[Difference between hypoglycemia and hypotension]_low blood pressure_average

[Difference between hypoglycemia and hypotension]_low blood pressure_average

Hypoglycemia and hypotension are two different diseases, but these two diseases are likely to appear on the same person, because when people’s health is getting weaker, blood sugar and blood pressure will get worse, andThese two diseases need to be conditioned by daily diet, which is inseparable from the patient’s cardiovascular and cerebrovascular working ability. So what is the difference between hypoglycemia and hypotension?

Although hypotension and hypoglycemia show clinical symptoms of dizziness, chest tightness, palpitations, and fatigue, the two are completely different concepts.

Low blood pressure makes the blood pressure on the vessel wall too low, specifically, high pressure is lower than 90mmHg, low pressure is lower than 60mmHg.

Hypoglycemia is due to too low glucose in the blood, and for normal people blood glucose is lower than the normal range of low values that is hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia in diabetic patients means a blood glucose concentration of less than two.

77mmol / L.

Hypotension can be divided into acute and chronic.

Acute hypotension is generally caused by a sudden decrease in blood pressure caused by factors such as fractures, bleeding, infections, and allergies.

Chronic hypotension is divided into primary and secondary hypotension.

Primary refers to low blood pressure due to heredity, and secondary hypotension is caused by certain diseases.

The cause of hypoglycemia, normal people are due to too little food.

Patients with diabetes are treated with oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin.

Hypotension is measured by a sphygmomanometer, and hypoglycemia is measured by taking venous blood.

In addition, the treatment of hypotension and hypoglycemia is also different. Patients with hypotension should pay attention to changing from lying, sitting and squatting positions to standing positions, and must be slow to avoid sudden blood supply to the brain.

Try to wear tighter pants and socks, and eat more salty.

In addition, for bleeding, infection and other factors, it is necessary to treat the cause.

Hypoglycemia should look for the cause of hypoglycemia and give the cause treatment.

Normal adults should eat regularly and regularly.

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