Do you need to take a long vacation?

Do you need to take a long vacation?

If you often have the following ideas, quickly arrange a good job, then buy a remote ticket or ticket to travel, turn off the phone, no longer touch the computer, or you can choose not to go out and spend a few days at home: 1.On the way to work every day, you will think like this: “I can’t take it anymore!

I don’t want to go on!

You wake up several times every weekend morning and think, “Thank you, you don’t have to work today.

After you get home from work, you don’t have the energy to do anything other than eat and sleep-except to drink alcohol, eat a lot of vitamins, or a bunch of inexplicable snacks.

  4.You are always too busy to be fulfilled.

You always feel depressed and depressed for no reason. Even in the happiest time, you have such a shadow in your heart.

  6.You can’t face the question-“What else in my life besides work?

“” What should I do? ”

“” Why did I do this?

You are jealous of other people’s lives, and you never felt that way before.

  8.You are interested in TV shows or bestsellers like “How to change your work / house / life .”.

  9.Every Friday you go to the lottery to buy 10 lottery tickets, and you are happy to immerse yourself in the dream of what to do and where to play if you win.

  10.Every Sunday night, you will become depressed, upset, and pessimistic; and on Monday morning, when you open your eyes and open your eyes, it will be a mess.