First, then, and after, the muscles have to be in order.


First, then, and after, the muscles have to be in order.

In the gym, some bodybuilders perform short-limb exercises after simply warming up, reducing the squats or lunges of the leg strength, resulting in physical discomfort and even injury. This is mostly because the order of their exercises is wrong.The order of scientific exercise should be the upper body and the lower body.

銆€銆€In the gym where the author works, I have encountered several “first down, then up” injured: a 50-year-old male member who has a certain muscle foundation and exercise experience. After consulting the instructor, he will perform bow and arrow exercises.This practice member only needs to do 3 groups, but when doing the second group, the member will have leg muscle injury; another member will do squat exercises after warming up, and after practicing several groups, he will feel dizzy and nausea.Pre-reaction of acute shock.

銆€銆€These conditions are too common in the gym, which is mostly caused by improper scheduling of exercise.

During exercise, muscles and ligaments are directly involved, while muscles are divided into large muscle groups and small muscle groups. The muscles in the legs are large muscle groups. During exercise, the legs are relatively stressed and the legs are stressed.Time budget.

銆€銆€So this requires better cardiopulmonary function and muscle support.

First, the upper body muscles and ligaments are fully preheated to prepare the legs for movement.

At the same time, during the upper body exercise, the cardiopulmonary function has also been improved accordingly, and the synergistic parts between the large muscle groups have also been properly participated, thus avoiding the damage.

銆€銆€Therefore, if there is a movement about the leg in the exercise schedule for one day, the leg movement can be arranged at the end of the exercise; if the lower body exercise is arranged during the one-week exercise, the leg movement can be arranged in the exercise content for one week.In the final stage, this is because the leg exercises are too expensive for body energy, and the recovery time of the leg muscles is relatively replaced. It takes at least 2-3 days. If the lower limbs are trained first, it may affect future practice.

銆€銆€In addition, in the leg exercise just carried out, the intensity should not be too large, in 2-3 groups / day, through the improvement of cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength can slowly increase the weight and number of exercises.