Regulating menstrual blood gas diet

Regulating menstrual blood gas diet

Composition of black-bone chicken Guihuang: 1 black-bone chicken, 10 grams each of angelica, astragalus and Poria.

  Usage: Wash the chicken, remove the dirt and impurities, add the medicine to the chicken and replace it with the thread, put it in a casserole, cook it, remove the residue, add condiments, eat soup with meat, take 2 to 3 times, before menstruation,1 dose per day, and even 3-5 doses.

  Function: Strengthening the spleen and nourishing the heart, nourishing qi and nourishing blood; suitable for advanced menstruation, excessive menstruation, mental fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, insomnia, etc.

  Four flavors of sweet potato yam paste composition: Huai yam 250 grams, wolfberry 120 grams, deer gum 60 grams, walnut meat 240 grams, rock sugar 70 grams.

  Usage: The deer gum is fried and ground with clam powder, the remaining four flavors are steamed to extremely rotten, and the deer gum is mixed and mixed to make a paste, which is preserved for future use.

30 grams 3 times a day.

  Function: Tonifying the kidney and impotence and regulating menstruation 3 It is suitable for women during adolescence. Due to kidney deficiency, there are no regular menstrual periods, the menstrual flow is small, the color is dark and the quality is clear.

Or lumbar soreness, or dizziness, tinnitus, pale tongue and little fur, and weak pulses.

  Angelica fragrant with sparkling wine composition: Angelica 20 grams, 30 grams fragrant, 250 grams of rice wine.

  Usage: Wash the first two flavors, soak in wine for 3 days, each serving 15-30 grams, 2 times daily. Role: Shugan regulating menstruation; suitable for women’s adolescent liver Qi stagnation caused by menstrual cycle or advance or delay more than 7 daysBy.

  Shenqi nourishing cream composition: 100 grams of yellow cicada, 60 grams of ginseng, 50 grams of angelica, 20 jujubes, 100 grams of brown sugar.

  Usage: The first three flavor medicines are boiled twice, and the juice is concentrated to 500 ml; the jujube is simmered with simmering heat, the juice and jujube puree are mixed, and the juice is boiled, and the honey cream is added.

Take 20 ml of boiled water, 3 times a day.

  Function: Tonify the spleen and kidney, nourish blood and regulate menstruation; suitable for adolescent women due to lack of kidney due to kidney deficiency, pale red or dark red, thin, soft back, heel pain, dizziness, tinnitus, or cold in the abdomen, or nocturiaMany, pale tongue, weak or slow pulse.

  Anise green skin wine composition: cumin, green skin 20 grams each, rice wine 300 grams.

  Usage: Wash the first two medicines, soak in the wine for 3 days and replace.

20 grams each time, twice a day.

  Role: Shuganjieyu, regulating qi and regulating menstruation; suitable for women’s adolescent menstrual period without regular, chest tightness, swelling, irritability, thin tongue coating, pulse string.

  Composition of Amomum lotus leaf cake: 20 grams of Amomum villosum, 3,000 grams of fermented noodles, 1100 grams of sugar, 1,000 grams of cooked lard, and 20 grams of soda.

  Usage: Amomum villosum is removed from the shell, washed, dried, and ground. Add sugar and soda powder to the dough repeatedly and knead it for a few minutes. Then knead it evenly, knead it into round strips, and cut into 80 doughs.Put them on the case panel and arrange them in order. Brush cooked lard to make a lotus leaf shape. Steam in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes.

Serve 2 pieces each time, 2 times a day.

  Function: Spleen appetizer, dampen phlegm; suitable for women with weak menstruation caused by wet phlegm, pale menstruation, sticky texture like sputum, chest tightness, vomiting, foul odor, body fat 3 or menstruation for several consecutive months,People who are fat and thin.

Grain cereals are also good tonics. Economical and practical. No side effects.

Grain cereals are also good tonics. Economical and practical. No side effects.

When it comes to tonics, the first thing people think of is often tonics, meat, or seafood.

In fact, the grains we usually eat are also good tonics.

There is a saying in Chinese medicine that the medicine and food are homologous. The medicinal properties of grains and cereals can be used for complications, are economical and practical, and there is no substitute.

  Rice: also known as uncooked rice, has a sweet and flat taste, has the effects of tonifying qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and eliminating irritability.

In the winter, the indoor heating is hot and the air is dry. Drink rice porridge in the morning and evening, which can keep away from the dry and corrosive mouth.

In particular, people with diabetes need to be reminded that different cooking methods of rice have different effects on blood sugar.

Studies have shown that dry rice cooked with the same amount of rice has less effect on blood sugar than porridge.

Therefore, eating dry rice for breakfast is helpful for controlling blood sugar in diabetics.

  Millet: also known as millet, sweet and flat, has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and is suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and postpartum, and post-ill health.

When millet porridge, a layer of delicate sticky substance floating on it, commonly known as “rice oil”.

Chinese medicine believes that rice oil is extremely rich in nutrition and has the strongest nourishing power. There is a statement that “rice oil can substitute for ginseng soup”.

  Wheat: Wheat is sweet and mildly cold, has spleen and kidney strengthening, and has the effect of nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.

Upset and insomniac can take porridge with wheat, rice and jujube.

In addition, wheat bran contains high dietary fiber and has effects on hyperlipoproteinemia, diabetes, atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids, senile constipation, and colon cancer.

  Corn: sweet and flat, has the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness, appetizing and nourishing, and promoting blood circulation.

Linoleic acid in corn oil can prevent the plasma from precipitating to the blood vessel wall, and has a positive effect on preventing hypertension and coronary heart disease.

In addition, it also has diuretic and blood sugar-lowering properties, and is especially suitable for diabetics.

American scientists have also found that eating corn can stimulate brain cells and enhance human memory.

The lutein and zeaxanthin contained in corn can prevent the occurrence of macular degeneration in the eyes of the elderly.

  Rice: Also known as indica rice, it contains far more protein than rice, has a higher surface, is easier to digest and absorb, and is beneficial to reducing the burden on the body and enhancing physical fitness.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that barley rice is sweet and slightly cold, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen, reinforcing the lungs, clearing heat, and dampening dampness.

Modern research proves that barley has anti-tumor, enhance immunity, lower blood sugar and other effects.

Cooking rice porridge with rice or adding appropriate amount of rock sugar to eat can increase the appetite of tumor patients and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

In addition, the millet contained in barley has an inhibitory effect on striated muscle, which can reduce wrinkles. People who love beauty may wish to eat more.

  Sorghum: Sorghum is sweet and warm, and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

For children with indigestion, take sorghum into the pan and stir-fry, remove the shells and flour, and take 2-3 grams each time.

However, sorghum is warm and contains precipitated acid with astringent antidiarrheal effect, which is not suitable for constipation.

  Soybeans: Soybeans are flat and sweet, and have the effect of strengthening the spleen and invigorating the qi. Those with weak spleen and stomach should eat it often.

Various soybean products made from soybeans, such as tofu, soy milk, etc., also have medicinal properties: tofu can broaden and benefit the qi, clearing away heat and dispersing blood, and is especially suitable for those who suffer from cough and asthma in breathing, external feelings of cold, and sore throat.

10 Health Food Recipes for Honey


10 Health Food Recipes for Honey

Honey “food therapy” has a history of thousands of years.

Honey is rich in nutrition, containing about 70% of glucose and fructose, and also contains protein, inorganic salts, organic acids, multivitamins, and calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other substances.

  Honey radishes are washed with fresh white radishes, cut into dices, boiled in boiling water, controlled to dry, and dried for half a day. Then add 150 grams of honey to the pot, boil over low heat and mix thoroughly.

Suitable for indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and less cough.

  Take the appropriate amount of fresh ravioli juice, wash, slice, and squeeze the juice. Mix and take 1 cup of fresh ravioli juice and 1 tablespoon of honey.

2-3 times a day.

Suitable for fever, thirst, heat stroke and thirst.

Fresh lily honey 50 grams of fresh lily, 1-2 spoons of honey.

Place the lilies in a bowl, stir in the honey, and steam in the drawer.

Take before bedtime, suitable for frequent eating in patients with insomnia.

  100-150 grams of fresh celery with celery honey juice and a moderate amount of honey.

Wash and mash the celery, and stew it with honey and serve warm.

1 time daily.

Suitable for hospitalization of patients with hepatitis.

  Shouwu made from honey Shouwu Danshen juice, 15 grams each of salvia miltiorrhiza and 15 ml of honey.

Make Shouwu, decoction of Salvia miltiorrhiza to remove juice and mix honey, 1 dose per day.

Suitable for those with arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

  Honey 100ml honey, steamed in a bowl.

Take 3 times a day on an empty stomach.

Suitable for patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers.

  Honey milk drink 50 ml of honey, 50 ml of milk, 25 grams of black sesame.

Black sesame is smashed and blended with honey and milk.

Suitable for postpartum blood deficiency.

Intestinal dryness and constipation.

Facial chlorosis, moist skin, etc.

  Honey, walnut meat, honey 1000 ml, walnut meat 1000 g, smashed walnut meat, mix honey, and mix well.

Take 1 spoon each time, 2 times daily with warm water.

Suitable for asthma.

  Moderate amount of honey, 30 grams of ghee, 50 grams of previous rice.

First boil the porridge with rice, butter and honey, and cook a little.

Suitable for yang deficiency and fever, lung cough, cough, thirst, dry skin, aphtha and so on.

  1-2 buttered eggs with honey and 1-2 spoons of honey.

Pound eggs, add honey while hot, eat immediately, even for 2-3 months.

Suitable for children with bronchial asthma.

Intimate suggestions from three beauty experts


Intimate suggestions from three beauty experts

In summer, when I look at the hot sun outside, I dare not go out because I am afraid that my skin will be damaged by the hot sun.

How does sun protection work?

How to choose the right sunscreen?

We are often touched by confusion.

What do experts say about sun protection?

Let’s take a look at the intimate suggestions these three beauty experts have given us.

  Wu Xian beauty editor rubbing mud sunscreen is bad?

  Many times we will encounter the embarrassment of rubbing mud, if you hit it into the cold palace, it is likely to blame it!

In fact, this cannot be blamed on sunscreen alone.

In order to make the application feel smooth, many sunscreen products will add polymer glue, but it has a little stickiness.

In fact, if you only use sunscreen, you will definitely not encounter the problem of rubbing mud.

The point is that many essences and creams now add silicates that absorb oil and water.

After applying them, and then applying sunscreen, they will grow more like snowballs and become “mud”.

So how to avoid crumbs?

Either you switch to chemical sunscreen, because the sunscreen particles in physical sunscreen are the easiest to rub mud (of course, some chemical sunscreen polymer gels will also rub mud), otherwise you must change the essence or cream.

  Special reminder: If you have a hard time giving up and don’t want to change anything, then you should be careful not to apply sunscreen in a circular motion with your hands.

Use your fingers to “slap” little by little to reduce the friction twice, which can reduce the appearance of “mud”!

If you have rubbed the mud, and you still need to apply makeup, then you can save the liquid foundation and use a makeup brush filled with powder directly to remove the “mud”, which will quickly relieve the embarrassment.

  ①WHOO clear sunscreen cream SPF30 + PA +++ 560 yuan Recently, under the sun’s blurry light, it has pioneered the use of traditional Chinese medicine to protect the sun, and the sun is also anti-oxidant.

Thanks to the use of negative and heavier rye seed extracts, it feels cool immediately after application.

Although the paste is a bit thick, the coating method ensures that it will not rub the mud at all.

  ② Biotherm Sun Care Multi Sunscreen Cream SPF50 + UVA +++ 300 yuan. It is the baby that I must bring during the day this summer. What fascinates me is that 50 times of sunscreen can be non-greasy.

I like its pure natural hot spring water and citrus fresh fragrance for pure and pleasant feeling, sometimes I forget to use sunscreen.

  Fujita Maya Japanese beauty expert, author of “Have Face!”

Easy and Simple Beauty Book!

Sun protection makes me acne!

  The bad impression of sunscreen is that it is oily, thick, and easy to develop acne after use.

Today’s sunscreen products are thin and oil-free. As for acne, there are two reasons.

The first is that makeup is not completely removed after sun protection; the other is that it must be acknowledged that some sunscreen formulations can breed acne, and anti-sweat and waterproof sunscreens are also prone to acne.

Therefore, sunscreen for people who are prone to acne will be more limited, anti-sweat and waterproof sunscreen should be avoided, or direct selection of sunscreen products for sensitive muscle and acne muscle.

  Special Note: People with a history of susceptibility to acne, should identify two identities when choosing sunscreen: Hypoallergenic (low sensitivity), which means that sunscreen products do not contain common and sensitive chemical sunscreens, which is suitable for sensitivityFor skin or infants; Noncomedogenic (non-comedogenic), which means that the main ingredients or bases contained in this sunscreen will not cause acne, so it is very safe to use.

  ①LANCOME Gold Pure Sunscreen SPF?


PA +++ 880 yuan / 30ml can bring the dual effects of preventing dull skin tone and repairing mature skin.

Nourishes and firmes the skin, revealing the radiance of mature skin.

  ②Falman DNA High Anti-Sun Repair Cream SPF30 1370 yuan Formula specially designed for the face and sensitive parts. High-efficiency vitamin D pushes the compound into contact with the sun, and turns it into an essential vitamin for the skin. The sun suddenly turns intoThe energy of “photosynthesis” is very tempting.

  Does the first skincare expert at Nicole Network advocate water resistance?

I have a trick to detect!
  Even if you can judge whether this sunscreen is waterproof and sweat-proof from the waterproof and sweat-resistant packaging, it cannot be denied that each sunscreen product has a different ability to waterproof.How to detect it?
One of my usual tricks is to put some water in a small transparent medicine bottle, then squeeze a little sunscreen and mix with water, then cover it and shake well.
If the shaken liquid becomes uniform milky white, the waterproof ability will be compromised!
If the liquid is filled with small droplets of suspended water, the water resistance is not bad.
  Special reminder: Special attention should be paid to that if you use up sunscreen (especially waterproof sunscreen), you should pay attention to select a special makeup remover for pre-cleaning before using cleansing products, so that you can completely clean your skin.
Because most of the current sunscreen is similar to base makeup, facial cleansing products are not clean, so you must remove your makeup!
  Natio sun protection lotion SPF?
30+ (waterproof formula) 120 yuan A sunscreen with skin care effects, including vitamin E and aloe vera, and it is quite refreshing and can block UVA comprehensively?
UVB, provides 2 to 4 hours of waterproof function.

Baby should never add sugar when drinking Chinese medicine

Baby should never add sugar when drinking Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine decoction works very well, but it is bitter, not to mention children, even adults have difficulty drinking.

So some people think, in order to cover up the unbelievable bitterness, can you add some sugar to the soup?

This refreshing approach should not be promoted, otherwise the lighter will reduce the efficacy and the more serious will have side effects.

In each prescription, the composition of the medicine is different from “acid, bitter, sweet, acrid, and salty”, and the medicinal properties are also different from “cold, hot, warm, and cold.”

And sugar also has certain medicinal properties and effects. For example, sugar has the effect of nourishing the lungs, replenishing the spleen and slowing the liver.Carbohydrates are also used in Chinese medicine.

However, it is also contraindicated in clinical use.

First of all, eating more will help heat. If the patient has full abdominal distension, dampness and heat stagnates the body, sputum accumulates in the body, thick tongue coating, etc., you can generally add sugar to avoid adverse reactions.

People with sputum should not take it.

Basically, white sugar is cool and brown sugar is warm. If white sugar is added to warm medicine or brown sugar is added to cold medicine, it will attenuate the medicine, hinder the full absorption of the effect and affect the efficacy.

Thirdly, the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively complicated. Sugars, especially brown sugar, contain a large amount of elements such as iron and calcium. Proteins and metabolites in traditional Chinese medicine can be combined with them to cause chemical reactions.

Some active ingredients in the medicinal solution are coagulated and denatured, which in turn produces turbidity and precipitation, which not only affects the efficacy of the medicine but also endangers health.

Finally, some medicines work better by stimulating the secretion of the digestive glands by using bitterness.

Coptis chinensis, for example, excites the excitement of the taste analyzer and increases the excitement of the appetite center, which causes the secretion of gastric juice to increase reflexively, thereby exerting the effect of strengthening the stomach.

If you add sugar, this effect will be lost, and the effect of treatment will not be achieved.

Late autumn is coming, 4 nourishing soups are the most tonic

Late autumn is coming, 4 nourishing soups are the most tonic

Autumn and winter are nourishing seasons, health can prevent at least various diseases, and can be fully prepared for the arrival of cold winter, so what is the most tonic in late autumn?

  First, the effect of papaya peanut rib soup: This soup can moisturize the skin and moisturize the bowels.

  Ingredients: This soup is made of fresh papaya (about 500 grams), dried flowers with 100 grams of raw kernels, and fresh pork ribs with 250 grams.

  Production: 1. Wash and peel the fresh papaya, remove the kernels and cut into coarse pieces for later use; 2. Wash the impurities with fresh water and dried kernels of fresh flowers, clean the blood stains with fresh water from pork ribs, cut into coarse pieces and addMix well with refined salt; 3, then put the above soup into the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of water, first use Wuhuo, and then cook in a gentle fire.

Cook until the peanut kernels are ripe and soft.

  Second, the efficacy of Yangshen Huaishan Ribs Decoction: qi refreshing, nourishing and nourishing essence, spleen appetizer, eliminating fatigue Materials: 25g of American Ginseng, 50g of Huaishan, 50g of Zhishi, 500g of ribs, Chenpi, a small amount of salt

  Production: 1. First wash the American ginseng, Huaishan, Zhishi, pork ribs, and rind separately; 2. American ginseng, Huaishan slices, pork ribs chopped, spare; 3, add an appropriate amount of water in a clay pot, first use the fierce heat to the waterRoll, then add all the ingredients, switch to medium heat and continue to cook for 3 hours, add some salt to season.

  Third, the effectiveness of lily catfish soup: catfish sweet, warm, catfish and Bai cooperation soup, can nourish Qingjiang.

  Materials: Anchovies are about 1,000 grams, and lily is 200 grams.

  Production: 1, descaling, gills, viscera, washing, controlling the moisture, frying, add boiling water, salt and simmer, and filter the soup; 2. remove the impurities from the lily and soak in the water for half an hour; 3,Add fish, lily, and fish soup to the casserole, supplemented with refined salt, and the appropriate amount of raw oil; 4, boil over high heat, skim off the floating foam, and cook on low heat.

Finally, sprinkle with pepper and serve well.

  Fourth, the efficacy of red date milk pigeon soup soup: Guibai Department of Pingwei Gan, has a lung-moistening effect, phlegm and cough, so this soup has the effect of warming lung qi, phlegm and cough.

It should be noted that those with phlegm-heat cough should not participate.

  Materials:  12 grams, 4 red dates, 1 young pigeon, 2 slices of ginger.

  Production: 1. One hundred, wash the red dates, put them in the red dates to remove the kernels; 2. Wash the young pigeons, remove the claws, and get dirty. Put the boiling water in for a while and roll them into the clay pot after washing.Add 1500 ml of water (6 bowls). After the Wuhuo pot is boiled, change to a wenhuo pot for 2 hours. Add an appropriate amount of salt and replace the raw oil.

Acupoint massage

Acupoint massage

Many books and newspapers have introduced a number of effective Chinese medicine meridian acupoint health care methods, but if you really want to do it, many friends will feel they do n’t know where to start.

The biggest difficulty is to be afraid of finding acupoints.

  Traditional Chinese medicine meridian includes twelve meridians, twelve meridians, eight odd meridians, fifteen meridians, twelve meridians, twelve skins, and more than 700 traditional acupuncture points.

It is difficult for non-professionals to remember so many acupuncture points, not to mention pinpointing positions.

  Acupuncture points are not found, so what about health care?

In fact, finding acupoints is not as difficult as we think, because acupoints are like our body’s alarms. If we are sick, there are problems with the meridians and viscera, certain parts of the body will become sensitive, and it will be very lightThe soreness is like the red light on the alarm and the siren.

This is what TCM calls “there are all things inside and things that are outside.”

  These specific parts are mostly on the key points or meridian circulation parts, and some are on some specific reflection points or reflection areas, such as the foot massage reflection area.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you can’t find the standard position of the acupuncture point. Finding your own reaction point means meaning.

Because these reaction points are not only “alarms” but also “regulators”.

We often press these reaction points, and we will say goodbye to sub-health, adjust our physique, and perform health care.

  It turns out that acupuncture points can be found like this: Meridian positioning: This is a more professional method.

For example, when you have a diarrhea, the focus is on finding tender points in the spleen meridian, and performing pressure or moxibustion.

This method does not require memorizing acupuncture points, but it is still necessary to know the general course of the meridians.

  What if you do n’t know the meridian path?

The simpler method is described below.

  Visceral body surface projection area: Visceral body has a direct corresponding body surface location. For example, stomach pain is found in the body surface projection area of the stomach, and abdominal pain is found in the projection area of the abdomen.

  For example, patients with coronary heart disease and angina pectoris often have a pain point in the location of the heart projection area in a short period of time. Clicking to remove sourness is very strong, and they will feel uncomfortable even if they don’t go on time.

Someone described it as “like a broken nail on the back”, how vivid.

This feeling disappears when you rest well, tired, angry, and exacerbated when cold, it can predict the change of the condition very sensitively.

Clinically, the family members of patients with prescriptions help massage every day, or use moxibustion when there are symptoms of deficiency, which can be used to relieve the symptoms of coronary heart disease.

Some friends may not have coronary heart disease, but work pressure or mood swings, and often show chest tightness, shortness of breath, and palpitations. Taking this part is also effective.

  Acupoint selection at the cross of the limbs: First locate the lesion, take the umbilicus as the reference point, and cross the acupuncture point from left to right and up and down.

Fracture joint sprains and the like can be found at the right wrist joint, and plugging this pain point can relieve the symptoms of sprains.

Re-fractured sciatica usually starts from the buttocks and radiates to the legs, so you can find an abnormal sore point on the opposite shoulder joint, preventing this point can quickly relieve pain.

This is the hip pain point in balanced acupuncture.

  Holographic reflection area: The holographic reflection area refers to the foot reflection area and the ear-guo reflection area.

These reflection areas do not need to be remembered, buy a picture, what is uncomfortable, use as soon as possible.

Let me tell you a lazy tip: find a distance massage center for a full body massage, write down your pain points, and massage these parts every day after you go home.

  It is not enough to find the right acupuncture point. It is not enough to find your own reaction point and reaction zone. You need to understand that some reactions will occur.

  Tenderness: It is a sore, tingling, painful sensation.

Some people will experience the characteristics of pain transmitted along the meridians, and the more severe the disease, the more severe the multiple meridians, the stronger the pain.

Massage it every day, after the meridians are unblocked, the pain will become less and less, and the physical symptoms will improve.

  Induration: Many people who often do shoulder and back massages will experience this experience. For example, when sitting for a long time or if the shoulder pain is excessively tense, nodules will appear somewhere.

An acupuncture expert summarized a method for treating cervical spondylosis, which is to directly acupuncture the muscle tension, especially the nodules, with a positive effect.

  Sensitive: Skin is itchy with a slight irritation.

This kind of performance mostly appears in some massage techniques that cover the shrinkage of the skin area.

Such as shooting method, some people will not feel pain when using the shooting method, but the skin itching is unbearable, and even redness quickly.At this time, it can be changed to a half-grip punch, the intensity is deeper, and the itchiness will be relieved.

After tapping, the physical symptoms can be improved and the itchiness will disappear.

At that time, beat the meridians with moderate intensity for daily health care.

  Temperature change: The most common is a lot of people with yang deficiency. The waist (Shenshu) is very cold, and some women, especially after delivery, often have a lower abdomen like ice, and the temperature difference with other parts of the body is very obvious.

These people can’t be better with moxibustion.

  Select the correct reaction point, use the correct method, and after a period of self-regulation, the reaction point pain will be relieved, the induration can also become smaller or disappear, and the original cold part can be changed from cold to warm.

By then, your health will reach a new level.

Mu Tianyu

Mu Tianyu

Mu Tianzhang is a Kudzu jujube called kiwi.

Genus Kiwi.

Liana, solitary, white, fragrant.

Its stem name is “Growing Vine”.

The targeted cream has a sweet taste and can be eaten raw or brewed. Its tender leaves can be used as vegetables and worm-eaten fruits for medicinal purposes.

Produced in Northeast China, Northwest and Southwest Provinces.

  Sexuality is sweet, warm and non-toxic.

  Ingredients with galls include gallic acid and luteol.

  Pharmacological Ligustrazol has cardiotonic and diuretic effects.

  Functions: Indication of kidney qi, low back pain, wind pain, cold paralysis.

  [血虚风痹,腰膝冷痛]  木天蓼枝茎或根250克,高梁酒适量,浸泡7-10天,每日早晚适量饮酒。  [妇女腰下冷,久不受妊]  木天蓼果实虫疫,每日15克,黄酒煎服。

Autumn medicinal diet to change your bad looks

Autumn medicinal diet to change your bad looks

After cooking, it will change from cool to warm. It has the effect of nourishing the stomach and nourishing yin, strengthening the spleen, nourishing qi and nourishing blood. It is a very good food supplement, especially suitable for people with dry skin and lack of facial expression due to weak spleen and stomach and insufficient blood.

The sacral section between segments is a good medicine. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing and stopping bleeding, and it can also improve the complexion.

  The salamander is divided into three kinds: the red salamander, the white salamander and the twist.

The safflower is long and thin, brownish-yellow in outer skin, rough, starchy, less moisture, glutinous but not crispy, suitable for soup. The white scallion is hypertrophy, the appearance is delicate and smooth, silvery white, the meat is crispy and juicy, sweet and rich, raw.Best; Twisted tincture is pink, rough appearance, starchy, cooked food is appropriate.

  It is recommended to use two kinds of medicinal diet fresh juice with tincture as the main raw material and improving the color effect: appropriate amount of fresh tincture, wash and peel, squeeze the juice, take 2 spoons each time, 3 times a day.

It can be mixed with rock sugar according to personal taste, suitable for people with skin acne.

  Ganmai jujube soup: 250 grams of lotus root, 75 grams of wheat, 12 grams of licorice, 5 red dates, 1 tsp of salt.

Wash the wheat, soak it in water for 1 hour, then put the wheat, licorice, and red dates into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, add lotus root and cook on a low heat, then season with salt.

This soup has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, soothing the nerves, and is especially suitable for people with insomnia, upset, and poor color.

Learn etiquette, start with Taekwondo

Learn etiquette, start with Taekwondo

When “absolute courtesy, honesty, patience, self-denial, unyieldingness” are expressed in bowing, saluting, and attacking, literacy becomes more specific.

It is said that Taekwondo not only teaches boxing, but also develops etiquette and will.

But I just heard that there is always some dubiousness: is it really that good?

Some parents are still worried that if they let their children kick all day long, will they become aggressive and rude?

Then go to the pavilion and feel it, maybe you can find the answer there.

  Etiquette, rubbing in every detail. Scene 1. Outside the museum, a group of six or seven-year-old boys ran upstairs with all the fun, and suddenly found that the teacher stood in front of his eyes, stopped immediately, put his feet together, left handAt the lower abdomen, a standard Juju ceremony was performed, and he greeted out loud, “Good teacher!

“Scene two: Before the training, the children lined up to salute the national flag, the flag, and salute the coach.

At the end of the training, after finishing the Tao uniform, he solemnly bowed to the national flag and Tao flag again, the coach and the document saluted each other, the instrument said goodbye to the coach loudly, bowed and quit.

  Scenario 3: Shortly after the training begins, a late academic rushes in and rushes to the level to start training.

The coach came to him: “Why didn’t you just enter the queue without saying hello to the coach?”

Go to the side and do 20 squats!

“The coach commented that Beijing Bo Ai International Taekwondo Club coach Meng Li: The distinctive feature of Taekwondo is” beginning with etiquette and ending with etiquette. ”

As a person, loving home, loving society, and loving the motherland are all duties.

Speaking of abstraction, it is actually very simple. Certainly, jujube to the national flag is the expression of loving the motherland.

Accustomed to such rituals, this spirit gradually turns into a person’s emotional foundation, cultivates the gift-giving emotion, and realizes the truth of being a person.

  Therefore, many of the children ‘s previously bad habits are corrected by the coach during the class, for example, foot targets are not allowed to be thrown, and they should be placed gently on it, let them bow to the teacher, and salute their friends . At first they felt fun.However, slowly these habits will be brought into life, penetrate into the blood, and form a person’s etiquette.

  Shouting to make the children confident. Scene 1: In the face of the coach’s demonstration, a little girl was embarrassed and her movements became hesitant.

The coach corrected his movements, “Ha!

The ground shouted, every time the little girl kicked, the coach shouted, and again and again, the little girl’s uniform became more and more calm and confident, and her legs became stronger and stronger!

  Scene two: “Hi”, “Ha”, after a powerful action, the children shouted such a voice at the same time.

Neat and powerful movements combined with neat and powerful sounds make people feel a sense of being deterred.

  The coach commented on the golden coach of the Taekwondo Museum in Wangjing District, Beijing: Taekwondo is just an early practice or a high-level practice, and they are all very focused and confident.

Whenever difficulties are encountered during the practice, the coach will encourage the child to be confident and believe that he can overcome the difficulties and do better one time at a time.

This will motivate the child to become a strong person, and cultivate the child’s spirit of going forward.

  In addition, the reason why we let the children shout out loud during training is to allow him to overcome self-confidence.

Shouting can completely stimulate him to enter a state of excitement quickly, but also can make him bold and confident.

  Offense, patience, and polishing of will Scene one: “The action must be powerful, you must learn to take the initiative to attack, you must not blindly avoid or concede.

“This is what the coach repeatedly plays to the children during training.

The children are also reminded by the coach again and again that the offense is more active and the kick is more powerful.

  Scene two: The biting cold wind is outside. The children in the house are barefoot and wearing uniforms. A parent asked the coach worriedly: “Isn’t the child frozen?

Can you add a cotton sweater?

“The coach refused mildly and resolutely.

  Coach commented on Coach Gold: Taekwondo exercises connected to the root cause of “ethical integrity, shame, endurance and perseverance”.

Therefore, whenever the children are not serious, we will not scold too much, but let them do a certain amount of exercises like push-ups or squats, and then learn next.

If the discipline is not good, we will punish the child within a certain time frame, and then continue to take care of him and teach him equally.

This can cultivate children’s hard-working spirit and perseverance, positive will quality.

Wearing a kimono is also a kind of tempering, so that children can have a certain ability to endure the cold.   Mom commented on Taekwondo: I have been looking for such an environment, not only the detailed rules and etiquette, but also the smart intentions of the executive teacher, and the technical learning under the guidance of love.

Finally, I saw several possibilities in Taekwondo training hall.

  The child learns and makes great progress.

Gradually, it became more regular. Greetings to the coach were no longer murmured or perfunctory, but sincerely thank each other for bowing.

  Zeyi’s mother: My child was timid.

It turned out that he had practiced ice skating, and would never practice it again after an injury.

Tae Kwon Do started out as a basic exercise for individuals. There was no confrontational exercise.

By the time of the confrontational content, he was no longer afraid.

  Mother Hailong: There is a little girl who turns out to be bullied by boys in class.

Only three classes had been taken, when the boys came to bully her again.

She made several gestures with great momentum.

Guess what?

Scared those boys away!

  Tips What is Taekwondo “Tae” is the way of kicking, “Boxing” is the way of boxing, “Tao” is the method, art, and a spiritual and cultural experience.

Because it is dominated by feet (70%), it is called “the art of feet.”

  Taekwondo stands for “Beginning of Ceremony and End of Ceremony”, and requires practitioners to continuously improve themselves in moral cultivation while practicing techniques.

  Taekwondo training is divided into ten levels and nine stages. Each level is distinguished by a belt of different colors.

After completing the first stage, scholars receive more stringent training. After passing the exam, they can be promoted to the second stage, the black belt (one stage).

The black belt is divided into nine segments, and the number of segments stabs at both ends of the black belt.

  Age and physical conditions Generally speaking, children can start taekwondo at the age of five.

As long as there are no congenital diseases such as hypertension, hypertension and bone diseases, you can learn.