Netizens self-report: I was fooled by Rubbing Treasure _2

Netizens self-report: I was fooled

Netizens who have been deceived read: Recently, a thing called “mud mud bath treasure” has become popular on the Internet. It is said to be very magical. If you wipe it on your body like a shower gel, the “mud” will fall off by itself.
For a person who likes novelty things, I definitely won’t let it go, so I searched on TB and found that the purchase volume was quite high. I also bought one after a strong recommendation from the store.If used well, batch more in the future.
  Immediately after getting the goods, I could n’t wait to squeeze a bit on the back of my hand to try (without water), but I did n’t rub out the mud. I thought maybe my hands were relatively clean, and I could n’t rub out the dirty things.Let’s try it out.
  Sure enough, when I went home to take a bath without rubbing, the “mud” on my body ran out easily, and it was more labor-saving than the exfoliating skin on my face.
But after washing the water several times, I feel that my body is still slippery, and it doesn’t look clean, and my skin is dry and itchy after washing, so I have to apply body lotion.
Feeling a little upset.
  I searched the Internet today, and sure enough, I was more than suspicious of it. Many people said that it was a deceptive thing. Some even experimented and said that this thing can cause precipitation when it encounters water.Mud on the body.
It seems that this “mud” was forged very realistically, and it deceived the eyes of many people.
  Then I went to do an experiment, put some water, then put the mud rub in the water, stir with a stick, and the white solid appeared in the water.After seeing something like mud, I was very depressed after reading and felt cheated.
  It seems that lazy people can’t do it. I inadvertently became a white mouse again, and I hereby advise everyone to stop being fooled.
  Editor’s comment: In fact, rubbing mud treasure is just like a weight loss product before. It can be oiled when massaged on the body. In fact, if you stir this thing in water and stir it, it will also produce oil. In fact, it is the thing itself that produces oil.Instead of massaging the oil in our body, there is no weight loss effect. This product has been exposed on TV.
It’s just that the mud is not mud but oil.
  The properties of Rub Clay are similar to those of exfoliating products. The main effect is to remove excess horny body and promote skin renewal cycle!
However, the keratin renewal of human skin has a certain period. If the exfoliation is used too frequently, it will damage the water-oil balance of the skin and cause various skin problems and diseases.
Therefore, when you use and purchase exfoliating products, you need to be extra careful and control the number of uses.
  At last!
Although rubbing mud treasure is not very expensive, but it can not let netizens spend money unjustly.