Tom Cruise’s Aspirational Cloud 2 is scheduled for Japan and will be released two days later than North America


Tom Cruise’s “Aspirational Cloud 2” is scheduled for Japan and will be released two days later than North America
桑拿夜网讯 5月13日,“阿汤哥”汤姆·克鲁斯、方·基默回归出演的《壮志凌云2:独行侠》发布定档海报,宣布将于12月25日在日本上映, Two days later than North America.Affected by the epidemic situation, “Zhuangzhi Lingyun 2” was postponed from North America on June 24 to December 23, but the mainland China has not yet decided on it.The film is a sequel to the popular action drama “Aspirational Cloud” 34 years ago, and new actors such as Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Glenn Powell and others joined the film.The plot of the film continues to focus on the story of US military fighter pilots. Nowadays, the status of pilots is in jeopardy, and advanced drone technology is making their old-school flight methods obsolete.Earlier, the film director Joseph Kosinski revealed in an interview with foreign media that the later work of the film is still in accordance with the original plan for the June release, and he also said: “This is a film that should be on the big screen.If you do n’t have a big screen, you should n’t put this movie.It is reported that in order to achieve a realistic effect, many scenes in the film are shot with real machines.The twisted state of the face muscles of the actors when flying at high altitude is not a special effect, but caused by the actual impact of the flight.>>> “Zhuangzhi Lingyun 2” is sprinting in the later stages, the director said that without a big screen, the sauna night net editor Xu Meilin proofreading Zhao Lin