Big Sports Game-Ants Moving Beans

Big Sports Game-Ants Moving Beans

The game method prepares several pillows or cushions as beans, the baby and the mother play the baby ant and the mother ant respectively.

  At the beginning of the game, the mother ant said, “Child, the winter is coming. You help me move some beans. We are going to prepare for the winter.

“Baby Ants are free to move” Beans “.

After the baby has carried a few “beans”, the mother asks to complete the work with the baby until the whole beans are removed.

  In the course of the game, if accompanied by rhythmic nursery rhymes, the baby can feel the fun of the game in the joyful connection: an ant is at the entrance of the hole and sees a bean.

The little ant thought about it, came up with a good way, invited a good friend back to the cave, and carried it away together.

  Love Tips: Baby and mother should pay attention to baby’s safety in the process of lifting “beans”.

After moving, you can let your baby count and move a few “beans.”