulting in tiredness but instable sleep. At this time, you can use the foot bath to bring the fire down.

The method is as follows: first soak in warm water (female water should accumulate to two thirds of the calf near Sanyinjiao, and men can replace the feet), then slowly heat the water, soak the feet until the feet are hot, and sweat slightly to rest.

A foot bath is very helpful to improve the skin surface loop. After soaking for a week, you will find that it is more and more prone to sweating, and the skin will not dry even in the air-conditioned room.

  The third measure is to eat light and high-metabolized foods to provide anger. When you are on fire, you should not eat more low-moisture foods, such as fried nuts, biscuits, peanuts and other nuts. Switch to low-calorie diets such as vegetables and clear soup.

  Spring “getting angry” in the spring, life must be regular, pay attention to work and rest, rest on time.

Eat more vegetables and fruits quickly and less spicy foods.

Drink plenty of water or drink hot beverages. It is also important to stay positive and optimistic.

Schisandra Roll Quail Egg Prevention Soup

Schisandra Roll Quail Egg Prevention Soup

The current chronic incidence is increasing worldwide.

According to incomplete statistics, there are approximately 28 million people with hypertension in hypertension, with the majority being young adults and children.

Some people experience cold-stimulating constipation interventions throughout the winter, and prevention is critical.

In addition to mental and psychological prevention, avoiding dietary allergies and improving the living environment, we also need to prevent the “moxibustion” patch and prevent diet therapy.

The traditional Chinese medicine Astragalus Schisandra Rolled Quail Egg Decoction has the effects of astringent lung, nourish the kidney, regenerate Jin, has certain curative effect on improving the patient’s body’s immune function and enhancing disease resistance.

It can be taken for 10 days as a winter prevention.

  Materials: 15 grams of astragalus, 6 grams of schisandra (sold in traditional Chinese medicine stores), 5 quail eggs.

  Cooking: Simmer the Chinese medicinal materials into the clay pot, add 450 ml of water (about a bowl). After the fire is boiled, change the text and heat for about 10 minutes. Remove the medicine residue, beat the quail eggs, and roll until cooked.Some salt or rock sugar can’t be used as a seasoning jar.

For one person, it can be taken continuously for 10 days for winter prevention.

Health care words, scallion, ginger, garlic

Health care words, scallion, ginger, garlic

Onions, ginger, and garlic are not only good seasonings for cooking, but their medicinal value has long been included in the Chinese Medicine Code “Compendium of Materia Medica”. For thousands of years, folks have often collected it for treatment of injuries and diseases.The grandness and profoundness of Chinese traditional medicine culture.

  Scallion: Scallion, a plant of the lily family, which has a spicy and warm taste, enters the lungs, and passes through the stomach, and has the effects of relieving the surface and dispersing the cold, and inhibiting the bacteria.

Liang Hongtao Tao Hongjing’s “Famous Doctors’ Records” records: “Scallions can remove the evil qi in the liver, Anzhongli five internal organs, and kill a hundred drugs.

“Mr. Li Shizheng of the Ming Dynasty said:” Onion is one of the five family members of the Shi family. It is fresh and scattered, cooked and warm, and it is hollow in the outside.

“Onion can be used as a medicine throughout the body. It can be used for dispersing cold and sweat when applied externally, and it can relieve pain by taking it orally; while onion leaves diuretic, onion seeds are strong, and onion juice detoxifies.

In traditional Chinese medicine, three green onions and three gingers can be used in decoction to cure colds and colds, and have a fever and headache. When the onion is smashed into juice and sweat drips, use raw onion, 15 grams each of ginger and salt to make a paste. Cover with cloth.Rub your palms, feet, chest, back, elbows, arm sockets, and sweat to reduce fever.

Babies who have a cold and spit milk can be chopped with 2 or 3 green onions and added to a small cup of human milk to steam them through the drawer. The milk is fed in fractions and the effect is excellent.

Poliomyelitis is imperceptible, and it can be applied on the navel with a smashed beard, and the rash will soon appear.

In addition, smashed raw green onions can cure bee stings.

  Ginger: Ginger is a plant of the ginger family. Its rhizome is acrid and slightly warm, and its aroma is specific. It enters the lungs, spleen, and stomach, and has sweating and relieving effects.

Medicinal can be divided into fresh ginger, dried ginger and ginger.

As the saying goes: “If you eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, you don’t need a doctor to prescribe it.

“It shows the great medicinal value of ginger and its wide range.

According to Chinese medicine research, ginger is often used for exogenous wind cold, phlegm dampness, lung deficiency or spleen deficiency and stomach cold, water dampness stop.

Ginger juice or ginger soup will be taken orally to relieve fish and crab poisoning.

It is caused by Jiang Xin Sanli, and has the functions of resolving phlegm and vomiting. It is also used with fresh bamboo sprinkler to treat stroke and phlegm, and verbal acuity.

Ginger has less irritation after cooking, can relieve colds in the middle, and can cure stomach cold and abdominal pain.

Ginger peel has a pungent taste and has the effect of running water. Clinically, various Chinese medicines such as Poria peel, mulberry peel, Wujiapi, and belly belly can cure skin edema.

According to pharmacological research, volatile oil contained in ginger can accelerate blood circulation, warm the whole body, and excite nerves.

Gingerol can stimulate gastric secretion and promote digestion. A large amount of it can cure dry mouth, sore throat, excretion by the kidney after absorption, and stimulate the onset of nephritis, so it is very useful for those with kidney disease.

Dry ginger is cold in temperature, Huiyang Tongmai, dryness and phlegm, can cure cold vomiting and diarrhea, cold abdominal pain, weak limb cold pulse, sputum drinking cough.

The ginger is scattered in the middle and cold, and the menstruation is used to stop bleeding. It is used for spleen and stomach deficiency, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, vomiting, collapse, leakage, and yang deficiency and blood loss.

  Garlic: Garlic, also known as gourd, is a rhizome of the Liliaceae plant. It has a warm and spicy taste and contains allicin which has a strong bactericidal effect. It has obvious therapeutic and preventive value for bacterial, fungal and protozoal infections.

Ming Li Shizhen wrote “Compendium of Materia Medica” and said: “Garlic is smoky, can pass through the five internal organs, reach all consciousness, remove cold and dampness, eliminate evils, relieve pain and swelling, and can also accumulate meat and meat.”

“Ancient Greek athletes used garlic as a health food. The ancient Romans used garlic to treat colds, hypertension, anesthesia, and convulsions.

In the 5th century, Indians discovered that eating garlic can enhance intelligence and have a loud voice.

Traditional Chinese medicine research found that 3 to 5 cloves of garlic were used to smash the boiled water to take the service or take the single head of garlic and cook it on charcoal, 3 grams each time, which can cure dysentery and acute enteritis;Pain can be cured in 3 days.

Oral garlic juice and cream can cure hyperlipidemia.

4 slices of garlic decocted with hot water to smoke and wash the vulva can cure itchy genitals; eating garlic raw and warm mouthwash is a good way to prevent Japanese encephalitis.

11 symptoms of your tongue suggesting you are sick

11 symptoms of your tongue suggesting you are sick

The tongue can be said to be the most functional organ in the human body. Its flexible muscles not only allow us to have yin and yang when we talk, but the taste buds on it can make us aware of the sweetness and bitterness of food.

But do you know that the tongue is the most flexible in the mouth, and many diseases of the human body can also be expressed through the tongue, it is like a barometer of physical health.

  1. The yellowish tongue coating is generally seen in the course of fever diseases, which indicates that the conflict between evil and evil is very fierce, the disease has entered the disease, and the evil has become hot.

  Tongue coating is yellow and greasy, which is a manifestation of hot and humid. The main symptoms are liver and spleen.

You are also prone to thirst, and it also shows a liver problem, which means that your liver is hot and prone to irritability and temper.

Patients with liver can affect the elevation of the spleen and stomach and bile excretion. Bad breath is caused by spleen and stomach irregularity, strong stomach fire, and indigestion. Bitter mouth is caused by bile excretion disorder.

  In addition, the liver is open to eyes, and liver disease usually causes dry eyes and vision loss.

You can take some medicine to nourish the spleen and nourish the liver, to regulate the spleen, stomach and liver.

  2. The darkening of tongue coating is mainly caused by the blackening of tongue filamentous nipples.

There are different shades of brown black, gray black, charred to black.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this moss appears to be a complication of a certain disease period, and the disease is complicated and serious.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the darkening of the tongue coating is caused by heat transformation fire.

There are also people with gastrointestinal problems who are prone to cold and wet, and the tongue coating will become thick and greasy, starting to be white and gradually turning yellow or black.

It is clinically found that there are some chronic diseases, such as uremia, malignant tumors, etc. When the condition worsens, black moss also appears. This is a critical condition, and you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

  Black moss can also appear when the spirit is highly stressed.

Often stay up late and smoke too much, prone to black moss.

In addition, some foods, such as plums, black sesame paste, etc., or drugs, such as compound licorice tablets, iron, etc., can also easily blacken the tongue coating. This is only a temporary phenomenon, so don’t worry about it.

  3, white tongue coating can appear in patients with wet or sputum drinking in the body, some common pleural effusion, ascites, chronic nephritis and surgery, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, etc.Stop drinking to make the tongue fur appear thick white or greasy.

  From the perspective of modern medicine, it may be that the salivary secretion of the oral cavity increases, and the secretion of sputum in the trachea increases, soaking the keratinocytes or incomplete keratinocytes of the tongue, making the cells swollen and difficult to replace; coupled with edema of the tongue tissue andObstruction of lymphatic reflux, old keratinocytes on the surface of the tongue are not detached, and new keratinocytes increase accumulation, so the tongue is swollen and fat, and the tongue is thick and greasy.

  4, mirror tongue, that is, no moss on the tongue surface, as smooth as a mirror.

Mild cases are malnourished, or lack of iron or vitamin B2 in the body; severe cases indicate a lack of body fluids and a serious illness.

  If the mirror tongue of the chronically ill is tanned, prevent sepsis.

If it is as smooth as the tongue mirror of an elderly person, the two veins at the bottom of the tongue are thickened and prolonged, indicating pulmonary heart disease.

  5, beef tongue is dark red tongue, tongue peeling lightly like beef.

Beef tongue is common in patients with malignant anemia.

  People who consume corn for a long period of time tend to be deficient in niacin, which can lead to memory loss and dementia.

The top nicotinic foods include animal liver and kidney, lean meat, whole wheat products, beer, yeast, malt, fish, poultry meat, figs and dried fruits such as peanuts.

When eating peanuts, you should pay attention to those who have internal heat in the yin deficiency. Do not eat fried peanuts to avoid heat generation.

Adding baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) when cooking corn can enhance the body’s absorption and utilization of niacin.

  6. Puncture the tongue means that there are many red thorn clusters on the tongue protruding from the tongue, like the fruit of a grass mold.

Pricks appear on the tip or edge of the tongue, indicating heat, and can be seen in patients with various fever infectious diseases or large-area burns; pricks appear in the tongue, most of which are heat toxin or blood, which is prone to shock.Unconscious.

  People with insomnia, constipation, or nighttime work stress, as well as vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, and dysfunction of the cerebral cortex may also have red prickles on their tongue.

  7. Cracks on the tongue surface include deep cracks, shallow cracks, and cracks and wrinkles in various directions.

Shallow cracks on the tongue surface are mainly due to atrophy of the tongue mucosa, and deep cracks are more severe tongue atrophy lesions.

  8, through the tongue, that is, the middle of the tongue coating to a small blank space, the tongue coating has been peeled off, often indicating lack of nutrition in the body.

  9, tremor involuntary tremor when the tongue appears, can be seen in high fever, hyperthyroidism, hypertension and certain neurological diseases.

  10, get the tongue repeatedly out of the tongue, licking lips, called tongue.

Heart and spleen are hot, threatened by wind or dysplasia in children.The difference between tongue extension and tongue extension is that the former is representative and difficult to admit. In addition, the tongue can be extended and retracted, but the tongue is retracted and spit out repeatedly.

  11. Stiff tongue The tongue body neither swells nor shrinks, but is tough and loses the usual soft and flexible sign, also called “tongue”.

“Strong tongue” is common in some more serious diseases, such as coma and sobbing.

Local factors on the tongue for a few reasons, such as severe tongue ulcers or thick thick moss on the tongue, make the tongue inflexible, but it is easy to distinguish from the stiffness of the tongue that is easily caused by the central nervous system.

  Look at the tongue image. There are special rules for tongue diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine, which involve a lot of professional knowledge. It is not recommended that you just follow the tongue phenomenon.

Reminder, if it is self-checking tongue, you need to pay attention to the following issues.

  1. When you get up, the color of the tongue coating can objectively reflect your health.

  2. Choose to look at the tongue when the light is sufficient, from the tip of the tongue to the root of the tongue, and from the shape to the color.

  3. Not all abnormal tongues are caused by diseases. For example, if you take a certain medicine or food, the color of the tongue coating may change, and the tongue coating will become thin after eating.

The tongue image of people of different ages is also different, such as cracks on the tongue surface of elderly people, and white crumbs on children.

Long-term use of pearl powder or diarrhea caused by indigestion


Long-term use of pearl powder or diarrhea caused by indigestion

Pearl powder’s beauty and beauty effects are indeed worthy of praise, but it is a cold medicine, only those with a hot body are suitable for oral pearl powder.

  In daily life, some women have a cold constitution. If they take pearl powder for a long time, they may cause symptoms such as indigestion, diarrhea, coldness in the extremities, and pale yellow skin.

In addition, people with cold body, cold stomach, and stone disease are not suitable for taking pearl powder.

Therefore, before taking pearl powder, you must identify yourself.

Pearls are taken orally and must be processed into shells and ground to a very fine powder like flour. Otherwise, it may damage the viscera, especially the spleen and stomach.

Grinding pearls into fine powder can promote gastrointestinal absorption and improve the treatment effect, and the finer the better.

  In addition, pearl powder should not be eaten with oxalic acids (such as spinach) to avoid stone formation.

Because pearl powder is cold, women should be interrupted during menstruation. Pregnant women and those with spleen and stomach deficiency should be used with caution.

People with allergies, especially those who have been found to be allergic to pearls, should avoid it.

Chinese medicine teaches you: external treatment of dysmenorrhea!

Chinese medicine teaches you: external treatment of dysmenorrhea!

Introduction: Women have pain in the lower abdomen and waist before and after menstruation, or during the menstrual period. They can often be accompanied by pale skin, cold sweats on the head and face, cold hands and feet, and general nausea.

Chinese medicine believes that the disease is mostly caused by liver stagnation and stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis, or cold coagulation of the meridians, qi and blood dysfunction.

Using the rule of external governance is simpler and safer, and the effect is good.

  Here are a few traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions: Baiyao fill the umbilical method: take an appropriate amount of Yunnan Baiyao, the liquor is a thin paste, filled in the navel, fixed with external tape, and can be hot-water bottle ironed 2-3 times a dayFor 10-15 minutes each time, the paste is changed daily for 3-5 days.

  Medicine rubbing method: Take an appropriate amount of Yunnan Baiyao rubbing and apply it to Guanyuan acupoint and Qihai acupoint under the umbilicus. The action rubs. When there is a fever and it spreads to the abdomen, the pain stops.

  Mustard paste foot method: take 12 grams of white mustard seeds, grind to fine, add rice vinegar, flour amount to adjust to a thin paste, topical foot springs Quanquan, bandage fixed, change every day.

Completely apply Guanyuan and Qihai points.

  Foot bath recipe: take motherwort, incense stick, frankincense, myrrh, 20 grams each of prunella vulgaris, decoct 2000ml foot bath, 15-20 minutes each time, once a day for 3-5 days.

  External application therapy: medicinal Chuanwu and Caowu each 5 grams of fine powder, thoroughly mixed with onion juice, honey, topical application for less abdominal pain, every 2-3 hours, once a day.

  Acupuncture point therapy: Take Guanyuan point, Sanyinjiao point, use half-strength wound dampness analgesic plaster to the above two points, and block with thumb and index finger, 3-5 times a day, change the ointment once every 3-5 days.

Reasonable sun exposure for good health

Reasonable sun exposure for good health

The better our living conditions, the less we have intimate contact with the sun.

However, the growth of all things depends on the sun. The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine said that “every tired of the sun” is telling us that sun exposure has great benefits.

Since the sky is beautiful in recent days and the sun is warm, why don’t we become a chance to bask in the sun and nourish our bodies.

  First, the multiple benefits of sun exposure: 1.

Sun exposure helps the body obtain vitamin D. This is also the main source of vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D is also called “sunshine vitamin”. The source of vitamin D3 contained in human skin is made by obtaining ultraviolet rays in the sun and converted into vitamin D. It can help the body absorb and absorb calcium and phosphorus, and make children’s bones strong.solid.

It has preventive effect on infant brass disease and rickets.

For adults, it has the effects of preventing osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  Vitamin D is considered both a vitamin vitamin and a hormone because it is one of the very few exceptions to vitamins.

The body’s vitamins cannot be synthesized by the human body, and must be replaced by food or pharmaceutical supplements, while vitamin D can be synthesized by the skin exposed to ultraviolet rays (direct sunlight is sufficient).

Vitamin D is mainly used to make up and maintain strong bones, especially to enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium ions.


Exposure to the sun can prevent skin diseases. Proper skin exposure to ultraviolet rays can effectively kill bacteria on the skin and increase skin resistance.


Exposure to solar energy enhances the body’s immune function and increases the vitality of phagocytosing cells. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight have a strong sterilizing ability. Generally, bacteria and certain viruses are killed when exposed to sunlight for half an hour or several hours.

Looking at the green plants during the sun is also good for the eyes!

Especially friends who have been tired with eyes!


Sunlight can regulate the life rhythm of the human body and psychological exposure to the sun, which can promote human blood circulation, enhance human metabolism, and regulate the central nervous system, so that the human body feels stretched and comfortable.

Do you also experience changes in the weather and your mood? The most direct benefit of getting the sun is to make you happy.


Preventing anemia UV rays in the sun can also stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells, improve hematopoiesis, and thus prevent anemia.


Sun exposure can also increase the chances of conception. A survey of 657 pregnant women found that the majority of them were conceived during the months of reduced sunlight.

In spring and summer, just take a 15-minute stroll in unobstructed sunlight to get enough vitamin D; in the slightly dim autumn and winter, you need to replenish 400 a day?
Vitamin D supplements of 600 international units.


Old people can suffer from osteoporosis and mental depression when exposed to the sun. Studies have shown that sun exposure in the elderly can prevent osteoporosis and reduce the frequent depression of the elderly.

  A geriatric expert at the Baltimore United Memorial Hospital in the United States has conducted a group comparison study of 244 elderly people over 65 years of age, and found that those who stay indoors for a long time and rarely go outdoors to receive sun exposure generally have symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.Mainly manifested as physical weakness, unresponsiveness and decreased bone mass.

The study also found that those who did not go out and often basked in the sun through glass windows also had symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

The researchers explain that this is because the window glass filters out some of the ultraviolet light, which is essential for the body’s synthesis of vitamin D.

Therefore, in the winter, encouraging the elderly to go outdoors and bask in the sun and exercise their bodies will help prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.

  The investigation has not found that in the middle of the winter season, the elderly are prone to mental depression, showing symptoms such as depression, fatigue, sluggish brain response and drowsiness.

Experts believe that in addition to the reduction in winter activity compared with other seasons, the important reason is that it is related to the short days and long nights in winter and insufficient light.

Because sunlight is an electromagnetic wave, it is like a natural “stimulant”.

Sunlight radiates to the human body and causes local physiological changes, such as the effect of infrared “heat”, which expands capillaries and accelerates blood circulation.

The effect of ultraviolet light can oxidize melanin, increase vitamin D and histamine in the skin, and increase gastric acid secretion.

It is also enough to increase blood hemoglobin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and so on.

  In addition, sunlight in contact with nerve fibers through the eyes can promote the increase of adrenaline, thyroxine and gonadotropin.Adrenaline and thyroxine are hormones that evoke the work of human cells. When the content is relatively reduced, the cells will be in a state of inhibition, and the entire body function will be in a state of inhibition.

In winter, the intensity and time of light are relatively reduced. The elderly do not receive much sunlight, and often experience depression, depression, and mental fatigue, which are precisely related to the reduction of the above-mentioned hormone secretion levels.


Pregnant mothers are good for both mother and child. Too much winter sun for pregnant mothers has the following three benefits: A.

Reduce the risk of osteoporosis in pregnant women and reduce the incidence of rickets.

  Due to the long winter in the north and insufficient sunshine, the incidence of congenital rickets in children is very high.

Nowadays, the disease also has a rising tendency in the south, which is mainly caused by pregnant women receiving too little sunlight and poor calcium awareness.

Therefore, Dongyang is the cheapest “tonic”. Pregnant mothers should bask in the sun in winter.

  Sunlight helps pregnant women absorb calcium during pregnancy In order to ensure the normal development of bones and tooth germs during pregnancy, pregnant women must increase their calcium intake, and the absorption of calcium must absorb vitamin D in the human blood.

Only after ultraviolet radiation can the 7-dehydrogen free radicals in human skin become vitamin D3 and be absorbed into the blood by the body.

If not exposed to sunlight, the vitamin D in pregnant women will be deficient, and the absorption of calcium and phosphorus will be reduced, which will cause congenital rickets in babies born in the future.


Strengthen the resistance of pregnant women and prevent various infections.

  Ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Changyang Dongyang can also strengthen the resistance of pregnant women and prevent various infections.

Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Because ultraviolet rays can increase the reception of calcium, in addition to strengthening the strength of bones and muscles and improving cardiopulmonary efficacy, it can also strengthen the ciliary activities of the trachea and bronchi, and promote the clearing of respiratory secretions such as sputum, which is beneficial to respiratory breathingdispel.
In terms of enhancing the body’s immunity, calcium is a stimulator of serum regulators, which can accelerate the synthesis of human antibodies, induce and strengthen the phagocytosis of macrophages on pathogenic bacteria, and have a killing effect on pathogenic microorganisms that invade the body.


Prevent pregnant women’s mood swings and put an end to winter depression.

  Changyang Dongyang is beneficial to avoid pregnant women’s emotional shake and eliminate winter depression.

During pregnancy, pregnant women are most likely to show emotional shake or emotional obstruction because of the effects of pregnancy and concerns about the well-being of the baby.

Winter is also a season of sexual affective disorder — the high incidence of depression in winter. This is due to the endocrine disorders caused by the large temperature difference between day and night in winter, so it is easy to present the disorder of emotions and vitality.

Sun exposure in winter with less sunshine is the best way for pregnant women with winter depression.

  Second, the time of the sun is particular: but the sun is also particular about it.

In the winter, due to the weak contraction of the ozone layer and the strengthening of ultraviolet rays in sunlight, it is easy to cause different injuries to the human body.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to scientific selection and scheduling in the winter.

According to scientific research, in the winter, three periods are more suitable for basking in the sun: The first stage is 6-9 am. During this period, the sun takes up the peak with warm and soft infrared rays, and the ultraviolet rays are relatively weak.

Infrared temperature is high, which mainly plays a warming role on the human body, accompanied by fever, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and enhances human vitality.

  · The second and third stages are 9-10 am and 4-5 pm respectively. The two periods of exposure are characterized by A-ray fragments in ultraviolet rays. At this time, the “sunlight vitamins”-vitamin D are stored in the body.Great time; at the same time, it can also promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body, enhance physical fitness, and help promote normal bone calcification.

  Third, the baby’s attention to the sun: sunlight is the best vitamin D “activator”, after a cold and long winter, many mothers can’t wait to take the child to the sun to help the baby’s bones grow healthy.

In fact, basking in the sun is a science, you must choose the appropriate time and method.

  Sun exposure is good for children’s bone growth.

  It is appropriate from 6-10 am and 4-5 pm.


After choosing the right time, the child can often take out the sun after the full moon.

The time is preferably from 6 to 10 in the morning. At this time, the infrared rays in the sunlight are strong, and the ultraviolet rays are weak, which can promote metabolism. The ultraviolet rays in the ultraviolet rays are broken at 4-5 pm, which can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and enhancePhysical fitness, promote normal calcification of bones.

What needs to be the best is that in any season, between 10 am and 4 pm, especially between noon and 4 pm, it is best to avoid continuous sunlight, because the ultraviolet rays in the incident sunlight are the strongest and cause skin damage.
  The length of each sun exposure depends on the age of the baby, and it should be gradually increased, sometimes it is appropriate to gradually increase to 1-2 hours in a few minutes.

Or 15-30 minutes each time, several times a day. If you find that your baby’s skin turns red, sweats too much, and her pulse speeds up, you should go home immediately and give a cool drink or saline, or wipe your baby with warm water.
You can also bask for a while and rest in the shade.

Do n’t wear your baby too much. When some mothers take the baby in the sun, they are afraid of the cold. Wear hats, gloves and masks on the baby. It is not known that this type of sun is difficult to achieve, because the ultraviolet rays in the spring sun are weaker than in the summerMuch more, it is difficult for ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin and reach the skin.

The baby should be exposed to the skin according to the high temperature conditions at the time.

In addition, clothing that is too thick and easy to sweat in the sun, sweating after the wind is easy to catch a cold.


Pay attention to avoid direct sunlight on the head, and do not expose the sun through the glass.

Some mothers are afraid of the baby’s hair dryer. They often let the baby bask in the sun through the glass. Didn’t they know that ultraviolet rays have a weak ability to penetrate the glass, and most of the ultraviolet rays are blocked out, thus reducing the effectiveness of the sun.


Do not take a bath before sunbathing. It is not advisable to fast your stomach when you are in the sun. It is best not to bathe your baby.

Because in the bath, the material “7-dehydrocholesterol”, which synthesizes active vitamin D in human skin, can be washed away, which reduces the role of promoting calcium absorption in the human body.


Don’t bask in the sun through the glass Some parents don’t understand the great effect of the sun on their children’s physical health, or they are afraid that they will feel cold while exposing them.Sun drying “Dongyang” on glass is actually extremely harmful.

  First of all, children’s tolerance to the cold needs a process of exercise to improve their cold tolerance.

Sunny days are the first choice for children to take a cold air bath, because the temperature is relatively high at this time.

  In fact, modern medicine has proven that the sun is the best supplement for your child’s physical health.

Changyang Dongyang can increase the content of vitamin D in children’s blood and prevent the decline of body resistance caused by calcium deficiency.

  Children with low calcium are prone to various infections, especially pediatric pneumonia.

This is because calcium affects children’s resistance to some extent.

Studies have shown that calcium can effectively increase the phagocytic activity of phagocytes in human blood, accelerate the transformation of lymphocytes, activate the body’s complement system, and participate in the “fight” to kill pathogenic microorganisms.

In itself, calcium, as a basic ion, can regulate the acid-base balance of the body.

In the diet structure of modern people, the human body is often in an acidic environment, and the immune function of the human body is suppressed in such an environment.

  Since the intensity of ultraviolet rays in the sun is not strong, and it can also be blocked by glass, clothes, dust, smoke, etc., the sun should try to make the skin directly contact the sun, and do not sun through the glass.

  Fourth, the warmth of the sun tips: 1.

It is best to wear red clothing when you are in the sun, because the long-wave radiation of red clothing can quickly “eat” the short-wave UV rays that are very lethal. It is best not to wear black clothing.


When you are in the sun, you should take off your hat and gloves, and try to expose the skin as much as possible, so that the sun is in close contact with the skin.


If the sun is exposed through glass windows, it will not be effective.

It is best to be outdoors or on a spacious balcony.

Grapefruit will be a sweet killer

Grapefruit will be a sweet killer

It is the season when a lot of grapefruits are on the market.

Grapefruit can regulate qi and phlegm, moisten the lungs and clear the intestines, nourish the blood and strengthen the spleen, and prevent cerebral thrombosis and weight loss.

  However, medical experts have discovered that an active ingredient contained in grapefruit can interfere with the normal metabolism of many drugs, which will affect liver detoxification and cause other adverse reactions.


hzh {display: none; }  广州医学院第二附属医院药剂科主任骆军介绍,柚子中含有的活性成分能使血中药物浓度增高,进而引起多种不良反应,导致头昏、恶心、心悸、Tachycardia, fatigue, fatigue, hypotension, stroke and hypertension.

  Clinical observations found that patients with hyperlipidemia swallowed a slice of lovastatin with a glass of grapefruit juice, and the result was equivalent to swallowed with a glass of water 12?
15 tablets of lovastatin (also known as hypolipidemic) have a hypolipidemic effect, so patients are prone to poisoning, muscle pain, and even Nigerian disease.

During the taking of the antiallergic drug terfenadine (also known as Mindy), some patients may experience dizziness, palpitations, arrhythmias, etc. if they eat grapefruit or grapefruit juice, etc., and they may die suddenly.

See Table on the right for drugs that interact with grapefruit.

  Do not eat grapefruit first class when taking hypolipidemic drugs. The drug interacts with grapefruit significantly. At this time, you must stop eating grapefruit or change the drug with small interaction under the guidance of a doctor.

  The second type is moderate interaction between the medication and grapefruit. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital to consult a doctor or pharmacist to understand whether the medication used is safe or if it needs to be replaced with another medication.

  The third type is that the interaction between the medication and grapefruit is small or negligible. Although you do not need to avoid eating grapefruit or stop drinking grapefruit juice, you should still pay attention to other adverse reactions of the medicine.

Sleeping for more than 8 hours is unhealthy

Sleeping for more than 8 hours is unhealthy

According to a recent report, researchers in the United States have found that women over the age of 50 have an increased risk of stroke after sleeping 9 hours a day.

The reporter also learned in an interview yesterday that if you sleep too much or even eliminate fatigue, it will affect your health and intelligence.

Among the sleep time, the sleep time with the lowest mortality is about 7 hours.

  Risk 1: Stroke and Diabetes US researchers have investigated more than 90,000 women aged 50-79 years after a 7 1/2 year survey and found that people who sleep more than 9 hours a day have a greater risk of stroke than people who sleep 7 hoursA 70% increase in sleep time is an independent factor in increasing stroke risk.

Experts from Nanjing Brain Hospital said that the blood viscosity of the elderly is relatively high. If they sleep too long, it will lead to an increase in blood viscosity, and an increase in blood viscosity will easily cause cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke.

  According to relevant experts, there is also a study that shows that sleeping too long may also induce diabetes. The survey found that people who sleep for 7-8 hours a day are the healthiest.

If you sleep less than 6 hours, your risk of developing diabetes will increase by about 2 times. If you sleep more than 8 hours, your risk of developing diabetes will increase by more than 3 times.

  Investigations have shown that sleeping less than 6 hours a day can harm a person’s health.

At the same time, sleeping longer than 9 hours can also harm your health.

In the sleep time survey, the lowest sleep time for death was about 7 hours.

People who sleep less than 4 hours or more than 10 hours a day, whether male or female, have relatively high death rates.

  Risk 2: Respiratory, Heart and Digestive Diseases Shi Suofang, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Diseases of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the morning air in the bedroom is the most filthy. Even if the windows are hidden, there is still some air circulation, and the dirty air contains a lot of bacteria, viruses, and carbon dioxideAnd dust, have an impact on the resistance of the respiratory tract.

For those who sleep behind closed doors for long periods of time, they usually have less exercise, plus the dirty air in the bedroom, they are prone to colds and coughs.

  When people move, the heartbeat speeds up, the myocardial contractility increases, and the heart’s blood output increases.

When a person is resting, the heart is at rest, and the heartbeat, contractility, and blood output decrease.

If you sleep too much, you will break the rules of heart rest and exercise. The heart breaks again and again, eventually leading to weak heart contraction. With a little activity, your heart beats differently, and your heart becomes weak.

In addition, if you sleep too much, you will not be able to eat on time, and repeated dry peristalsis will disrupt the secretion of gastric juice and affect digestive function.

  Risk 3: The more you sleep, the more lazy you are. The experts explain that most people think that you should sleep more to eliminate fatigue.

In fact, the idea of gaining health by increasing sleep time is completely wrong.

People who sleep too long will become lazy, weak, and even lose their intelligence.

After an overnight rest, muscles and joints will become loose, and immediately after waking, the muscles will be changed to increase muscle tension, which will also increase the blood supply to the muscles, keep the bones and muscle tissue in a repair state, and eliminate the metabolites accumulated in the muscles at night.Conducive to recovery of muscle tissue.

People who often sleep lazy, because the muscle tissue misses the opportunity to move, will feel soft after getting up, lumbosacral discomfort, and weakness throughout the body.

The sleep center of a person who is lazy has been in a state of excitement for a long time, and the other nerve centers are relatively slow to resume their functions because they are inhibited for a long time, so they will feel dull, listless, and even mentally diminished.

  6-8 hours: healthy sleep time So, how long do you sleep every day to benefit your health?

Experts believe that for adults, 6-8 hours is the standard sleep time they need. Older people can reduce this standard by another 1-2 hours, and adolescents can increase 1-2 hours.

For infants and young children, it takes longer to sleep.

  Of course, how much sleep time is most healthy depends on your own situation.

The criteria for judging your healthy sleep time should be based on the fact that you will not feel tired and full in the next day.