FPX Frustrated Five, crowned the new leader


FPX “Frustrated Five”, crowned the new leader
Gao Tianliang (ID: Tian), a jungler who used to sit on the bench and can give up his prize money for the championship, has been mocked as a “mixed mid laner” Jin Taixiang (ID: Doinb), and ADC Lin Weixiang, who is often sprayed for mistakes (ID: Lwx), daily humility, undervalued order Jin Hanquan (ID: GimGoon), a more obscure assistant than the previous order Liu Qingsong (ID: Crisp), the FPX team put together 5 frustrated people, but it becameThe most correct choice for FPX.The FPX5 team proved themselves, shouting “We are the champions” on the podium in Paris.     Gao Tianliang, the world game FMVP trained in Gao Tianliang’s basement, is now standing on the World Championship podium of the League of Legends to pick up the championship trophy and become a world champion jungler.Just a year and a half ago, Gao Tianliang was silently training in the basement training room of the YM team.  Gao Tianliang used to be a top student in the middle school attached to the National People’s Congress. If he studies hard, he may be admitted to the top domestic schools.In order to pursue a professional dream, when he was less than 17, Gao Tianliang resolutely came to the YM team and became a jungler in the team.At the same time, he came to the YM team with Zhuo Ding (ID: Knight) known as the “Golden Left Hand”.Gao Tianliang is talented, but Zhuo Ding’s talent is more noticeable: after the high score passer-by joined the professional team, he won the hanbok first shortly after playing.Liu Mou (ID: PDD), the owner of the YM team, also considered himself “very eccentric”, Zhuo Ding was excellent.Under the ranking, he is not so optimistic about Gao Tianliang.”Although Gao Tianliang was also talented at that time, he was too young and too emotional, and he needed time to improve his game.”Liu Mou spent more time to cultivate Zhuoding.”At that time, Zhuo Ding received the YM team’s 3 million one-year signing fee, and Gao Tianliang could only get a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan or 10,000 yuan.  Because the YM team once walked out of many top professional players, many LPL teams have thrown olive branches to Zhuoding, but Gao Tianliang has no LPL team willing to accept him.The two entered the team at the same time, but the degree of recognition was very different.When Zhuoding was contested by many top teams, Gao Tianliang could only silently work harder in the training room in the basement.Gao Tianliang was able to walk into the LPL area, or his own result. He silently found Liu Mou and said his wish: “When the Cavaliers can go to LPL, I hope to take me away.After seeing Gao Tianliang’s desire to play LPL, Liu Mou involved him and Zhuoding in the SNG team.Zhuoding quickly became the team’s strength midlist and the core of the team, and Gao Tianliang spent most of his time on the bench.It didn’t shine until he joined the FPX team this year.His arrival also saved the declining trend of the FPX team-the FPX team has been on the edge of the playoffs in 2018.And this year, FPX is like a phoenix reborn, soaring into the sky, first won the spring season, won the summer championship, and now successfully won the world championship.  Before the FPX went to the S9 World Finals, Liu Mou went to the team to explore the class, and made a bold statement, and the old owner iG is more optimistic about the FPX team is expected to win the championship, and now Liu Mou’s prediction has become a reality.As the former boss of Gao Tianliang, Liu Mou was very satisfied with Gao Tianliang’s performance, “He really can.The first time I played the World Championship, I played so well without losing my face.”But for not finding Gao Tianliang’s” Instruction Manual “, Liu Mou now regrets it very much.” If possible, I am willing to redeem Xiaotian for five times the price. “”” In this global finals, Gao Tianliang performed very well.Rescued the team many times in crisis, he won the MVP in 7 games, and the FMVP won the World Championship is well deserved.Gao Tianliang, who once quietly trained in the basement and no one loved, slept for a year and a half and finally proved himself.”Everyone in the trade union is saying that my style of play is like other professional players, but I think that I am me. Unlike everyone else, I am Tian.”Kim Tae-sang doesn’t want to go back to South Korea to sell potato shreds and kimchi. After winning the League of Legends World Championship, FPX team’s mid laner Kim Tae-sang (ID: Doinb) has also received more attention.As he said after winning the championship, “No one in the Democratic Party is optimistic about me. The only famous mid-single players are Caps, Faker and Rookie.This time I finally proved that I can also lead the team to victory.”Kim Tae-sang is a Korean, but when he was interviewed in this global finals, he was followed by a Chinese translator.Moreover, he communicated in Chinese all the way. When Korean media interviewed him, he only remembered to speak Korean after he answered in Chinese.He is the representative of Korean players in China, but he made his debut from LPL.  In 2015, Kim Tae-sang joined the QG team as a high score passer and began his career.In 2018, he played for the RW team for a year, and finally came to the FPX team.As a professional player for many years, Jin Taixiang’s goal has always been to become a better mid laner than Li Xianghe (ID: Faker).But Destiny always likes to joke, and professional players of the same level have all reached the global finals.Only him, in the four years, each pass by the global finals.”I don’t want to go back and sell potato shreds and kimchi, I just want to go to the World Championships”, and entering the global finals became his knot.After five years, he finally broke into the World Finals and won the championship in one fell swoop.  Kim Tae-sang has endless gains on the way to chasing the championship.Professional players have to train for nearly 10 hours a day. Many players pay attention to high concentration during training. They will go to rest and sleep as soon as the training is over.But these people absolutely dare not call themselves hard in front of Jin Taixiang.The team started training at two o’clock in the afternoon. Jin Taixiang often got up at eight or nine o’clock in the morning and started a live broadcast to chat with fans while playing a few rounds of qualifying until normal training began.After training in the evening, the other players are ready to take a break. Jin Taixiang will broadcast live for an hour or two, play a few rounds and then rest. He sometimes takes less than 5 hours.Li Chun, CEO of the FPX team, admired his efforts.  Kim Tae-sang is a “shower” in the live broadcast world. He always overcomes the name of other players in the team and praises himself to strangers. “Before you are the 2017 regular season MVP and the 2018 regular season MVP second place.MVP in the 2019 regular season, Klein in the intercontinental last year, and Panson in the intercontinental this year.”After Jin Taixiang won the World Finals today, he was very proud to add” S9 Titan, S9 Champion Mid laner “to these starting points.  After the championship medal hung on his neck, his eyes were wet.”I want to say to myself last year, hold on, the championship dream will come true.”Later, Kim Tae-sang announced heavier news,” This may be the last game of my career.”After winning the highest honor, Liu revealed his retirement idea, because Jin Taixiang’s body can no longer support him as a professional player.Jin Taixiang had been in a state of injury a year ago, and his spinal injuries were very serious.Last year, Kim Tae-sang planned to retire, but because of his wife ‘s encouragement, he clenched his teeth for a whole year.Whether he will retire now, he will have to specify when he returns to China to start the live broadcast.  Although Kim Tae-sang is Korean, he loves China very much. He married the former DNF China commentary Tang Xiaoyou as his wife and will answer in fluent standard Chinese in interviews in major world competitions.In an interview after winning the championship, I was asked about any suggestions for players from the South Korean division to play in China?Kim Tae-sang replied very seriously and seriously, “If you want to get money from LPL, you don’t have to come, we don’t need to.”We said that Jin Taixiang has a Chinese heart.Whether Kim Tae-sang will retire is still unknown, but what is certain is that he will start in LPL and finally LPL.  The assistant with the lowest intimacy of Liu Qingsong’s lower road combination When talking about the player Liu Qingsong, it seems that the presence in the professional league is not high, the team’s performance is not ideal, and he is low-key.Figure.It’s like his position-assisting, paying for the team in obscurity.  The most impressive thing about Liu Qingsong is the ID name he often changes.From Kuroko who was obsessed with anime when he debuted, to Lqs named after his initials, and then to the pine tree after the LPL league, Crisp is the ID name he has used the longest.  In 2014, 16-year-old Liu Qingsong became the second team player of the OMG team. Initially, he was a professional player when he was young. Liu Qingsong mostly followed his life, mostly watching anime.With the increase of age, Liu Qingsong entered the LPL area from the second team to the secondary league. He is also growing, not only the appearance of maturity, technical exquisiteness, but also the change of mind. Liu Qingsong gradually understandsThe responsibility of professional players.Now Liu Qingsong is getting stricter with himself.”Once the goal is identified, it must be achieved, and if it cannot be done, never give up.”The biggest change for Liu Qingsong this year is that he no longer exists with Lin Weixiang as a one-piece baby.He became the least intimate auxiliary player of the all-LPL bottom combination.The partner’s down-to-earth understanding for many years has allowed Lin Weixiang to learn safe development and develop more fighting opportunities for his teammates. Liu Qingsong will actively look for roaming opportunities in the middle and the middle of the game.And Chinese and auxiliary linkage.In this year’s spring and summer regular season, Liu Qingsong did not get an MVP, but he did not refuse, because he knew that the role of the auxiliary player is to help the team to victory.He got the MVP of the finals in the summer game, and now in the world game he finally awaited worldwide attention.He said proudly, “It feels great that Fun Plus is chanting all over the audience. I hope they can scream for us next year.”The Korean player Kim Han-quan, who was born in 1995 in South Korea’s foreign aid that Jin Hanquan struggled with in the secondary league, has not yet reached the age of 24, but has a 6-year career.Li Xianghe (ID: Faker), who is later than his debut, is already a representative of the Korean League of Legends.Before 2019, Kim Han-quan rated his career as “not particularly significant.”  In 2013, Kim Han-quan started his professional career with the TAL team. As a professional player in South Korea for a year, he appeared in the public vision as a member of the second team and as a substitute.In November 2014, Jin Hanquan traveled far away to China and became a member of the Korean aid army.He came to the Chinese secondary league team. The survival conditions of the secondary league are very difficult. The salary is low. There are not as many professional league games to play. In addition, the Korean players have no language skills and are not used to eating.But it was in such an environment that Jin Hanquan survived.Jin Hanquan said: “If you let me go to the secondary league again, I really don’t want to experience that kind of life.”If you want to return to the secondary league, Kim Han-quan once said he would choose to give up his career and return to the country to perform military service.But the reality is always cruel. In April 2017, after two and a half years of hard work in China, he returned to the starting point.The day the team was relegated, he tweeted a word in Korean on Weibo: Life.  Jin Hanquan did not return to South Korea in the end, and he survived in the second league.In 2018, the FPX that just built the team discovered Jin Hanquan, and he promised new goals that year.”I feel that my career has not been of great significance until now.This time I want to get a good result and bring a special meaning to my career.”Now this goal has been fully achieved by the end of 2019. Six years have given him fluent Mandarin and a stable mindset. More importantly, Jin Hanquan has become the world’s first single player.  Lin Weixiang’s first Chinese player in the history of S games with 0 deaths has been judging whether the team has top ADC players. The first is the pride of the RNG team (ID: Uzi), then the iG team Yu Wenbo (ID: JackeyLove), nowLin Weixiang of the FPX team became the new generation of world champion ADC with the record of 0 defeat in the first place in the S game.  In 2015, Lin Weixiang was an AD player in the TCS team, but he and the assistant Liu Qingsong were unknown for many years of the battle. The two fell into different teams. Many years of tacit understanding made him unable to do without the personal protection of “Gemini” assistant Liu Qingsong.Lin Weixiang’s state is always erratic, and sometimes can save the team from crisis, but just now has a chance to win, Lin Weixiang often appears to be careless, caught by opponents, and then knocked down.He used to be the most unstable presence in the team, but he also played with a unique style. He performed very well for the functional and Carry heroes. If Lin Weixiang is in the South Korean division, he may get a good result earlier.However, the Chinese team always has a “conventional strategy” to suppress the road. Lin Weixiang was once placed in the “most water AD” column on the LPL field.  In 2019, it was the year when he and Liu Qingsong assisted in a rebirth, and it became the arrival of head coach Chen Ruzhi (ID: Warhorse), bringing the team spirit of the Lightning Wolf in the LMS region to the FPX team.Lin Weixiang learned how to find a better living environment without the protection of Liu Qingsong. Lin Weixiang is no longer an AD waiting for his teammates to protect, but really understands that the teamwork of five people is always greater than the individual.On the stage of the Finals, the G2 team is a team that likes to rely on personal ability to fight alone. The final result also confirmed that Chen Ruzhi’s game understanding is correct. The sentence “Not too strong, but the opponent is too weak”, that isHe said his best farewell to his past.  Special Topic Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Shujun