Tom Cruise’s Aspirational Cloud 2 is scheduled for Japan and will be released two days later than North America


Tom Cruise’s “Aspirational Cloud 2” is scheduled for Japan and will be released two days later than North America
桑拿夜网讯 5月13日,“阿汤哥”汤姆·克鲁斯、方·基默回归出演的《壮志凌云2:独行侠》发布定档海报,宣布将于12月25日在日本上映, Two days later than North America.Affected by the epidemic situation, “Zhuangzhi Lingyun 2” was postponed from North America on June 24 to December 23, but the mainland China has not yet decided on it.The film is a sequel to the popular action drama “Aspirational Cloud” 34 years ago, and new actors such as Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Glenn Powell and others joined the film.The plot of the film continues to focus on the story of US military fighter pilots. Nowadays, the status of pilots is in jeopardy, and advanced drone technology is making their old-school flight methods obsolete.Earlier, the film director Joseph Kosinski revealed in an interview with foreign media that the later work of the film is still in accordance with the original plan for the June release, and he also said: “This is a film that should be on the big screen.If you do n’t have a big screen, you should n’t put this movie.It is reported that in order to achieve a realistic effect, many scenes in the film are shot with real machines.The twisted state of the face muscles of the actors when flying at high altitude is not a special effect, but caused by the actual impact of the flight.>>> “Zhuangzhi Lingyun 2” is sprinting in the later stages, the director said that without a big screen, the sauna night net editor Xu Meilin proofreading Zhao Lin

中国两对双人滑出战世锦赛 目标拿满冬奥会名额_1


中国两对双人滑出战世锦赛 目标拿满冬奥会名额
­  于小雨/张昊 ­  体坛+记者梁丽娜首体报道­  距离周日出发前往赫尔辛基还有五天了,中国双人滑在首体训练馆的训练依旧按部就班。作为主教练,赵宏博在一旁盯着弟子们的训练,时不时指点和说道着动作要领。­  对3月29日开始的花滑年度“收官大戏”世锦赛,花滑队全队上下都格外重视,因为这不仅仅是本赛季的最后一战,还关乎到明年平昌冬奥会的参赛资格:出征的两对双人选手只有本次世锦赛排名相加在13之内,才能确保中国队拿满三对名额,或者有一对组合拿到冠军,也会确保中国双人滑在平昌出现三对组合。­  去年休斯顿世锦赛,中国三对组合参赛。按规则,成绩较好的两对组合隋文静/韩聪和彭程/张昊名次相加不能超过13,会确保来年世锦赛的三对名额。可惜,隋文静/韩聪和彭程/张昊名次相加是14,于是,派谁去,只能进行残酷的“四选二”。­  赵宏博教练说,“赛前,队伍进行了两次带裁判员的队内测试选拔。包括考虑之前的亚冬会和全国冠军赛,大家都在一个平台竞争。队伍把整个训练的技术考核也输入整个评分系统。”­  “四选二”后,名单出炉,今年在四大洲拿到冠军的隋文静/韩聪和于小雨/张昊获得了此次参加赫尔辛基世锦赛的名额。­  作为主教练,赵宏博当然知道此次赫尔辛基之行的重要性,“世锦赛关系到明年平昌冬奥会双人滑的参赛名单。现在咱们运动员信心比较足,状态也不错。隋文静/韩聪在前几站比完之后做了详细的参赛反馈,解决了出现的不足。于小雨/张昊也是配合不到一年,他们都明白自己的责任和使命。”­  赵宏博教练所说的“使命”当然是说拿满平昌冬奥会的三对名额,三年前的索契冬奥会,低谷中的花滑队只有两对选手出征。如今,三年打磨后,现在的队伍已走出低谷,朝着好的方向前行。­  临近赛季收官,赵宏博回看这艰辛的一年,感到欣慰,“今年双人滑整体看还不错。预期目标提早完成,完成训练计划的收获比较大。­  而一个赛季打下来后,各个分站赛、四大洲、亚冬会和青年赛基本上结束了,对我们双人滑到现在为止,有收获也有不足。”­  大战在前,赵宏博很有把握,“ 我对拿满三对名额是有信心的,运动员也是有信心。因为大家彼此之前都有过交手了,互有胜负,比较了解。而对我们的队员来说,就是要战胜自己。”­  付出会有收获,带着信心和潜心准备出发,中国花滑队在赫尔辛基会有好运的。­  体坛+独家稿件,严禁一切非合作形式的转载行为。体坛+保留追究相应责任的权利。­  内容及版权合作请联系­  微信:416071724­  电话:(010)51696915-8036

What are the reasons for misjudgement of the tragedy in Japan Oman in the 2019 Asian Cup (Figure)


What are the reasons for misjudgement of the tragedy in Japan Oman in the 2019 Asian Cup (Figure)
At 21:30 on January 13, 2019, Beijing time, the Asian Cup Group F ushered in the focus battle, winning the hot topic Japan faced the West Asian powerhouse Oman team.At the end of the halftime match, the Japanese team relied on Haraguchi to shoot the deadlock and temporarily lead Oman 1-0.(China Messi Wu Lei scored twice) (Wu Lei profile) (All rounds of the first round of competition) (Asian Cup match schedule) (2019 Asian Cup match result prediction) (Asian Cup previous championship country) (National Football Team latest 25National People’s Congress) (National Football Team prepares for the Asian Cup to stay at a super five-star hotel) (Asian Cup referee list) (Asian Cup coaches from various countries in the Asian Cup) (National Football 2-1 Kyrgyzstan) (Group C latest standings) The 2019 Asian Cup group stage is coming to an end  Throughout the first half of the game, the Japanese team had more opportunities. The original energy once hit the door frame, and Nanye Tuoshi also wasted a lot of good opportunities.However, the Oman team is not without the opportunity to break.At the end of the first half of the game, Oman made a volley in the penalty area and Chang Youyou blocked the ball with his hand when they fell to the ground!However, the referee will not award a penalty, which also caused strong dissatisfaction with Omani players.The Asian Cup massacre handball was wrongly judged for the current Asian Cup. There is no VAR traceability system in the group stage, and it will not be activated until 1/8.Therefore, during the stage of the group stage, the referee had too many controversial penalties.It’s just that the Japanese team’s handball is too obvious this time, I wonder why the referee can miss it?  Seeing this scene, many Chinese fans remembered the 2004 local Asian Cup.In that Asian Cup, the Chinese team crossed five stages and cut six, and finally met with the Japanese team finals.In the final, the two sides once reached a 1-1 draw.The balance was broken by a controversial scene in the 66th minute.Toshio Nakamura’s free kick made a killing shot, and Hiroshi Nakada staged the hand of God to score the goal, but the referee ruled that the score was valid. This kind of wrong submission method lost the championship at home and since then Chinese football has also covered upEndless trough! Original title: Dispute penalty + escape point!Misjudgment in the Asian Cup, the Japanese team is a profiter

2014 World Cup Colombia vs Mexico score prediction history record analysis who will win_1


2014 World Cup Democracy VS Mexico Score Prediction Historical Record Analysis Who Will Win
Colombia VS Mexico score prediction analysis: 1:2 Who will win the 2014 World Cup VS Mexico?June 24, 2014 Update Democracy VS Mexico match results: Syria 1-3 Mexico 04:00 June 24, Beijing time, the third round of the 2014 World Cup group stage will usher in a qualifying life and death battle in Group A, CroatiaStarted to die with Mexico in Recife.In the first two rounds of war, Mexico has 1 win and 1 draw, and Syria has 1 win and 1 loss. Territories in this campaign must strive to win in order to qualify, while Mexico can qualify for the match as long as it is tied.2014 World Cup VSVS Mexico score prediction historical record analysis who will win the 2014 World Cup group stage second round goals VS VS who will win the 2014 World Cup and Mexico team gap comparison 2014 World Cup National Team’s latest 23-man list (picture) 2014 World Cup Mexico ranking23-man roster number announced (picture) Mexico VS Mexico two teams’ starting budget (4231): Pletikosa/Srna, Joel Luca, Lovren, Planic/Rakitic,Modric/Olic, Samir, Perisic/Manjukic Mexico (442): Ochoa/Aguilar, Marcos, Rodriguez, Moreno, Layun/Herrera,Guardado, Varques/Peralta, Pyramid of Dos Santos vs. Mexico’s historical confrontation record: no history of colonial history. Previous World Cup results in 1998. For the first time in the World Cup in 1998, it reached the semi-finals. Democracy 1 in the semi-finals.Lost to the final champion France by 2 but later won the Netherlands by 2 to 1 in the third place.In 2002, the United Nations 1-2 team did not qualify, but they defeated Italy 2-1.In the 2006 World Cup, Colombia lost to Brazil, even Japan and Australia failed to qualify.Mexico’s previous World Cup results Mexico is the dominant football player in Central and North America. The 2014 Brazil World Cup will be the 15th time that Mexico will participate in the World Cup. The total number of participants is only Brazil, Germany, Italy and Argentina ranked fifth, but with these four world championsIn the rankings, the Mexican team’s record is much worse. Their best result is to reach the quarter-finals in the two local World Cups held in 1970 and 1986.In the 1/8 final of the World Cup in South Africa, Argentina eliminated Mexico 3-1.Recommended reading: 2014 World Cup Victoria VS Spain score prediction historical record analysis who will win 2014 World Cup Netherlands VS Chile score prediction historical record analysis who will win 2014 World Cup Cameroon VS Brazil score prediction historical record analysis who will win

Joint statement of the two major international tennis organizations: extended lockouts, frozen points ranking


Joint statement of the two major international tennis organizations: extended lockouts, frozen points ranking
The two major international tennis organizations, ATP and WTA, issued a joint statement this morning, which will bring the tour season to June 7th.During this period, player points and world rankings will be frozen.Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the ATP and WTA strategies have successively triggered events such as cancellation and postponement.ATP suspended the game for 6 weeks, WTA also canceled all games before May 2nd.Today, ATP and WTA jointly issued a statement for the first time, deciding to extend the season lockout to June 7.Prior to this, important events including Madrid, Rome, Munich, Strasbourg and others will be cancelled.Of course, it also includes the French Open which has decided to postpone yesterday, which means that the entire red clay season has been cancelled.In this statement, ATP and WTA stated that during the season lockout, players’ points and world rankings will be frozen.Following the rules of the game, after the game was cancelled, the points earned by the player in the previous season were also cleared at the same time, which also caused dissatisfaction among the players.At the same time, ATP and WTA are in the final stage of the statement, “Now it is not a time for unilateral action, unity and cooperation are needed in this special period, and any decision needs to be discussed with stakeholders. This is ATP, WTA, ITF, All England ClubThe Australian Tennis Association and the American Tennis Association have always agreed.”Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang editor Wang Xihuang proofread He Yan

U21欧青赛半决赛-西班牙3-1意大利队 萨乌尔戴帽_1


U21欧青赛半决赛-西班牙3-1意大利队 萨乌尔戴帽
­  北京时间今日凌晨3:00,2017波兰欧青赛半决赛西班牙U21对阵意大利U21。上半场双方都没有获得破门良机。易边再战,萨乌尔接塞瓦略斯助攻破门为西班牙首开纪录。国米中场加利亚尔迪尼染红下场,意大利只得十人迎战,贝尔纳代斯基打进一球为意大利扳平比分。但不久后,马竞球员萨乌尔打进精彩世界波让西班牙队再次领先。最后时刻阿森西奥送出助攻,萨乌尔再下一城完成帽子戏法。全场比赛结束,西班牙3-1意大利晋级决赛,将与德国队争夺最后的冠军。­  开场后不久,基耶萨便完成一脚抽射,皮球被西班牙门将没收。第10分钟,德乌洛费乌开出的角球直奔球门而去,意大利门将多纳鲁马用手把球托出。第21分钟,卡拉布里亚送出直塞,佩莱格里尼在右侧的打门被科帕解围。第30分钟,德乌洛费乌反越位后形成单刀,抬脚垫射打高。第43分钟,佩塔尼亚内切后打门,皮球再次被凯帕没收。上半场结束,西班牙0-0意大利,双方均无进球。­  下半场开始后不久,德乌洛费乌的挑传被门将化解。第53分钟,塞瓦略斯送出一脚斜传,萨乌尔打门角度刁钻,皮球飞入球门。西班牙1-0意大利。­  第58分钟,加利亚尔迪尼铲翻塞瓦略斯,吃到第二场黄牌后染红离场。第59分钟,阿森西奥右路抽射被封堵。­  第61分钟,在多名防守球员的干扰下,意大利球员贝尔纳代斯基在禁区弧顶左脚打门,皮球折射后入网,西班牙1-1意大利。­  第74分钟,皇马小将阿森西奥左路回传,萨乌尔推射得手,完成帽子戏法。西班牙3-1意大利。­  西班牙:凯帕;贝莱林,梅雷,巴列霍,乔尼;塞瓦略斯(88″奥亚萨巴尔),马科斯-略伦特,萨乌尔;德乌洛费乌(82″丹尼斯-苏亚雷斯),桑德罗(78″伊纳基-威廉姆斯),阿森西奥­  意大利:多纳鲁马;卡拉布里亚,卡尔达拉,鲁加尼,巴雷卡;加利亚尔迪尼,洛伦佐-佩莱格里尼;贝纳西(87″加利塔诺),费德里科-基耶萨(61″洛卡特利);贝尔纳代斯基,佩塔尼亚(72″阿尔贝托-切里)

FPX Frustrated Five, crowned the new leader


FPX “Frustrated Five”, crowned the new leader
Gao Tianliang (ID: Tian), a jungler who used to sit on the bench and can give up his prize money for the championship, has been mocked as a “mixed mid laner” Jin Taixiang (ID: Doinb), and ADC Lin Weixiang, who is often sprayed for mistakes (ID: Lwx), daily humility, undervalued order Jin Hanquan (ID: GimGoon), a more obscure assistant than the previous order Liu Qingsong (ID: Crisp), the FPX team put together 5 frustrated people, but it becameThe most correct choice for FPX.The FPX5 team proved themselves, shouting “We are the champions” on the podium in Paris.     Gao Tianliang, the world game FMVP trained in Gao Tianliang’s basement, is now standing on the World Championship podium of the League of Legends to pick up the championship trophy and become a world champion jungler.Just a year and a half ago, Gao Tianliang was silently training in the basement training room of the YM team.  Gao Tianliang used to be a top student in the middle school attached to the National People’s Congress. If he studies hard, he may be admitted to the top domestic schools.In order to pursue a professional dream, when he was less than 17, Gao Tianliang resolutely came to the YM team and became a jungler in the team.At the same time, he came to the YM team with Zhuo Ding (ID: Knight) known as the “Golden Left Hand”.Gao Tianliang is talented, but Zhuo Ding’s talent is more noticeable: after the high score passer-by joined the professional team, he won the hanbok first shortly after playing.Liu Mou (ID: PDD), the owner of the YM team, also considered himself “very eccentric”, Zhuo Ding was excellent.Under the ranking, he is not so optimistic about Gao Tianliang.”Although Gao Tianliang was also talented at that time, he was too young and too emotional, and he needed time to improve his game.”Liu Mou spent more time to cultivate Zhuoding.”At that time, Zhuo Ding received the YM team’s 3 million one-year signing fee, and Gao Tianliang could only get a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan or 10,000 yuan.  Because the YM team once walked out of many top professional players, many LPL teams have thrown olive branches to Zhuoding, but Gao Tianliang has no LPL team willing to accept him.The two entered the team at the same time, but the degree of recognition was very different.When Zhuoding was contested by many top teams, Gao Tianliang could only silently work harder in the training room in the basement.Gao Tianliang was able to walk into the LPL area, or his own result. He silently found Liu Mou and said his wish: “When the Cavaliers can go to LPL, I hope to take me away.After seeing Gao Tianliang’s desire to play LPL, Liu Mou involved him and Zhuoding in the SNG team.Zhuoding quickly became the team’s strength midlist and the core of the team, and Gao Tianliang spent most of his time on the bench.It didn’t shine until he joined the FPX team this year.His arrival also saved the declining trend of the FPX team-the FPX team has been on the edge of the playoffs in 2018.And this year, FPX is like a phoenix reborn, soaring into the sky, first won the spring season, won the summer championship, and now successfully won the world championship.  Before the FPX went to the S9 World Finals, Liu Mou went to the team to explore the class, and made a bold statement, and the old owner iG is more optimistic about the FPX team is expected to win the championship, and now Liu Mou’s prediction has become a reality.As the former boss of Gao Tianliang, Liu Mou was very satisfied with Gao Tianliang’s performance, “He really can.The first time I played the World Championship, I played so well without losing my face.”But for not finding Gao Tianliang’s” Instruction Manual “, Liu Mou now regrets it very much.” If possible, I am willing to redeem Xiaotian for five times the price. “”” In this global finals, Gao Tianliang performed very well.Rescued the team many times in crisis, he won the MVP in 7 games, and the FMVP won the World Championship is well deserved.Gao Tianliang, who once quietly trained in the basement and no one loved, slept for a year and a half and finally proved himself.”Everyone in the trade union is saying that my style of play is like other professional players, but I think that I am me. Unlike everyone else, I am Tian.”Kim Tae-sang doesn’t want to go back to South Korea to sell potato shreds and kimchi. After winning the League of Legends World Championship, FPX team’s mid laner Kim Tae-sang (ID: Doinb) has also received more attention.As he said after winning the championship, “No one in the Democratic Party is optimistic about me. The only famous mid-single players are Caps, Faker and Rookie.This time I finally proved that I can also lead the team to victory.”Kim Tae-sang is a Korean, but when he was interviewed in this global finals, he was followed by a Chinese translator.Moreover, he communicated in Chinese all the way. When Korean media interviewed him, he only remembered to speak Korean after he answered in Chinese.He is the representative of Korean players in China, but he made his debut from LPL.  In 2015, Kim Tae-sang joined the QG team as a high score passer and began his career.In 2018, he played for the RW team for a year, and finally came to the FPX team.As a professional player for many years, Jin Taixiang’s goal has always been to become a better mid laner than Li Xianghe (ID: Faker).But Destiny always likes to joke, and professional players of the same level have all reached the global finals.Only him, in the four years, each pass by the global finals.”I don’t want to go back and sell potato shreds and kimchi, I just want to go to the World Championships”, and entering the global finals became his knot.After five years, he finally broke into the World Finals and won the championship in one fell swoop.  Kim Tae-sang has endless gains on the way to chasing the championship.Professional players have to train for nearly 10 hours a day. Many players pay attention to high concentration during training. They will go to rest and sleep as soon as the training is over.But these people absolutely dare not call themselves hard in front of Jin Taixiang.The team started training at two o’clock in the afternoon. Jin Taixiang often got up at eight or nine o’clock in the morning and started a live broadcast to chat with fans while playing a few rounds of qualifying until normal training began.After training in the evening, the other players are ready to take a break. Jin Taixiang will broadcast live for an hour or two, play a few rounds and then rest. He sometimes takes less than 5 hours.Li Chun, CEO of the FPX team, admired his efforts.  Kim Tae-sang is a “shower” in the live broadcast world. He always overcomes the name of other players in the team and praises himself to strangers. “Before you are the 2017 regular season MVP and the 2018 regular season MVP second place.MVP in the 2019 regular season, Klein in the intercontinental last year, and Panson in the intercontinental this year.”After Jin Taixiang won the World Finals today, he was very proud to add” S9 Titan, S9 Champion Mid laner “to these starting points.  After the championship medal hung on his neck, his eyes were wet.”I want to say to myself last year, hold on, the championship dream will come true.”Later, Kim Tae-sang announced heavier news,” This may be the last game of my career.”After winning the highest honor, Liu revealed his retirement idea, because Jin Taixiang’s body can no longer support him as a professional player.Jin Taixiang had been in a state of injury a year ago, and his spinal injuries were very serious.Last year, Kim Tae-sang planned to retire, but because of his wife ‘s encouragement, he clenched his teeth for a whole year.Whether he will retire now, he will have to specify when he returns to China to start the live broadcast.  Although Kim Tae-sang is Korean, he loves China very much. He married the former DNF China commentary Tang Xiaoyou as his wife and will answer in fluent standard Chinese in interviews in major world competitions.In an interview after winning the championship, I was asked about any suggestions for players from the South Korean division to play in China?Kim Tae-sang replied very seriously and seriously, “If you want to get money from LPL, you don’t have to come, we don’t need to.”We said that Jin Taixiang has a Chinese heart.Whether Kim Tae-sang will retire is still unknown, but what is certain is that he will start in LPL and finally LPL.  The assistant with the lowest intimacy of Liu Qingsong’s lower road combination When talking about the player Liu Qingsong, it seems that the presence in the professional league is not high, the team’s performance is not ideal, and he is low-key.Figure.It’s like his position-assisting, paying for the team in obscurity.  The most impressive thing about Liu Qingsong is the ID name he often changes.From Kuroko who was obsessed with anime when he debuted, to Lqs named after his initials, and then to the pine tree after the LPL league, Crisp is the ID name he has used the longest.  In 2014, 16-year-old Liu Qingsong became the second team player of the OMG team. Initially, he was a professional player when he was young. Liu Qingsong mostly followed his life, mostly watching anime.With the increase of age, Liu Qingsong entered the LPL area from the second team to the secondary league. He is also growing, not only the appearance of maturity, technical exquisiteness, but also the change of mind. Liu Qingsong gradually understandsThe responsibility of professional players.Now Liu Qingsong is getting stricter with himself.”Once the goal is identified, it must be achieved, and if it cannot be done, never give up.”The biggest change for Liu Qingsong this year is that he no longer exists with Lin Weixiang as a one-piece baby.He became the least intimate auxiliary player of the all-LPL bottom combination.The partner’s down-to-earth understanding for many years has allowed Lin Weixiang to learn safe development and develop more fighting opportunities for his teammates. Liu Qingsong will actively look for roaming opportunities in the middle and the middle of the game.And Chinese and auxiliary linkage.In this year’s spring and summer regular season, Liu Qingsong did not get an MVP, but he did not refuse, because he knew that the role of the auxiliary player is to help the team to victory.He got the MVP of the finals in the summer game, and now in the world game he finally awaited worldwide attention.He said proudly, “It feels great that Fun Plus is chanting all over the audience. I hope they can scream for us next year.”The Korean player Kim Han-quan, who was born in 1995 in South Korea’s foreign aid that Jin Hanquan struggled with in the secondary league, has not yet reached the age of 24, but has a 6-year career.Li Xianghe (ID: Faker), who is later than his debut, is already a representative of the Korean League of Legends.Before 2019, Kim Han-quan rated his career as “not particularly significant.”  In 2013, Kim Han-quan started his professional career with the TAL team. As a professional player in South Korea for a year, he appeared in the public vision as a member of the second team and as a substitute.In November 2014, Jin Hanquan traveled far away to China and became a member of the Korean aid army.He came to the Chinese secondary league team. The survival conditions of the secondary league are very difficult. The salary is low. There are not as many professional league games to play. In addition, the Korean players have no language skills and are not used to eating.But it was in such an environment that Jin Hanquan survived.Jin Hanquan said: “If you let me go to the secondary league again, I really don’t want to experience that kind of life.”If you want to return to the secondary league, Kim Han-quan once said he would choose to give up his career and return to the country to perform military service.But the reality is always cruel. In April 2017, after two and a half years of hard work in China, he returned to the starting point.The day the team was relegated, he tweeted a word in Korean on Weibo: Life.  Jin Hanquan did not return to South Korea in the end, and he survived in the second league.In 2018, the FPX that just built the team discovered Jin Hanquan, and he promised new goals that year.”I feel that my career has not been of great significance until now.This time I want to get a good result and bring a special meaning to my career.”Now this goal has been fully achieved by the end of 2019. Six years have given him fluent Mandarin and a stable mindset. More importantly, Jin Hanquan has become the world’s first single player.  Lin Weixiang’s first Chinese player in the history of S games with 0 deaths has been judging whether the team has top ADC players. The first is the pride of the RNG team (ID: Uzi), then the iG team Yu Wenbo (ID: JackeyLove), nowLin Weixiang of the FPX team became the new generation of world champion ADC with the record of 0 defeat in the first place in the S game.  In 2015, Lin Weixiang was an AD player in the TCS team, but he and the assistant Liu Qingsong were unknown for many years of the battle. The two fell into different teams. Many years of tacit understanding made him unable to do without the personal protection of “Gemini” assistant Liu Qingsong.Lin Weixiang’s state is always erratic, and sometimes can save the team from crisis, but just now has a chance to win, Lin Weixiang often appears to be careless, caught by opponents, and then knocked down.He used to be the most unstable presence in the team, but he also played with a unique style. He performed very well for the functional and Carry heroes. If Lin Weixiang is in the South Korean division, he may get a good result earlier.However, the Chinese team always has a “conventional strategy” to suppress the road. Lin Weixiang was once placed in the “most water AD” column on the LPL field.  In 2019, it was the year when he and Liu Qingsong assisted in a rebirth, and it became the arrival of head coach Chen Ruzhi (ID: Warhorse), bringing the team spirit of the Lightning Wolf in the LMS region to the FPX team.Lin Weixiang learned how to find a better living environment without the protection of Liu Qingsong. Lin Weixiang is no longer an AD waiting for his teammates to protect, but really understands that the teamwork of five people is always greater than the individual.On the stage of the Finals, the G2 team is a team that likes to rely on personal ability to fight alone. The final result also confirmed that Chen Ruzhi’s game understanding is correct. The sentence “Not too strong, but the opponent is too weak”, that isHe said his best farewell to his past.  Special Topic Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Shujun

PepsiCo announced to donate another 3 million yuan of emergency funds


PepsiCo announced to donate another 3 million yuan of emergency funds
On March 6, PepsiCo announced that it once again received 3 million emergency funds to continue to support China in combating the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.The donation will focus on providing health care for medical personnel in Hubei, especially female medical personnel and their families.At the same time, expenditures will be used to fund hospitals in regions with severe epidemics but insufficient funds to purchase the necessary medical equipment to detect and treat new coronary pneumonia.Up to now, PepsiCo has donated more than 8 million yuan to support China’s fight against the epidemic.At the same time, the flagship brands of PepsiCo have also joined the battle against “epidemic disease”. For example, the Quaker brand provided 200,000 servings of Quaker mellow oatmeal to medical personnel in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and the Pepsi beverage system is also in 8 provinces (cities).The hospital and community provided more than 190,000 bottles of carbonic acid and beverages.It is reported that this donation will be carried out by the China Women ‘s Development Foundation (China Women ‘s Federation) and will be donated to Asia by public charity organizations for donation management.Not long ago, the China Women ‘s Federation and PepsiCo have jointly launched a campaign to distribute nutritional cereals to some medical staff in Wuhan.Ke Ruinan, Global Chief Commercial Officer of PepsiCo and CEO of Greater China, said, “I hope PepsiCo’s new donation will continue to support the hospital’s positive anti-epidemic and help frontline medical staff and their families.Under the unified deployment and governance of the Chinese government, we will work together with all sectors of society to continue to contribute to the Chinese society.”Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ziyang editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Li Shihui

New World director Xu Bing responded to the slow question: I’m sorry to tell you sorry


“New World” director Xu Bing responded to the “slow” question: I’m sorry to tell you sorry
On February 20th, “New World” was staged in Beijing and the finale of Oriental TV was staged.On February 21, the screenwriter and director Xu Bing posted an “open letter” on the social platform to thank the audience for their companionship, and said that because the replacement of the background made the troupe “a little slow”, everyone was not happy.”It’s my fault. Even if the needle is inserted, it’s really uncomfortable.”In” New World “, Jin Hai, played by Sun Honglei, is very popular among the audience because of his righteousness and charisma.In the finale, he always believed that the brotherhood of justice was once again betrayed by Tielin.Tielin, who has done all the bad things and consciously has a dead end, shoots Gimhae for extinction.Gimhae finally confessed to Dao Meilan, who had been in love for many years, when his life was in danger.The restrained love of the two middle-aged people also caused tears and ripples in the audience in front of the TV. Topics such as “Golden Sea Bureaucrat” and “Golden Sea Offline” rushed to the Weibo search list.Sun Hailei’s Jin Hai was liked by many audiences.The picture comes from the network. The screenwriter and director Xu Bing mentioned in the “Open Letter” that “New World” is not a spy warfare family, Xianxiajianghu, idol drama. The background environment of this play is the old world, which represents the communist of advanced ideas.A new world of doctrine is coming.Due to the capacity of the 70 episodes of the play, when the plot entered the second half, too many netizens felt that the rhythm was slow, and the content was a bit slow.Xu Bing said in the “open letter”, “Because of the background, this scene is for the old world. It may be a bit slow, and everyone is not very happy.Usually the pain is clear when you slow down, and you have time to show some reflections.But for some people, it’s just that screwed up, how can Yingzhao be?Whether the new world can come or not, individuals are powerless, and everyone just wants to try some more placebos in the original world.It’s my fault, even if you need to pierce the needle, it’s really uncomfortable to pierce it slowly.”Finally, Xu Bing said that the show was over and the grievances dissipated.” If you like it, you like other things. I’m sorry to tell you sorry.”Sauna, Yewang.Liu Wei editor Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian

Nba Nash voiced for Freud and deepened the split between black and white


Nba Nash voiced for Freud and deepened the split between black and white
Nba Nash voiced for Freud and deepened the split between black and white. Black George Freud was violently enforced by white police and died. This caused a huge sensation in the United States. Many NBA stars condemned this racial discrimination.To demand fairness and justice, Canadian white star Steve Nash also joined them, but he was met with opposition from netizens.  Nash believes that as white people, they should take responsibility and strive to change the status quo.Nash changed his Twitter profile picture to Freud and pasted it on top: This is a white man’s problem.How do we Caucasians create equality?Listen, read, walk in the shoes of others, organize, sacrifice, change, support, vote!These things are the minimum we have to do.  Nash’s original intention was to arouse empathy and empathy, but the result was far unexpected. Many people accused Nash of saying that deepened the differences between blacks and whites, and some people accused Nash of black people’s atrocities during protests.Not to mention.  A netizen questioned: So they want to rob the local mall?Nash replied: This is racial discrimination for hundreds of years, but what you care about is sneakers, business.I will not tolerate the robbery of these people, but I can understand that because it is caused by the pain accumulated over the decades.  Another netizen refuted Nash: Sorry, I refused to wear stolen shoes.Nash replied: This is the problem. When judging shoe theft, you have to think of hundreds of years of racial discrimination.  The mother of a mixed-race child also disagrees with this view. She believes that this is everyone’s problem. Everyone needs to be supported, understand and work hard to make the world better. Only when everyone is united can it be better.  A relatively moderate netizen said that although white people created problems such as slavery, ordinary white people are innocent, and they have no way to solve these problems.He also accused Nash of racial discrimination in disguise if he blamed everything on white people.This is not a race issue, but a class issue.  From the comments of netizens and Nash’s reply, it is indeed a very difficult thing to build a bridge between black and white people. Original title: NBA famous places tweeted to condemn white netizens Hui Yu: You are also racist