Easy to get rid of excess meat in summer, obey the 8 golden rules


Easy to get rid of excess meat in summer, obey the 8 golden rules

Guide: In the summer, weight loss has become a top priority.

Want to slim out the S curve?

Then you have to choose the right way to lose weight.

Below, Xiaobian tells you the 8 golden rules of healthy weight loss, so that you can easily win in the summer weight loss campaign!


Write down your diet and want to lose weight, just write down what you eat together!

This voice may be a bit boring, but if you stick to it for a long time, you will see a lot of rewards.

Studies have shown that insisting on writing a food diary can achieve a more ideal weight loss effect.

Write down your daily diet, including some important details such as time, place, reason and how much you ate.

Reviewing these details as you analyze your diary will help you better understand your eating habits and will be very helpful in improving your weight loss program.

銆€銆€What to do: You only need one notebook, or you can make the diet details into an Excel worksheet, or store it on your smartphone.

Anyway, in some way, as long as it is a diary that can carefully record the diet, it is the best companion in your weight loss process!


Increasing protein intake Protein is an important nutrient for maintaining good health. In addition, it is an important substance for healthy weight loss.

Protein can promote muscle growth and maintain weight.

This is because the protein requires a dose of time and transfer to digestion, which will also increase satiety, reduce your food intake and speed up the assistant’s burning!

銆€銆€What to do: Even if you add protein to every meal, you may not be able to meet your daily protein needs.

So, add protein to your snacks.

Many resting diet foods contain a lot of quality protein.

These include low-fat yogurt, beans, nuts and more.


Add more color to each meal to eat red, yellow, orange, green, or purple food, thus increasing the proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

They are super-slimming foods with low levels and metabolizing vitamins and minerals that both increase your satiety and don’t worry about excessive conversion.

銆€銆€What to do: Try to store fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible, so you can choose more of them.

It’s best to make them into low-fat vegetable and fruit salads or fruit slices, so you will naturally think of these good friends when you want to eat snacks!


Stopping over-eating dieting can’t help you lose weight at all, and it will make you lose more fat.

Excessive dieting can’t add enough energy to the body. Unfortunately, burning requires energy. Therefore, excessive dieting will slow down or even stop accidental burning, which will result in weight loss failure.

In addition, excessive dieting will make you overeating because of obesity!

銆€銆€What should I do: Eating less and eating more meals is a very effective way to lose weight.

Regular eating can continuously increase the secretion of saliva, increase the production of digestive enzymes, stimulate peristalsis, and effectively control appetite.

Therefore, in the case of ensuring the right amount of intake in the body, the snacks that are late and low in the meal are also a healthy way to lose weight!


There are reasonable goals and plans. Don’t always think about slimming down at once, that’s impossible.

If you want to stay slim for a long time, you must stick to a healthy way to lose weight.

Therefore, a reasonable weight loss goal is the key to your successful weight loss.

In addition, unplanned diet and three-point heat exercise can also lead to weight loss failure.

銆€銆€What to do: A 1-2 pound drop per week is the ideal weight loss.
Planning a daily diet and a 30-minute aerobic exercise every day is also a must for successful weight loss.

Slower studies of eating have shown that it takes at least 20 minutes for a person to start eating to the brain to receive satiety information, and eating too fast can result in excessive calorie intake.

銆€銆€What to do: Chewing slowly can help you reduce your food intake.

In addition, sitting at the table and relocating, often cooking yourself is also a good way to reduce the introduction of repeated!


Don’t give up easily. Because you have eaten an extra piece of chocolate, you fall into the mindset of “I messed up.”

Then there will be the idea that “it is better to continue to eat, anyway, today is broken.”

Repeating weight loss will only cause a constant rebound, and then cause you to give up in failure again and again.

銆€銆€What should be done: Perseverance is one of the golden rules for successful weight loss.

Losing weight is a long-term process, and both mistakes and depression are essential.

So, in any case, you must stick to it, and giving up easily will only make you never achieve the effect of losing weight.


Adhering to moderate exercise is the best way to burn fat and is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

The most effective weight loss exercise is aerobics such as jogging, swimming, yoga, walking and so on.

Therefore, MM who wants to lose weight should remember to keep exercising!

Of course, excessive exercise will cause you to eat too much because of excessive consumption in the body, which is not conducive to weight loss!

銆€銆€What to do: 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, this will help you fully consume calories.

If you want to increase the burning range, you should develop a healthy life habit, such as sitting in a multi-station, less elevators and more stairs!

What is the health effect in the vacuum flask?


What is the health effect in the vacuum flask?

To say what to eat and eat, you must be able to think of it. The words in the thermos cup are not said. Many people like to drink water.

Because it is natural and healthy, it is also rich in a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. It can be easily absorbed by the soaking water, which is simple and convenient.

So, what good is it to drink in the water?

Enhancing immunity, soaking water can really enhance the body’s immunity, and it has health and promotion effects on the body’s internal organs and blood circulation. It is very suitable for people with weak constitution and poor resistance.

鏋告潪 鐢?鑴?鍏嶇柅 婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?婊?鏄?鏄嶪n addition to liver fire.

Whitening and beauty girls drink soaked water, but also whitening and beauty, anti-aging effect, because the beta-carotene content in the sputum is higher than carrots, vitamin C, iron and other content are also very good.

Natural beta-carotene is anti-aging and prevents sun damage.

Therefore, female friends can drink some tea every day.

鏋告潪 Health agents have a very good effect on both sides, so 鏋告潪 is also one of the good medicines to prevent hair loss.

It is very suitable for people who have hair loss by using sputum soaking water. It can effectively improve the internal circulation of the human body and create a natural and healthy environment for hair growth.

鏋告潪 鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鍏嶇柅 鍏嶇柅 鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鑴?鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪 鏋告潪The effect is about 30g per day.

The most suitable person is a person with weak constitution and poor resistance, but you must eat a little every day and stick to it for a long time to be effective.

Because the effect of warming the body is quite strong, people who are suffering from fever and fever, the body has inflammation, diarrhea is not suitable for eating, and it is best not to eat too much nutrients caused by excessive nutrition on weekdays.

First, then, and after, the muscles have to be in order.


First, then, and after, the muscles have to be in order.

In the gym, some bodybuilders perform short-limb exercises after simply warming up, reducing the squats or lunges of the leg strength, resulting in physical discomfort and even injury. This is mostly because the order of their exercises is wrong.The order of scientific exercise should be the upper body and the lower body.

銆€銆€In the gym where the author works, I have encountered several “first down, then up” injured: a 50-year-old male member who has a certain muscle foundation and exercise experience. After consulting the instructor, he will perform bow and arrow exercises.This practice member only needs to do 3 groups, but when doing the second group, the member will have leg muscle injury; another member will do squat exercises after warming up, and after practicing several groups, he will feel dizzy and nausea.Pre-reaction of acute shock.

銆€銆€These conditions are too common in the gym, which is mostly caused by improper scheduling of exercise.

During exercise, muscles and ligaments are directly involved, while muscles are divided into large muscle groups and small muscle groups. The muscles in the legs are large muscle groups. During exercise, the legs are relatively stressed and the legs are stressed.Time budget.

銆€銆€So this requires better cardiopulmonary function and muscle support.

First, the upper body muscles and ligaments are fully preheated to prepare the legs for movement.

At the same time, during the upper body exercise, the cardiopulmonary function has also been improved accordingly, and the synergistic parts between the large muscle groups have also been properly participated, thus avoiding the damage.

銆€銆€Therefore, if there is a movement about the leg in the exercise schedule for one day, the leg movement can be arranged at the end of the exercise; if the lower body exercise is arranged during the one-week exercise, the leg movement can be arranged in the exercise content for one week.In the final stage, this is because the leg exercises are too expensive for body energy, and the recovery time of the leg muscles is relatively replaced. It takes at least 2-3 days. If the lower limbs are trained first, it may affect future practice.

銆€銆€In addition, in the leg exercise just carried out, the intensity should not be too large, in 2-3 groups / day, through the improvement of cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength can slowly increase the weight and number of exercises.

Cycling can strengthen the heart and beautify the body


Cycling can strengthen the heart and beautify the body

Bicycles are one of the best tools to overcome heart function problems.

More than half of the world’s people die of heart disease. Cycling can not only use the movement of the legs to compress blood flow, but also withdraw the notes from the end of the blood vessels to the heart. In fact, it also strengthens the microvascular tissue.cycle”.

Strengthening blood vessels can keep you from age and youth.

銆€銆€In addition, habitual cycling can expand your heart.

Otherwise, the blood vessels will get finer and finer, and the heart will get better and better. In your later years, you will experience the troubles it brings. Then you will find out how perfect the bicycle is.

銆€銆€Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen. Once there was an elderly person who completed a 460-kilometer bicycle trip in 6 days.

He said: “The elderly must have at least 3 exercises per week to strengthen the heart and restore normal function.

You have to make the heart beat hard, but not too long.

It is expected to be able to adapt to emergencies, such as driving or resisting difficulties.

“Bicycle exercise also prevents high blood pressure and is sometimes more effective than drugs.

It also prevents weight gain, hardening of the arteries, and implantation of bones.

Bicycles eliminate the need for medication to maintain your health and without harm.

銆€銆€Bicycles are a tool for weight loss. According to statistics, a person weighing 75 kilograms can reduce the weight by half a kilogram when riding 73 miles per hour at 9 miles and a half, but it must be sustained every day.

銆€銆€Cycling can not only lose weight, but also make your body more symmetrical.

People who exercise to lose weight, or exercise while eating, are better and more attractive than those who rely on dieting to lose weight.

I don’t know how to describe “more fascinating”, but in fact, the strong muscles brought by exercise, and the small feet that are practiced by cycling, are much better than the embarrassing, blue-ribbed diet.!

銆€銆€Proper exercise can secrete a hormone that makes your heart open and happy.

From experience, it can be known that cycling can produce this hormone.

銆€銆€In fact, because the bicycle compresses the blood vessels, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the brain injects more oxygen, so you suck in more fresh air.

After riding for a while, you will feel your brain clearer.

銆€銆€Riding on this two-wheeled bicycle that relies on your physical strength, you will feel very free and enjoyable.

It is not only a weight loss exercise, but also a happy exile.

A normal heart is good for longevity


A normal heart is good for longevity

Tang Yuzhi was born in Hangzhou in 1926. He is the chief physician and professor of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I have done internal eye surgery for Mao Zedong.

Professor Tang Yuzhi is 84 years old and looks only 60 years old.

銆€銆€He said that his own way of health, “in fact, mainly has a normal heart, and maintain a more regular life.


Sleep guidelines.

銆€銆€Professor Tang regards sleep as a 鈥済as station鈥?for energy, and guarantees more than 7 hours of sleep every day.

Sometimes patients are consulted in the middle of the night, and then he also takes time to make up.

After he is old, he will take a lunch break of half an hour or an hour every day to guarantee the energy of the afternoon.


Plan your own sport.

銆€銆€Professor Tang gave the patient an operation. It was a few hours at a stop. He used this as a good opportunity to exercise.

Later, when his heart had a problem, he began to expand his chest to keep his blood running smoothly.

At the same time, the correction is often rotated because the alignment above is the life center of the person, and the replacement is the key part of the center.


The diet should be reasonable.

銆€銆€Professor Tang has never been picky eaters, nor is it gluttonous.

After he was old, he began to control his diet, and he usually ate more vegetarian food.

His requirements for three meals a day are: breakfast is full, Chinese food is good, and dinner is eaten less.


Be a normal person.

銆€銆€Professor Tang said that he has experienced the turmoil of the old society and the contradictions of life, so he is a very easy person to meet.

Although he had seen the disease for many senior leaders such as Chairman Mao, he never felt complacent, but always regarded himself as a general practitioner.

No matter what happens to him, he will respond calmly, less unpleasant than others, and his mind will be much wider.


Study hard and brainstorm.

銆€銆€Professor Tang believes that the human brain is like the wheel of a machine. It needs to be rotated from time to time. Although the movement will cause the wheels to wear out, it is easy to “crash” once the outage is too long.

Although he is 80 years old, Professor Tang still insists on going out twice a week, and he has to deal with more than 10 cases each time. He said that this will keep him young.

The correct way to sit up


The correct way to sit up

Sit-ups, the correct way is as follows: the body is lying on the instrument, the head is down, the legs are on, and the feet are hooked on the short bar.

The position of the hands is determined according to the strength of the abdominal muscles. The closer the hands are to the head, the more difficult it is to sit up.

銆€銆€The beginners (both fat and poor abdominal strength) can hold both sides of the instrument to assist in the movement.

With a certain foundation, hands can be crossed and placed on the chest.

If you exercise regularly, you can put your hands behind your head, but when you are exhausted, do not use the strength of your arms to complete the sit-up, so as not to strain your hands.

銆€銆€The specific method is: tighten the abdomen, the upper body is rolled up, and exhales when you start.

When the upper body is at an angle of 45掳 to the ground, it is the time when the abdominal muscles are most stressed. Stop and hold this position for 1-2 seconds. Don’t suffocate.

Then slowly reduce to the initial position and inhale when restoring.

The action is a drop together, and the breath is a breath, this is a complete action.

銆€銆€For beginners, a group of 15-20, do 2-3 groups, muscle stretching after each pair.

That is, standing on the ground, hands crossed up, do the action of the back bow, that is, the action of stretching.

銆€銆€As a reminder, due to the elevated position of the device in this device, there is high blood pressure, and people with high blood pressure are not suitable for training.

Health breakfast porridge: rustic vegetable porridge, celery mushroom porridge, white fungus porridge


Health breakfast porridge: rustic vegetable porridge, celery mushroom porridge, white fungus porridge

Idyllic vegetable porridge materials: 1/2 of broccoli, 2 mushrooms, 2 mushrooms, 1/2 of carrots, 200 grams of rice; 800 ml of chicken soup, salt, pepper, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, and sugar.

Practice: 1, wash the vegetables, all boiled with boiling water, the western blue flowers into a small flower, incense!

Mushrooms, straw mushrooms, and carrots were cut into small pieces; the rice was washed and soaked in water for 1 hour.

2, set the pot on the fire, add chicken soup and rice, boil over high heat, add mushrooms, diced mushrooms and diced carrots, boil and simmer until light, add broccoli, salt, pepper, sugar, medium heatBoil the pot and add the MSG and sesame oil to taste.

Celery mushroom porridge material: 50 grams of celery, 2 kinds of shiitake mushrooms, 100 grams of rice; vegetable oil, salt, MSG, the right amount.

Practice: 1, celery choose to wash clean, cut small Ding: water shiitake mushrooms washed, go peddling, cut Xiaoding: rice washed clean.

2, set the pot on the fire, pour the right amount of water, add rice, boil the fire and turn to a small fire, cook for 30 minutes.

3, another take the wok on the fire, pour the vegetable oil to 60% heat, add celery, the mushroom diced stir fry, add rice porridge, continue to cook for 10 minutes, put salt, MSG seasoning.

Tremella sorghum porridge material: sorghum rice 50 grams, white fungus 20 grams, red dates 40 grams; rock sugar amount.

Practice: 1, glutinous rice washed clean, soak for 2 hours; white fungus foam, go pedicure, wash, tear into small flowers; red dates washed spare.

2, set the pot on the fire, pour the appropriate amount of water to boil, add high glutinous rice and then boil, add the white fungus, red dates, change to low heat and cook until the sorghum rice blossoms thoroughly, put the sugar to cook until it can be opened.

2 big tricks at night, eating wild will not be fat


2 big tricks at night, eating wild will not be fat

If you eat very few people for dinner, you will be screaming at ten o’clock. If you want to eat, you are afraid that the weight loss plan will fall short. If you don’t eat it, it is really difficult. What can you do?

Today teaches you a good way to eat and not be afraid of gaining weight.

銆€銆€First, sleep 4 hours after a meal. Q: In the daytime, the company always eats a full stomach, but the mother has a rich dinner at night. If you don’t eat, you are too sorry for your mother. What should I do?

銆€銆€A: Do you want to eat good dinner?


Go to sleep after 4 hours.

銆€銆€Special reminder: Under normal circumstances, it is better to eat 70% or 80% of dinner. You can’t eat it until you support it.

銆€銆€Declassification: In fact, this is not a good solution, it is easy to understand, eating at night and sleeping right away can easily cause slight accumulation.

So the key is to promote the speed of digestion. Even sitting and writing while going to bed is a kind of exercise. Exercise leads to digestion, and occasionally it will not accumulate.

銆€銆€Life is not normal mm, often staying up late.

Because I was afraid of getting fat, I still didn’t dare to eat more dinner and worried that I would be hungry in the middle of the night.

銆€銆€Second, no matter what you eat after a meal, what method to use to lose weight, remember that exercise after dinner is right.

銆€銆€For lazy words: walking – lazy crush can choose to walk, but such a low amount of exercise wants to rely on it to lose weight will be remembered, but at least can help digestion!

銆€銆€Reminder – how to use a walk to lose weight?

If you have decided to list your walk as your own fitness program, there are several ways to walk for your reference.

銆€銆€Recently, I have often heard that eating bitter gourd every day can lose weight. It is said that this method is very effective, popular in the United States, Japan, and does not need to diet, no exercise, how long to sleep, how long to eat, what to eat.

銆€銆€Half-lazy words: jogging-jogging, exercise time lasts for more than one and a half hours, can’t be interrupted, 10 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise is not consuming, so at least half an hour or more!

銆€銆€Reminder – Do you know where to pay attention when running?

Head and neck, thighs and knees, etc. One of the keys to light consumption is trying to exercise with exercise intensity close to your anaerobic threshold (anaerobic threshold), and the correct posture allows you to waste too much energyAchieve this intensity.

銆€銆€If you are not lazy: weight loss exercise – all kinds of weight loss exercises, it takes 30-60 minutes, I am afraid that you are lazy, can you do it every day?

銆€銆€Note: After finishing the action, lie flat for a while, relax the abdomen, do not be too intense during exercise, think about the abdominal muscles in the brain.

“Naked guest” is growing rapidly.

鈥淣aked guest鈥?is growing rapidly.

“I only wear Chanel No. 5 perfume when I sleep.
“This is a famous saying of Marilyn Monroe, the sexiest woman of the 20th century.”
Today, this sentence has become the slogan of the naked sleeper.
銆€銆€For the Chinese who are accustomed to lying down with their clothes, in the past few years, naked sleep was like “opening the door”, and it was difficult to accept it for a while.
Nowadays, more and more people are joining the ranks of naked sleep, and more enthusiasts have established a naked sleeping club on the Internet to talk about self-care experience.
Medical research has confirmed that naked sleep does have some peculiar “effects.”
Some people even think that naked sleep is a cheap health care method without any cost.
銆€銆€鈥滆8瀹⑩€濈兢浣撻€愬勾澧炲姞銆€銆€涓€娆″伓鐒剁殑鈥滃皬浜嬫晠鈥濓紝璁╂潅蹇楃紪杈戜綑鏅撳嚒浠庢鐖变笂浜嗚8鐫★細鈥滄湁娆℃礂婢★紝鐫¤。涓嶅皬蹇冭寮勬箍浜嗭紝鍙兘瑁哥潯锛屾病鎯冲埌閭d竴澶滄垜鐫t is exceptionally good.
When I stretched my limbs in the morning, I suddenly realized that my pajamas were superfluous to me.
“A company’s account manager Zhang Wei also said nothing about the love of naked sleep: “It can free me from the feeling of being tied up for a day. When the work pressure is too high, I will always take a hot bath.Then, like a baby, sleep peacefully without any concern. The next day, the whole person is like a charge.
The data shows that China’s “naked passengers” group is gradually increasing.
Not long ago, a survey of naked sleep on a female channel of a certain network showed that among 356,790 respondents, 28.
72% of people said that they “really like to sleep naked, can’t sleep without sleep”, 45.
87% of people will sleep naked from time to time, only 25.
41% of people rarely sleep naked.
On the Douban Online, there is a 鈥淟ike Sleeping鈥?group, which has a collection of 2.
More than 60,000 “naked customers”, they think that naked sleep gives people a feeling of returning to nature and being unrestrained.
銆€銆€Naked sleep has long been healthy and fashionable in many countries.
Since the 1970s, some American families have been sleeping naked.
A recent survey by the US Broskin investigation company found that in the United States, the number of naked sleepers has increased, and the age group has also grown from adolescents to the elderly. Among them, 21% of men aged 25 to 51 said they were naked.Let yourself be more relaxed.
銆€銆€In Japan, naked sleep has also been advocated by sleep research experts.
In the early 1980s, Japan formed a national “light hip”, and then naked sleep began to be highly respected.
Kyoto, Japan has also established a nude sleeping club, and most of the members are women who suffer from gynecological diseases.
The club’s founder and general manager is the famous Japanese gynecologist Matsuyama Hideko. The club is located in a hospital’s experimental building with 200 beds. The bed is separated from the bed by a warm, thick cloth with excellent sound insulation.Open, so that it has an absolutely secret naked sleeping space.
The blanket fibers in the bed contain different volatile pharmaceutical ingredients for the treatment of naked sleepers with different conditions, each for 3 months.
銆€銆€Naked sleep is like a hot spring. Some people say that naked sleep is a cheap health care method without any cost.
In the eyes of experts, the scientific choice of naked sleep does have some peculiar “effects.”
銆€銆€Efficacy one: promote blood circulation.
“Naked sleep can reduce the restraint of clothing, promote the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and make blood circulation smooth.
Professor Shen Yang, deputy director of neurology at Peking University Third Hospital and director of the Sleep Center, said.
People who often have cold hands and feet occasionally try to sleep naked, they feel warm, comfortable, and can fall asleep quickly.
銆€銆€The second effect: treatment of insomnia.
There is a village in Hokkaido, and all residents have the habit of sleeping naked, and almost no one is insomnia.
Japan’s Hokkaido doctor Maruyama Yu, who is studying the problem of naked sleep, pointed out that naked sleep helps to regulate nerve pressure, can eliminate fatigue, relax muscle tension, help deep sleep, and has a certain soothing effect on insomnia.
銆€銆€The third effect: decompression, pain.
The study pointed out that naked sleep is better than hot springs. After removing clothes, the blood flow of the skin increases, and the heat generated by the body naturally emanate, wrapped around, and the body’s self-protection ability is improved.
This kind of “unfettered” feeling relaxes the body and mind, can alleviate the diseases and pain caused by tension during the day, and people with dysmenorrhea, neck and back pain may wish to try.
銆€銆€Efficacy 4: Improve constipation.Naked sleep is also very effective in improving tension diseases, especially in the abdominal viscera. The tension in the nervous system is easily eliminated, resulting in chronic constipation and chronic diarrhea.

銆€銆€Efficacy five: beauty.

Yang Shuxia, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology, Peking University First Hospital, told reporters: “Without the repetition of clothes, bare skin can absorb more nutrients, ensure smooth breathing, promote the speed of metabolism, facilitate sebum excretion and regeneration, and give the skin a kind of skin.The feeling of transparency.

“Efficacy six: protection of the private department.

Female private parts are in a humid state all the year round, naked sleep can prevent underwear from becoming a breeding ground for mold, reducing the possibility of gynecological diseases.

Zhang Rui, deputy director of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that when men wear underwear to sleep, the groin, thighs and other private parts sweating parts, the surrounding environment is likely to increase the chance of pathogens entering the urethra, causing the urinary system,Reproductive organ infections.

In addition, the retinal pill also needs to breathe, and when the external temperature is low, it can maintain normal androgen secretion.

銆€銆€Effect seven: help.

“Naked sleep can improve sexual desire and help couples with reduced libido to resume normal sexual life.

Professor Nikko of the Social Welfare Division of the University of Japan pointed out that “male naked sleep can make the retinal pill temperature drop, sperm become more active, and sexual desire naturally increases.”

“Japanese urologist Dr. Shimizu discovered in the process of studying male sexual indifference, after establishing a naked sleep habit, men can become more confident in their sexual life, and the husband and wife life can be more open, which promotes mutual trust between the two sexes.Promoting the relationship between husband and wife is very helpful.

銆€銆€It is a habit to take a bath and enjoy sleeping naked and sleeping. It is a pleasure to take off your clothes and sleep.

Try to let the skin intimately contact with the clean and soft bedding, sleep peacefully in warmth and comfort, and throw it up to double the weight.

So, why not try the most straightforward and effective nude sleep?

銆€銆€First of all, there must be a relatively private, independent environment.

Compared with ordinary people, the softness and hardness of the bed should be moderate. The number of sheets should be changed more frequently, and the sun should be exposed to the sun to ensure that it is clean and fluffy.

Sheets, the thickness of the bedding should also be exquisite, with comfortable, soft and breathable fabrics as well.

銆€銆€Be sure to keep warm when sleeping naked, and adjust the temperature and humidity of the bedroom at the right time.

First of all, the room temperature is best around 22-23, to avoid cold and sweat.

When air conditioning is turned off in summer or when room temperature is low in winter, pay special attention to protecting bare shoulders.

銆€銆€When men are naked, try not to lie on their back. This kind of sleeping position will cause pressure on the insulin pill, especially for young men, and sometimes the insulin pill will be distorted. Therefore, try to choose the lateral position and supine position.

銆€銆€Wash the vulva and anus before going to bed, and take a bath.

Because the skin is directly exposed to the environment during naked sleep, dust and insects can cause skin allergies and acute occurrence, so people with sufficient physical health should choose to sleep naked.

In addition, people with urinary tract infections should not sleep naked.

銆€銆€For the middle-aged and old people who have traditional ideas, if you are not used to sleeping naked, you may wish to create a sleeping environment similar to naked sleep.

For example, men can wear a loose boxer briefs that give the penis and testicles a relaxed, comfortable environment.

The triangular underwear or elastic underwear is too tightly wrapped around the genitals, which creates pressure on the night erection and easily affects the quality of sleep.

When sleeping naked, women must not wear a bra. It is advisable to choose a loose, soft, breathable nightdress, which can reduce the pressure on the waist caused by the elastic band of the pajama pants.

At the same time, it is best not to wear underwear.

In the choice of pajamas material, although pure cotton is a skin-friendly material, it is more crude when bought. It must be washed after one water or after sleeping. The health effect is best; while the silk is cool and smooth, the weight is very light.It is completely relaxing and suitable for spring and summer.

Sexual temperament tricks make you sexually harmonious

Sexual temperament tricks make you sexually harmonious

Do you want to try it out, these are very tempting actions!
Watching with deep affection, breathing in a hurry, holding hands gently, and approaching silently.
. These seemingly tiny moves can be transformed into a sexual call from the lungs in an instant, letting two loved ones shine a dazzling spark of sex.
銆€銆€”If he wants to have sex, and I want him, then there will be a sexy atmosphere around us.
.hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€灏辩畻璋侀兘娌$瀵规柟涓€涓嬶紝鍗存竻娓呮妤氬湴鐭ラ亾鑷繁鍜屽鏂圭殑鎯虫硶銆侷f at this time my hand accidentally touched his hand, then we are just like a discharge, passionate.
“33-year-old Xiaoxue said.
At the time, the physical feeling is dominant.
The human language is sometimes not real, but the human body never lie.
At that moment, a primitive instinct in the depths of the human being was suddenly awakened.
It is an extremely strong desire, a powerful temptation that makes you want to think about it.
Let’s let the experts help us interpret these four little tricks and see how they make us spring and want to stop.

1: Bright and affectionate eyes – can beautify the other side “That time he stared at me, his eyes were not blinking.
In his eyes I saw an extremely strong desire.
My heart is gone.
From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to make love with him.
I will never forget the kind of look he had at the time.
鈥斺€斺€斺€旀垚钑捐暰 24 years old>> Expert interpretation: When the pupil is enlarged, the gaze will become awkward.
And when you see someone you like, your pupil will zoom in slightly.
This is good for those who fall in love, because it makes the faces of the lovers they see always vague and shrouded in a halo.
At this time, the small defects of the face disappeared, and the ugly people became fairly good. The people who were able to be beautiful were outstanding, and the beautiful and outstanding people seemed to be immortal.
The person in love sees not the real other, but the other person who imagines in his own mind, is the projection of his inner illusion.
It is no wonder that “the lover is in the eyes of Xi Shi.”
Why do lover’s eyes always shine, it is to caress each other with their eyes.

2: The eager and rushing breath – let the other party intoxicated. “What makes me fascinated is the breath that he sprays on my neck.
At that time we were all college students, he was explaining a very complicated scientific experiment.
He stood behind me. When he lowered his head, I smelled the smell of him. I felt his breath, hot, a little rush. Then he put his hand on my arm, and I was completely dizzy.锛屽氨鍍忋€婃诞鐢熷叚璁般€嬮噷璇寸殑锛屸€樹笉鐭ユ洿鏈夋韬煟鈥欍€?- Xiaozhuang 31-year-old expert interpretation: breathing itself can awaken some original instinct, as well as animals.
In addition to the rush of exhaled heat, there is another important factor that conveys the message of sex, which is the body odor.
This message can be conveyed whether it is the smell of breath, the smell of sweat, or the smell of saliva.
As for whether it can work effectively, it depends on the mutual feelings of both sides.
If you are not interested in the man, then these smells will only make you shun and stay away from you.
But if you like him, then these smells will scatter the nets and keep your heart firmly.
Indeed, only those who share the same scent can enter each other’s heart and taste the fruits of love together.
銆€銆€NO.3: Gently touch with your hand – intimate contact with the other person “At the beginning, his hand touched my knee.I thought it was just unintentional.

Later we chatted and chatted, and he gradually approached me, touching my territory from time to time.

Later, what I didn’t expect was that he touched my face very gently, and his face was close to my face.

At this time, a tide of desire passed over me.

It is a very strong, fast-moving desire.

I thought at the time: It seems that I must go to bed with him!

“-Qi Yuan 40-year-old expert interpretation: To be close to the long-awaited object is not so easy, first you have to penetrate the other’s self-protection layer, but also to break through its last psychological defense, and to rationally put twoThe relationship between people is elevated to the level of sex without being accidentally rude.

But from another point of view, this is another easy thing, because every inch of the skin on the human body is very sensitive, as long as a gentle caress, a gentle touch, you can let the lover feel hot, floatingGone with the wind.

銆€銆€NO.4: The body is slowly approaching – expressing desire to each other “We sat face to face in the restaurant, and we were very disciplined.
Later we decided to go to the bar for a drink.

There are a lot of people there, and the music is very loud.

This time he was sitting next to me, very close to me.

He excuses that it is too noisy, and every time he speaks, he puts his mouth close to my ear. Although we don’t have a hug or kiss something, we can already feel a strong sexy desire, rippling in each other’s heart.”Lina’s 34-year-old expert explained: Each of us is like a magnet, some people are attracted to each other, and some people recognize each other.

When two people who are attracted to each other are close to the usual limits, there is a strong sexual desire in the heart.

At this time, “desired hormones” are secreted in large quantities, and two people will feel that they should be closer together.

銆€銆€How is sexual desire produced?

銆€銆€Although the above four kinds of actions are very easy to be heterosexual, they are not a panacea.

Because only when people are in a proper state of mind, will they respond to certain relatives of the opposite sex.

So let us first explore how the sexual desire is generated, so as not to cause a slap in the face of “shaving the head and picking up the heat.”

銆€銆€鈼?What makes us sexually motivated is the movements, eyes, and expressions that we have seen before.

That is to say, certain expressions, certain behaviors, and even some kind of smell or sound will evoke memories of our childhood and evoke emotions that have already been hidden in our hearts.

銆€銆€鈼?When a certain speech of the opposite sex wakes up our “fuzzy memory”, we will shine and burn.

This almost crazy love is unreasonable by reason.

Some people have to find a reasonable explanation for this fanatic impulse, so they try their best to find advantages from their loved ones, and even make up some advantages for this.

This is a bit ridiculous.

銆€銆€鈼?Sometimes we are indifferent to the opposite sex after “being bright”.

Because in the lust, the idealized color is very strong.

In order to be afraid of letting yourself down, some people would rather choose to never get it.

銆€銆€鈼?When the object of our love shows inappropriate words and deeds and destroys its beautiful image in our hearts, our desire will be extinguished, and the sexual impulse will disappear without a trace.

In other words, if the original good impression is not supported by other aspects, we will soon find that it is just an illusion, there is no need to further develop.